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  1. cronoticed

    Owasco owasco derby results

  2. cronoticed

    Cayuga Salvation Army derby

    X2 Looking forward to it
  3. cronoticed

    Cayuga Salvation Army derby

    I don't see any contact info to call and find out but I would assume/hope it's Saturday & Sunday. It does say though under registration info: " Starts at 12:01am on Friday, July 13th, 2018 Ends at 6:00pm on Saturday, July 14th, 2018"
  4. cronoticed

    Cayuga Barney and Bear's 32nd Annual Trout Derby

    I was there at 3:45pm completely forgot to take a pic... Lakers ranged from the 11-2 down to an 8-4 and I believe top fish in b division was a 9+ brown. Very windy, rainy and cold for us today but consistent fishing, hopefully tomorrow’s weather will be a bit nicer. Good luck to everybody
  5. cronoticed

    Cayuga Barney and Bear's 32nd Annual Trout Derby

    That's terrible, sorry to hear it hopefully you'll make it to one of the later BandB derbies
  6. cronoticed

    Sold / Closed misl. equipment

    PM sent, interested in cannon mount
  7. Interested in this, pm and email sent
  8. cronoticed

    Union Springs Launch

    Thanks for the update, we also braved the snow and wind down the lake a ways, white out one minute, sunny the next... Happy spring
  9. cronoticed


    I was wondering the same thing a few years back, the regs seem pretty vague about this... it clearly says you can use a throw net or minnow trap but not whether those are the ONLY methods you can use. I’m not sure what type of bait you are trying for but I tried an umbrella net for alewife without any luck and ended up switching to sabiki rigs which work awesome. somewhere in the reg book it says which species are allowed as bait.
  10. cronoticed

    Finger Lakes Salmon Casting

    I like the newer shadow rap shads, they’re heavy enough to cast far but not huge in size. I’ve had good luck with the 4” size husky jerks as well.
  11. cronoticed

    Finger Lakes Salmon Casting

    I fish this way exclusively during winter and early spring. I use my trolling motor and foot control to work the shore line, while we are not going as fast as one would trolling we do cover a lot of water. We rarely stop unless we see a lot of activity in one spot, otherwise we're constantly moving and casting. Lately stickbaits in the 3-4" size have produced nice fish. The advantage I notice as opposed to trolling is the ability to get the lure in VERY shallow, many times I'm casting just inches from the shoreline, I'm always amazed at the fish I see starting to chase the lure in just a few feet of water. I've trolled quite a bit with planer boards and its tough to get in that close. Not saying it's necessarily more productive than trolling but it's a lot of fun. GOOD luck
  12. cronoticed

    Laker - jigging sonar

    Looks like the helix units support ipilot link, I don't see anything on the hummingbird site about wifi mirroring. I've never had good luck running 2 transducers simultaneously without lots of interference, I'm not sure it's really necessary either, when we're fishing with a second wifi screen you can see each individual jig fall and fish chasing each one back up. Typically whoever is fishing closer to the transducer will have a darker more apparent line on the screen representing their jig but we have had luck seeing 3 to 4 jigs at the same time, you just have to keep track of which one is yours.
  13. cronoticed

    Laker - jigging sonar

    The hds 7 is a great unit, look into raymarine as well. I've been using the dragonfly 7 pro which is great for jigging. One really nice feature is the ability to mirror the screen on any wifi enabled device - iPad, tablet, smartphone etc. This is awesome if you have multiple people fishing so everyone can see a screen and track their jigs. Much easier and cheaper than trying to set up multiple units. We have a 9.7" iPad as a second screen and it's been working perfectly.
  14. cronoticed

    Bear's spring fishing derby?

    Do em both!
  15. cronoticed

    Bear's spring fishing derby?

    Pretty sure it's the weekend before memorial day, not sure about the second weigh station.