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  1. Silver Lake Marine on the south end of Silver Lake has excellent techs.
  2. any other places on I bay to launch?
  3. fished out of the oak today. couldn't find hardley any water with color. slid out to 40 feet but nothing going on. caught one brown and had one fish break off on a chinook diver set up.
  4. how is the water level at the oak orchard launches?
  5. i just tie the leader on with a uni to uni knot. just feels like it gives me a little more stealth.
  6. double uni knot. never had a problem. I always use seaguar flourocarbon leaders.
  7. slide divers have their days but overall I think you catch more fish on fixed divers. they are more versatile and i have always thought they brought fish into the spread. slide divers work good in shallow water but overall i prefer the fixed diver even though i run both.
  8. Berkley micro ice. doesn't absorb water like other lines. also use as light of line as you can get away with. 2# test for me.
  9. thanks sk8man. good luck fishing and i hope to meet you sometime.
  10. sk8man do you ever sell any of your trolling flies you use on the finger lakes? They look really good.
  11. Sk8man you are right it is a 200khz and 83khz.
  12. I don't know if you will have any problems with your cannon transducer but you may have problems with your fish hawk unit if any other of the transducers operate within 20khz of 70khz fish hawk transducer. you may have to change the settings on your fishfinders to a different khz setting. my fish finder has a 120khz and a 83khz setting. if it causes problems at the 83khz setting I just change it to the 120khz setting. it doesn't mark fish as well at the 120khz setting once you get over 100' but i know the depth i am at and i always want my fish hawk to be accurate.
  13. good to hear from you Chuck just wish the circumstances were different. i know its a tough time but hang in there. thanks for the pictures, what a nice boat and a beautiful buck. i will be at the bar this spring and hope to run into you sometime.
  14. so sorry to hear about Mike. i worked with him at General Motors and enjoyed talking fishing with him. he was a great guy who had a passion for the outdoors. my condolences to his family.
  15. Silver Lake Marine has excellent canvas guy. 585-237-5185
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