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  1. Sutton Spoon Company

    Had the day off today so I decided to make a pilgrimage with a couple of my good fishing buddies to Naples , New York, Home of the Sutton Spoon Company. What great people. I have fished with Sutton spoons for many years. They said that they had some production issues but they have them resolved and will be ramping up production. They still have many spoons in stock with more to come. It just seemed great to see a part of history. Those spoons have been catching fish for over 100 years. I remember years ago I used Sutton 44 for walleyes on Oneida through the ice. We caught many limits with those tipped with a minnow. I've restocked my tackle box and can not wait to get my slow troll laker program going again. Wes
  2. Hal,

     Happy holiday. I need to pick the brain of your bass fishing buddy. I've been taking this 90 year old guy that has fished lake trout for many years. He is looking to get a trolling motor {electric) with auto pilot. I'm not much help to him in this subject. Give me a call if you get a minute.  Home 607-849-3407  , cell 607-745-0709       Wes

  3. Help identifying tracks...

    Many of the so called "black panther" sightings over the years were fisher I admit the first time I saw a fisher I was not sure what I was looking at.
  4. Help identifying tracks...

    All I can tell you is that when I started deer hunting in the mid 70's you were lucky to see half a dozen deer a season. A turkey sighting would make the papers and coyotes were not heard of. Now with fishers and coyotes I see more deer and turkeys in a day then you would see in a whole season back in 70's. All animal populations go up and down in cycles. Did we have more turkeys and deer 20 years ago? Without question. were they so over populated that they were eating themselves out of house and home? You bet .When a farmer loses over 20% of the crops they plant you might have to many deer and turkeys because that same over population causes damage to the forest as well and that takes a long time to correct. You should enjoy the challenge of a moderate population of the game you hunt. If you want to kill game every time you step in the woods go to a game farm. I see the best balanced eco system of predator and prey in my near 60 years on this earth. Does anyone think about the facts of all the modern things that are allowed to hunt and how that has affected the populations of our game animals. 40 years ago a hunter walked to his stand and did not ride a 4 wheeler 3 miles to the top of the hill. We used recurve bows not cross bows, we used flint locks with no scope not inlines with high power scopes and we used smooth bore shotguns not 300 win, mags On top of that the seasons are longer.Did you ever think this might have an affect on our game populations. It's easy to blame natural predators but maybe we should look in the mirror. I'm not sure why everyone thinks everything is so grim. I saw more trophy bucks taken this year than ever. I hear turkeys on every ridge in the spring. Sure we had more turkeys 15 years ago but is it really fun when you call and you are not sure which way to face because you have birds coming in from 4 directions This year I've seen fisher ,bobcat fox. coyote and I didn't see a bear this year but I did last year. As I see it, things have never been better.
  5. Help identifying tracks...

    I've heard much about fisher killing turkeys. I have never seen that but I have seen birds of prey take out turkey poults. These animals are native to the area and serve a place in the eco system. I do not doubt that a fisher might take a turkey once in a while but I can tell you last year we saw fisher almost every weekend and they were hunting mice in the field. A much bigger issue with turkey population is the destruction of eggs and nest by things like skunks, raccoons and opossum . I have been a trapper for over 40 years and have watched the fur prices go to almost nothing but I still get out and do it. I set some traps for fisher this fall during the very short season but was not successful. I have heard people brag about shooting fisher during turkey season. Since they do not have a hunting season for fisher I'm sure the fines would be high. Is it worth losing your outdoor privilege to kill a member of the weasel family. The muskrat population is almost zero near my house because of all the bald eagles. Does that mean I should shoot the eagles to improve my muskrat trapping! I think not! All things have a place in nature. This is not an exotic. Our ecosystem is always changing and we all must learn to deal with it. Its not always up to humans to control the critters that run in our back yards. If you want to lower the fisher population in your area and you live in the newly opened trapping area try your hand at trapping them and take a kid with you if you can find one that will put his or her phone down long enough to do so. Wes
  6. Happy Holiday!

    I posted this picture a few years ago. I would like to wish all a safe and happy holiday. This is a great time of year to spend time with friends and family and remember the ones that are no longer with us. Wes
  7. Cayuga 11/8

    Thanks Les. I will check that. All I did was move the rod from one side of the boat to the other. Its hard to believe that copper as soft as it is could wear a roller. I was looking for replacement rollers and it looks like that would cost more than replacing the rod. I think I am going to try the weighted wire next season. Wes
  8. Cayuga 11/8

    Keep'n it reel I left another copper on the bottom for you! I broke this one on the the braid backer. I didn't even have a fish on. I checked my roller rod and found the guides had groves worn in them. The burr must have cut the braid. If you find that one you will have a nice bright new copper 600'. My own fault for not checking my equipment. I could have marked it on my gps but I was so dumb founded I didn't think to do that. Good luck Sunday! Wes
  9. Going deep

    The charts are for 30 lb mono. I would never run that on a dipsy .Due to stretch you would not be able to trip it if you had 300' of line out. Not sure why they don't have the chart for wire that is what everybody runs. Wes
  10. Going deep

    Twillys with wire. I've hit bottom in 150' of water but the only way to be sure is keep letting line out till you hit bottom. Boat speed , lures and current all have an affect. I run as many as three dipsies per side . I run all with mag rings. Because I run riggers my first disy is mag dipsy on 1 setting, second dipsy is # 1 dipsy on 2 setting, Third is #1 dipsy on 3 setting. The key is let them out slowwwwww and keep a straight track. If currents are bad I run a Mag dipsy set on 1 and number #1 dipsy set on 3 and seldom have any problems. Wes
  11. Cayuga 11/4

    I got several fish down 140 feet. Dropped two nice fish in front of a big audience at Tfalls. Doubled up with two big silver fish and they both came off at the same time. We spent the morning jigging which I have always wanted to try. Not a single bite.Started trolling back after 1:00pm and had a steady pick. Great day to be on the lake. Wes
  12. Cayuga 11-4

    See you on the water! Wes
  13. Cayuga 11-1

    I will be on channel 68 today if anyone is out and about. Wes
  14. Cayuga 11/1.

    Thanks, I hope to get out Saturday. I will post how we do! Wes