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  1. not many posts today so I assume not many fished and I doubt many will fish tomorrow with the wind that is being predicted. Hopefully the weather will get straightened out soon.
  2. I leave them in the net along the boat and remove the hook while they are in the net. get a quick picture if you want and then revive over the side. handle as little as possible.
  3. trolled for about 6 hours. Marked lots of fish but only one small laker. my father told me once that if you get a full moon in june you better be fishing lake trout at night. full moon last night.
  4. anyone know if the lake was rough today.
  5. suttons in Naples had the bead chain with a clevis to hook the spring clip to a couple years back. I use them and they worked great. i always wanted to try a seth green rig in lake ontario just to see if they would work. i am sure they would.it would be fun to catch multiple fish on the same line. my dad told me about a time when he was night fishing at Keuka and a guy caught 5 smallmouth all at the same time on a rig.
  6. are nk28 or dreamweaver standard spoons too heavy for sliding cheaters?
  7. any evidence of fleas yet?
  8. Anyone know how the launch is at Golden Hills and if its ok gettting out to the lake?
  9. Silver Lake Marine on the south end of Silver Lake has excellent techs.
  10. any other places on I bay to launch?
  11. fished out of the oak today. couldn't find hardley any water with color. slid out to 40 feet but nothing going on. caught one brown and had one fish break off on a chinook diver set up.
  12. how is the water level at the oak orchard launches?
  13. i just tie the leader on with a uni to uni knot. just feels like it gives me a little more stealth.
  14. double uni knot. never had a problem. I always use seaguar flourocarbon leaders.
  15. slide divers have their days but overall I think you catch more fish on fixed divers. they are more versatile and i have always thought they brought fish into the spread. slide divers work good in shallow water but overall i prefer the fixed diver even though i run both.
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