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  1. cronoticed

    Myers Point

    Fishing has been pretty good from the boat, I would imagine you'd get a few from shore...
  2. cronoticed

    Myers Point

    I've been launching at Myers almost every weekend without any trouble or do you mean fishing from shore?
  3. I'll be there, good luck to everyone
  4. I had it on a 14' aluminum boat, would go 21mph with 2 adults riding. But also idles down nicely for a 2 stroke, it purrs along at lowest throttle setting. Forgot to mention in earlier post the motor is located in freeville ny.
  5. I've got a well used but great running long shaft 18hp Johnson. For its age it runs very well, cold on choke it usually fires up third or fourth pull, after it's warmed up 1st or second pull. Good compression and plenty of power. I installed a new water pump impeller a few months ago and within the last couple years new plugs, wires and fuel lines. About a month ago I drained lower end and found a little water mixed in with gear lube. Either needs new lower end seals or possibly it's just the washers on the drain bolts. New seal kit online goes for about $50 I don't have the time to install seals and recently found a newer motor. I have this on Craigslist as well but haven't had much interest. Id really like to see this go to someone who would use it. Motor comes with 2 metal gas tanks in decent shape and spare prop as well. Looking for around $250, but open to offers and trades...
  6. cronoticed

    Cayuga Myers Entrance Warning

    I removed this from the water last night around 7:45 it was just the mast and sail, mast was broken off at the bottom. I put it on Craigslist lost and found this morning. If anyone knows who it belongs to I've got it...
  7. cronoticed

    Sold / Closed Merc 15 hp 2 stroke

    Where is the motor located? Thanks
  8. cronoticed

    Cayuga Cayuga Friday

    What are the 2 derbies? I only know of the Barney Baldwin memorial. Also, wrestlecoach, sent you a PM.
  9. cronoticed

    Cayuga Salvation Army Derby

    Nice fish guys, definitely a brutally hot weekend. I talked to bear after the weigh in, he said he's trying his best to get a weigh station up by long point for the fall derby. Also confirmed the Barney Baldwin memorial derby is 1 day, Saturday, August 4th.
  10. Where are you located?
  11. cronoticed

    Jigging reports for Cayuga?

    I don't normally venture out that deep either. There was a lull for a couple hours yesterday where fish on the bottom were chasing but wouldn't hit anything so we decided to try it. There was quite a lot of activity between the surface down to about 90'. Didn't see anything on the bottom out that deep. It takes some searching around to find these suspended fish, not sure it would be as productive as focusing on the bottom but something I would like to explore more.
  12. cronoticed

    Jigging reports for Cayuga?

    I was out Saturday and today fishing the salvation army derby. We covered different areas from about 2 miles south of power plant all the way to about a mile north of Aurora, all on the east shore, fished from 5:00am till 3:00pm each day. Despite the poor water clarity the jigging was steady throughout both days we caught fish from 40' out to suspended over 250 - all Lakers plus a 6lb LL and a 4.5lb brown. Best depth Saturday was around 73' and 89' today. We managed lots of small 3-5lb fish with the occasional 7-8 lber in the mix. Lots of fish but nothing big enough for the board. 1oz jigs & chartreuse swimbaits seemed to produce the best.
  13. cronoticed

    Cayuga Salvation Army derby

    X2 Looking forward to it
  14. cronoticed

    Cayuga Salvation Army derby

    I don't see any contact info to call and find out but I would assume/hope it's Saturday & Sunday. It does say though under registration info: " Starts at 12:01am on Friday, July 13th, 2018 Ends at 6:00pm on Saturday, July 14th, 2018"