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  1. 30lb test but it has to be blood run sea flee. it is treated with a substance that makes it slick. not perfect but the best I have found yet. have to use wire cable on the downriggers.
  2. trouthunter, I use 30lb test. I put about 150yrds on my reel and then tie at least a 20ft Seaguar fluorocarbon 10lb test leader connected to the sea flea with a double uni knot. For Lake Ontario I use the same setup but use a 17lb test leader. i also use a double uni knot to connect the sea flea to the line that is on my reel. I dont put the sea flee on until the first week in June. Good Luck
  3. if you aren't using blood run sea flea line give it try. it doesn't totally eliminate them but does help. best i have found yet.
  4. we used long handled nets that had fine mesh bags when we fished nights on the finger lake years ago. you still might find some around the finger lakes bait shops. fishy business on keuka lake or roys on seneca lake might still carry them.
  5. you guys that run braid on your slide divers later in the year don't you have problems with fleas?
  6. Do you have to let all of the line out when running steel line like you do when running copper.
  7. NK28's,michigan stingers,dreamweavers,silver streak spoons in greens,orange,and yellow. every day is different with the color. standard and magnum spoons are usually the best. This is what works for me.
  8. I have a Crestliner 1650 that I use on the finger lakes and LO. it handles well in 3 footers but you have to pick your days. I have had 3 aluminum boats and Crestliner is the best so far.
  9. don't totally think about ditching the wire.. yes it can be a pain in the ass but its advantages outweigh it disadvantages. your divers will get deeper with less line out and when the fleas show up they don't stick to the wire like they do to mono or braid. one tip I can give you is let the wire out with the clicker on. if you do stick with the mono the 40# would probably be the best. good luck. try running one rod with wire until you get use to it. just let it out slow.
  10. where did you have the top made? I am looking to have one made just like that one
  11. I pretty much had the same experience as you chinook 35. I fish oak orchard and it seems like the fish are going farther out in lake every year. it seems like i use to fish 150-200ft of water a lot more than i do now. maybe just more wind events the last couple of years. still great fishing. the BT spring fishing can be really tough now compared to what it use to be.
  12. i agree. that is a good practice to follow. i will just have to try it and find out for myself. thanks
  13. Has anyone been fishing at Naples Creek yet this fall?
  14. bigwalleye how big is your crestliner? I have the 1650 fishhawk. it fishes very nice.
  15. yes I did I am sorry about that. also a sutton 44 with some orange tape has also worked well at times even at a higher speed.
  16. if you are catching lakers you might need to troll a little faster to catch rainbows. use small bright colored lures such as michigan stinger stingray or michigan stinger standard size and target 30-50 ft of water. good luck.
  17. I fish out of oak orchard on the weekends and have had one of the worst years in the 40 yrs I have been fishing LO. wind and bad water temps were the main problems for me.
  18. not many posts today so I assume not many fished and I doubt many will fish tomorrow with the wind that is being predicted. Hopefully the weather will get straightened out soon.
  19. I leave them in the net along the boat and remove the hook while they are in the net. get a quick picture if you want and then revive over the side. handle as little as possible.
  20. trolled for about 6 hours. Marked lots of fish but only one small laker. my father told me once that if you get a full moon in june you better be fishing lake trout at night. full moon last night.
  21. anyone know if the lake was rough today.
  22. suttons in Naples had the bead chain with a clevis to hook the spring clip to a couple years back. I use them and they worked great. i always wanted to try a seth green rig in lake ontario just to see if they would work. i am sure they would.it would be fun to catch multiple fish on the same line. my dad told me about a time when he was night fishing at Keuka and a guy caught 5 smallmouth all at the same time on a rig.
  23. are nk28 or dreamweaver standard spoons too heavy for sliding cheaters?
  24. any evidence of fleas yet?
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