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  1. were you east or west of the oak and how far away from the oak. thank you!
  2. if you are within driving distance of silver lake marine near Perry NY they have a good canvas man. 585-237-5185
  3. fished the oak today and only two hits. tried everything! fished from 40 out to 135. hardly any marks on the graph. water temp ranged from 46 to 50. tough day for me
  4. Try bass pro or fishusa.
  5. not sure if he is open but you can try Fishy Business in Branchport. 607-368-2306
  6. According to the LOC website the 2020 spring derby has been cancelled. LOC SPRING DERBY CANCELLED It is with great regret I am cancelling the 2020 Spring LOC Derby. We have been deemed “non-essential” and am unsure if our classification will be lifted by May 8th. For there to be a Derby, there is a symbiotic relationship of businesses that need to be up and running. Unfortunately, most currently also have the “non-essential” business classification. There needs to be tackle stores and Marinas for weigh-in stations and registration outlets. Restaurants and diners to feed people, motels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and campgrounds for people to stay. Groceries, fishing tackle, propane, ice and maybe a little beer needs to be purchased, along with all the wholesalers who supply these items. Charters need to be hired, boats need to be bought, and launches need to be open. I have worked with many of these businesses since 1989, and I can assure you that even though our governor deems us non-essential, nothing could be further from the truth. It is essential for the survival of many of the businesses that support this industry to get back to work as soon as it is safe to do so. As consumers, I understand that fishing Lake Ontario is not essential to anyone staying alive. The logic that you can’t go fishing with family or friends on Lake Ontario but can go to the local supermarket that has been exposed to every virus and/or bacteria from every household in the area escapes me. For those that have purchased a Seasons pass we will refund $30 and keep you in the Summer and Fall events. If you entered the Spring Derby only, you can get a refund or transfer your entry into the Summer or Fall event. If you want a refund or to update/change your registration, please email the Derby at [email protected] I want to personally thank all the loyal anglers for their continuing support year after year. Without it, the Derbies would not be possible. Looking forward to making the Summer LOC Derby the best ever. Dave Chilson LOC Derby
  7. does anyone know if the launches are open at point breeze?
  8. has anyone ever tried using copper on their downriggers to combat the fleas? I know this would be expensive but you could have a couple poles spooled with these copper setups when these fleas get really bad. might be crazy but just a thought.150 ft lengths should be all you would need.
  9. Fished Canandaigua for about 5 hrs on the south end. Not one hit. weeds and fleas were terrible could not get out of them. I had to clean lines constantly. it was the worst I have ever seen Canandaigua. the fleas were even all over my wire lines.
  10. has anyone seen any water fleas yet?
  11. 10 pound seaguar fluorocarbon 15ft - 30ft long leaders. you might better be to long than to short.
  12. I fished with Don a few times. he was a great guy who was always willing to give you info on the fishing in Seneca. Another old timer gone.
  13. has anyone ever tried leadcore on a downrigger with a long leader to keep the fleas off your line.
  14. fished Canandaigua yesterday with no luck and the fleas were terrible. was using see flee and it was the first time for me that it did not seem to help.
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