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  1. No power trim or tilt on kicker. Honda 9.9 long shaft 4 stroke.
  2. Kicker Bracket I have a new (to me) boat and I am looking to attach a 9.9 4stroke Honda Kicker to the back of it. I'm looking for recommendations for kicker brackets, including electronic ones people know of. Any suggestions?
  3. Heading out shortly from I-Bay. Good luck out there!
  4. Leaving from IBay soon - any luck yet? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. So the boat I'm getting is new to me but is an older boat that currently has never spent more than a few hours in the water at any one time. There was one prior owner who was a machinist who took the boat to Keuka lake usually, dropped it in, took it back out and then washed and waxed the bottom a few times in a pole barn where the boat was always kept. Needless to say, the bottom of the boat is bright white and no issues. I live on the lovely brown waters of Irondequoit Bay and dock the boat here. My prior boat had a soft paint on it that was a mess every two years to repaint and I was a DIY first timer and i did a...."Ok" job at best. Where I live is a boating community - most people seem to NOT bottom paint but then everyone gets nervous talking about it and it is causing me to lose sleep. HA! Do I paint or don't I? I would like to put the boat in ASAP and use it the year. Having it painted now is NOT popular in my mind, but I want to protect what I bought too and not cause a bigger problem later. Do most people paint the hull? If yes, why - if no, why not? And if painting is so important - why do manufacturers NOT paint the bottom when they sell the boat? Thanks for the input!
  6. I'm on Irondequoit Bay. I'm getting a new (to me) boat and need to add a kicker mount to the boat along with an autopilot. I'm looking to have this done by a shop locally. Can anyone make any recommendations?
  7. Bay fishing picked up when I bought a Kayak! LOL! I picked up a great Jackson Kilroy and found that a Gulp minnow on a black jig head with a slight wind is a great way to "troll" the bay. Sheepshead, bass and associated panfish love that sucker. As for the Lake - we have had a few good days but those were a ways back. I'm planning to log a lot of time out there this weekend, but I'm not hearing positive reports from the guys I know living here on the Bay. Many "slow" reports. I also haven't been having a lot of success the last two nights, with only a few rockbass to show for my kayak floating adventures. A walleye would be nice...and some pike... Weather permitting though this weekend I will seek out some silver action on the lake. How are things going for you?
  8. Do you troll the bay for the sheep? I catch them on our docks pretty regularly - they seem to love spinner baits. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Well after a bad year last year and a VERY slow start to this year, success was finally found by actually NOT following the pack out there today and pounding the water we found fish in over an over and over. As my first mate - a "seasoned" Seneca lake guy likes to say, "don't leave fish to find fish" applied today. While the crowd in front of the bay seemed to slip out deeper when we arrived around 7:30 we took an early Laker hit on a customized black spoon with a neon green ladder backing sticker attached (a spoon from yester-year that found a new start today) on a leadcore out 6 colors. That rod and spoon took four more hits during the day and lead the way for us. After that first hit at around 100 fow we followed out to 120 as the crowd was going but decided to double back inside. We created a nice circular pattern for the rest of the day as we had the fish trapped in their wagons it seemed. We went round and round between 90 fow and 110 fow right in front of the bay. A blood bath then unfolded! All of our fish were contained in essentially the same area as we plotted each one with a photo on the iPhone navionics map. We matched the style of spoon on the leadcore and ran anything black and green all down between 30-40 ft. We hit an even split of boated lakers and steelhead for a total of 6 on the boat - with one steelie jumping free (the 4th but since no blood on the boat it doesn't count) right next to the boat. We took three other hits with nobody home. Leadcore was by far the most productive but we took hits on a rigger and dipsy setup as well. Here are four of the fish we got...I know that nobody will believe it but our biggest two went un photographed due to my first mate having a problem running the iPhone camera. With some training we got the last 4. Thank you all for the tips and I will see you out there. Going 6 for 9 from 7:30 until 12 made up for many of the boring slow boat rides we've been having. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. So - Another weekend (a LONG weekend) spent on the water with very little success. Saturday I trolled the mudline with everyone else. We marked bait all day long and moved the rod 2x - once nobody was home and the second time a small silver. Eventually the lake chop got too much for the boat and we had to run into the bay. We ran a downrigger with a variety of spoons - 2 sticks for awhile off boards - switched those out for some leadcore with spoons as the bait all seemed to be down around 20 ft. and the larger fish just below that. Virtually nothing. The move to the Bay seemed like it would be productive as we found large schools of fish and decided to vertically jig with some gulp minnows. We marked a LOT of fish - we caught nothing. Two hits - no hookups. That was from 7am until 2:30pm. Sunday I went for a solo trip in the Bay. Again - I found a LOT of marks. Again - I tried the gulp minnows - I tried jigs - I tried spinners - I tried rubber worms and raps. Nothing. Not even a hit. I was so sick of hearing the fish alarm go off - I wanted to scream. On the water from 7-1:00. Monday - I had been on the water so much I was only able to sneak out of the house to fish around the docks. small jigs tipped with a gulp maggot usually is killer on panfish. Nothing. I know this is called fishing...but I believe I have become cursed. One of these days I'm going to get that "BIG" day with a number of fish, but this past weekend was not it. Still, I appreciate all of the tips and advice. I will see you all out there!
  11. Thanks to everyone for their advice and help! I'm hoping to be able to put some of it to good use on the next trip out. I'll keep you all posted.
  12. The smile was supposed to be EIGHT years...not a smiley face....that makes no sense...LOL!
  13. I have lived on the bay and fished it and the lake now for many years (. I typically have a great deal of success in the bay itself as a warm water fishery but have been intrigued by the idea of trout being caught in the bay. I can say that someone on my boat checked that box off by jigging for walleye (which we can never find) and coming up with a steelie. While that was a great bonus this spring, other than that this year has started terribly. Outside of some white bass and rock bass, I have had no luck either in the bay or in the lake. Saturday 5/17 was spent in the bay looking for elusive walleye (starting to wonder if they are like Nessie) and pike (They may as well be Champie from Lake Champlain). Afternoon until early night was spent moving around the bay until finally trolling home in the dark marking fish and still not moving a rod for anything but white bass. Spoons...rapalas....worms (live/fake) sinks...nothing. Sunday 5/18 was spent on the water morning to dinner with a short break. Targeted trout and salmon in the lake heading east out of the IBay and sticking to the recommendations I saw as well as the boats - 20fow - 50fow - mixture of spoons & sticks (firetiger, purples, black, white, gold) were dragged through the muddy water trying to avoid the fallout from the Genny, trolling from the IBay to the Webster pier and back with only 1 small brown trout to show for it. Fished the lake from 9-until 2:30 like that. Then spent 4:00-6:00 again in the Bay...nothing. Not one fish, though MANY on the finder (which is frustrating). This terrible performance is in-line with the last three trips I've taken, all with the same result. Either the lake fishing turned into a slow choppy boat ride without moving a rod or the bay fishing was an occasional perch, rock bass or white bass, but even those have been so sporadic as not to make it worth speaking of really. This was even while throwing worms as live meat! If you cannot catch fish on worms in the Bay, you know you have a problem. Therefore - I'm asking for some help. Public post, private message, send a courier pigeon or a smoke signal. What is going on out there that I'm missing? I know this is fishing and not catching - but this is crazy. My only good fish to speak of was a big sheepshead off the docks of my boat launch. HELP is appreciated. For the Lake - for the bay - for whatever...I need to catch SOMETHING...not just a cold or a weird sunburn...though that was funny. Thanks
  14. Congratulations! What a Fish!!!!! Glad to see that the boats from IBay are represented on the board!
  15. Having grown up near Oneida Lake fishing for walleye from shore, I'm not sure what the options are on Erie. I am heading out there this weekend to spend some time with the girlfriend's family, but I may have a chance to run out to Erie and get a line wet for a little bit. Though I live on Lake Ontario now, I have never even seen Lake Erie and know nothing really about it. Hopefully someone can give me a tip (including - don't waste your time). On Oneida - I would head to the point across from the channel near Sylvan Beach - wade out and throw worms into the boat channel (about 16-20 ft deep) with a few split shot about a foot up from the hook and drag the whole thing across the bottom at a snails pace (This also works in Irondequoit Bay for walleye I have found as well). VERY effective in the heat of the summer even on sunny days (both Oneida and Irondequoit Bay...though in the Bay I keep catching little 8-10 inch guys). What are my options (if any) on Erie right now? I'm actually going to Orchard Park, and apparently the Lake is only 5 -10 minutes from their house, so it isn't EXACTLY Buffalo but near there. Anyone familiar with the area with tips I would LOVE to hear from. I'm also willing to wade out in to some Lake Erie water if the need exists (waders if I need them - shorts if I won't freeze). THANKS!