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  1. kempie

    Seneca Lake Legend

    I fished with Don a few times. he was a great guy who was always willing to give you info on the fishing in Seneca. Another old timer gone.
  2. kempie


    has anyone ever tried leadcore on a downrigger with a long leader to keep the fleas off your line.
  3. kempie


    fished Canandaigua yesterday with no luck and the fleas were terrible. was using see flee and it was the first time for me that it did not seem to help.
  4. kempie

    nltd fb group discuss adding cayuga

    I am going to throw my two cents in on the bass tournaments. they dictate where I fish on the weekends,they take over the launches,i hate being told by the caretaker at the launch when I should quit fishing as to avoid conflicting with the end of the tournament. I have no problem with a bass or any other kind of tournament I just think they could be a little more respectful of the boats that are not participating.
  5. crestliner suremount mounting brackets I have a crestliner 1650 with the suremount mounting brackets. has anyone used dipsey divers with the rod holder bracket. these brackets seem secure but it is hard to believe one little set screw will hold them. thanks for any input.
  6. weighted wire line does anyone know where you can get weighted wire line? supposed to replace copper.
  7. thanks for the info cny mike. sounds like it will troll fine.
  8. cny mike what size motor do you have on your boat
  9. crestliner 1650 motor size for trolling I am looking at a crestliner 1650 wt to buy. will a 60 hp mercury four stroke be okay for trolling. thanks for any advice
  10. size motor for trolling on a crestliner 1650 I am going to purchase a Crestliner 1650 and I was just wondering if a Mercury 4 stroke 60 horse would be alright for trolling. I don't want to bother with a kicker. Thanks!
  11. kempie

    How many Downriggers>?

    you should have at least 4 foot booms on the outside riggers and keep them high and the inside downriggers should be deep. you also need to keep them all as far back as you can get them. they should be mounted on a board. 2 riggers is fine with cheaters and dipseys, leadcore and copper as the other two lines. 4 poles is fine nowdays.
  12. thanks again cny mike I appreciate the info. they look good to me.
  13. thanks cny mike that is the boat I am looking at. how far back do the brackets go and I like to run my downriggers out the back. will I need 4 ft. booms. thanks for your help.
  14. crestliner suremount downrigger mounting bracket I am thinking about buying a crestliner boat and just wondering if anyone with a crestliner has tried these brackets.