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  1. I’ve heard that it changes very quickly. I won’t be wearing waders, probably have a life jacket on to.
  2. Awesome thank you. I have a bunch of gear I plan on using. Spoons, spinners, jig heads and soft plastics. Hair jigs that I tie. Jerkbaits, Kwiki fish, beads, rattle traps, blade baits, underspins.
  3. Any advice for shore fishing the mighty Niagara. My first time going. We will be fishing either late October or early November. What size jig heads. I love tying my own jigs. Any particular colors that work well. I love black, olive, and white. What size line? I usually fish 6-10 on my usual WNY tribs. Worth bringing a musky setup? I’ve never caught a musky. Also what chances of a walleye and white bass. I’ve only caught one small walleye and never caught a white bass. Would be really cool to cross of a few fish species off the bucket list. I plan on fishing my usual, jigs and beads. Also thinking of spoons and inline spinners as well. any advice would be greatly appreciated
  4. Got this one last November! One of the smallest I’ve caught. Can’t remember how many small ones I’ve caught
  5. I need 3/4 ounce little Cleo blanks in bulk. I searched on google but can’t find them anywhere. If some one has them or knows where to get them! Thanks
  6. hey guys, i want to get into centerpinning, i have been float fishing for a few years now. i was looking at the reven helix combo for my first setup. what are you thoughts?
  7. im gona try it! wont hurt! maybe ill out fish my buddies who knows!
  8. wow!!! had no idea they could see the hook. im a bass fishermen!! so even bead fishing they can see the hook and not bite? so i should tip a waxie when bead fishing to
  9. i got a few 1/16 ounce jigs! will deff tip them with waxies!!
  10. steelie and brown tips going up this weekend to oak. i fish mostly beads and will have a few egg flies this weekend, but what are other good baits to use when they arent feeding on eggs? im sure they will be since the salmon run is ending, and there will be plenty of eggs in the river
  11. coho tips i've been fishing the up state NY tribs for a few years now. i dont fish the salmon river. i fish a few other less popular rivers. i also fish the Oak as well. i never caught a coho before. any tips and tricks to target coho and not kings??
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