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  1. Coyotes and Fox 2016/2017

    My brother in law has a col of dogs. Were from tompkins county. We don't get to hunt other than the weekends but for a quick hunt we ended up with me shooting 2 coyote. 1 nice make and the other got away. We had it bayed but couldn't get to it in time and the damn thing crossed road on us. What a blast though Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Coyotes and Fox 2016/2017

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Cayuga 8/8

    I totally agree as well. There is no need to keep 3 bows a day. You want to keep one for the table, cool beans, but not 3. I absolutely love catching chrome but every last one gets a pic and back into the water. We do have a fishery and a future to protect. Can't always count on the Dec
  4. WTB cannon swivel bases

    Thanks guys I'm all set. I appreciate it though
  5. WTB cannon swivel bases

    How much? Pics?
  6. Looking for 2 cannon swivel bases. Anyone have any for sale
  7. Cayuga...Salvation army derby

    Darkwater, when my buddy won it and it was time to give out cash he was the only person that didn't receive any. They sent him a check in the mail a week later. I believe he was suppose to get 1200 and when the check came it was 800 and some change. He was already pissed when he didn't receive it at the weigh in but when he got the check he was freaking pissed. I guess anything over a grand they tax
  8. Cayuga...Salvation army derby

    The problem with the derby is everyone is fishing for one fish. The lunker is the only thing that pays worth a Damn. If you place first in any division youd be lucky to come home with $200. If by chance you do win lunker uncle Sam gets a chunk of it. Buddy of mine won lunker a couple years ago and got taxed for it. He doesn't fish it anymore. Good luck though
  9. I fish off this boat as well when I'm not on lakertakers boat. Were all brothers. Haha. Very nice boat. Handles like a dream. Plenty of room to fish or just go for a cruise.
  10. Name Game # 2

    Blue raspberry surprise
  11. Name Game

    Lucky charms
  12. Trying my luck at trolling flies...

    Gates of hell
  13. Trying my luck at trolling flies...

    Snot rocket
  14. That Damb Big One

    Steelydan and salmodan I hear what you guys are saying. I lived on Catherine for many years and seen the no bite issue. I live in Lansing now and still see the same issues it's just now I don't put up with the crap. I have noticed that more and more people are practicing CNR. There is only a handful of guys who are out of towners that insist on 20lb mono and a big hook. Watched one butthole Friday chase the same Damn fish for an hr and hook it 4 times before I said something. Needless to say he went elsewhere. He had already had 2 on a rope and was looking for his 3rd. I'm sure he got it. Poor fishy. Either way good luck folks. In out of the game for a few days
  15. That Damb Big One

    Why do you guys bash the Trib anglers so much? I live eat breathe and sleep catching fresh chrome. Myself, both my bros and brother in law landed at least 50 rainbows yesterday on a Trib out of cayuga lake. We all are pin heads that understand the name of the game. We don't keep any fish at all. 100% catch and release. All were let go to finish what they started. Many were already spawned out. So I ask myself why give us such a hard time? Yes there are a lot of people who snag and rope fish but there are many more that don't and protect them from the scumbagd who think it's cool too. I'm one who doesn't believe in calling the Dec for the scumbag who try to keep illegal fish. We have called them before and they have never showed up. We handle it ourselves. What I don't understand is when trollers catch a big bow out of the lake and kill it for some stupid tournament nobody frowns on that but God forbid a Trib person fish or even land one and let it go in a stream without having to hear the BS. What I'm saying is that not all of us Trib anglers are murders but if there's a few hundred dollars involved trollers will gladly bash a big bow in the head and throw it in a cooler? I guess that's ok? Your wrong. It is exactly the same. Your still taking a breeder fish out of the system for years to come. Not trying to start a war just speaking the facts. Oh yeah one more thing after we were done fishing last nite my fiance gave birth to our son at 11:58pm. So not only did I CATCH AND RELEASE a bunch of bows but I landed the best thing ever on opening day. Now I have a future pin head who will walk the streams and practice catch and release just like his father.