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  1. anyone know where i can get 10lb torpedo downrigger weights? thanks
  2. i have a 2017 16'9" crestliner fish hawk. very versatile boat. fish all over with it even up to lake ontario during the summer. bought it at silver lake marine. handles the rough water great.
  3. what about the braid loading up with fleas?
  4. thank you for all your post this year it certainly makes it easier for us weekend guys
  5. has anyone ever polished sutton spoons? i have some old ones and was going to try to make them shine again but dont want to use anything that is going to leave a smell on them.
  6. when the cold water moves on shore the lake has flipped. this usually happens after a couple days of strong north or northeast wind. you have to go to deeper water where the warm water and cold water meet. this usually results in some good fishing but the temperature break can be a ways offshore. in the fall there still may be matures in the cold water.
  7. kempie


    I put my boat away the third week in october.you can use an outboard all winter. just tilt the motor all the way down right after taking it out of the launch and let all the water drain out, winterize the livewells and then plug them off so no water can get in.
  8. I would say they probably are. what kind of graph do you have?
  9. kempie


    no I don't have dedicated rods. you can land a big fish on 17lb test if like I said if you don't hurry. my dad was a great fisherman who always fished with as light a line as possible. I do think the lighter line does make a difference some days. I know what your talking about with the flaser and flys but if your releases are set right and you play the fish until he is tired you will be ok. I do use 25lb test fluorocarbon on my wire slide divers.
  10. kempie


    I add a 15' 17lb test fluorocarbon leader. would go even smaller pound test but don't always have experienced guys with me. if you take your time with the fish you will have minimal breakoffs. I used to use 12# test and landed many kings but I had guys that knew what they were doing back then. biggest salmon was 33-6 on 12# test. I use a uni to uni knot and seguar fluorocarbon. Ande mono 40# for fleas.
  11. where do you find Bob Songin's fishing report?
  12. nice fish and good report. is bob songin's report something he does every week ?
  13. kempie


    no flasher with spoons. I always run a flasher and fly. I do think on some days it draws them into the spread.
  14. 4 for 4 one mature 3 juveniles 100-250. down 55 but caught all fish on sliders. Michigan stinger NBK standard size was the go to lure. nothing on flasher and flies. fished from about 6:30 to 11:30 then it got a little rough.
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