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  1. yesterday it was 45
  2. drop my weights down to 5 to 10 ft. off the bottom sometimes. hit bottom many times in the finger lakes but never got hung up. just pay attention when you are running them close to the bottom. the downrigger will bounce like crazy when you hit.
  3. seth green rig rod I would like to know where to get a good seth green rig rod and some other seth green rig tackle. thank you for any help
  4. you will never have a problem with fluorocarbon as long as you use the 100% fluorocarbon and wet the line good before you clinch your knot tight. I think the fluorocarbon has more friction when you cinch your knot tight which can weaken it.
  5. I use the cannon downrigger cable. I always crimp two sleeves on the cable and make sure you leave enough slack so it wont pull through.
  6. medium light for everything. I light the fight.
  7. I was getting the rainbows off of sliders which are leaders 15ft. 10lb fluorocarbon. I was in 130'to 100' of water with my downriggers down 95' and 85'.
  8. I fished the south end this morning and caught one small rainbow on a cheater with a Sutton 44. I also had 3 lakers and another rainbow that I lost close to the boat. all fish were on spoons. no fleas but lots of weeds.
  9. anybody been fishing trout on the south end lately?
  10. how are the fleas and weeds so far?
  11. I use blood run 7 strand 30lb test. works great!
  12. let out just enough so the knot of the backing is at the water level and then hook on your planer board.
  13. thanks guys for the info. I have only fished with a seth rig at night and would like to try one trolling during the day.
  14. what does everyone use for the top line on their seth green rigs? I have used lead core but would like to try something else.
  15. 10 pound fluro