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  1. Cayuga Lake 9/3 - Largest Landlock Salmon ever

    Nice fish wayne, I saw it in the cooler at bears yesterday morning, beautiful.
  2. B and B Derby

    Here's one you can download, I got it from a thread started a while back by fishbowl836. B&B Fall Trout and Bass Derby Flyer (1) (1).pdf
  3. Just registered yesterday! Hope it's a good turnout and weather cooperates
  4. Berkley Gorilla Tough

    I think Sk8man is onto something with the texture... I've had great luck avoiding fleas with heavy 30-40lb test berkley fireline. It has a similar texture to dental floss, been using it on diver rods. They make it in a multi colored "tracer" also if you want to use reels without line counters.
  5. Cayuga Tom Margeit Memorial tournament

    Results? Any pics?
  6. Fishfinder- Newer Thread

    On my lowrance I can change frequencies in the sonar menu, I have had luck running two units simultaneously one on 200khz and one on 83khz. There is still a little noise from interference but not bad. I had even better luck running a Garmin and a Lowrance simultaneously again on different frequencies, this resulted in almost no interference at all.
  7. Fishfinder- Newer Thread

    The hook 5x is definitely a nice unit for the money, like alex1young said, you have to get the sonar/gps combo if you want gps speed which costs a little more. In my opinion the maps/gps functionality is not great on the smaller screens like this. It's very hard to see what's going on in split screen mode. If you just want to monitor your speed I've used several different free gps speed apps on my Phone which are simple and work great.
  8. Fishfinder- Newer Thread

    The unit transmits the sonar data to other devices via wifi. When multiple people are jigging you will see each jig fall to the bottom as it is lowered, if 2 people are fishing and are dropping jigs, you see two lines... 3 jigs = 3lines etc. Whoever is closest to the transducer does show up as a heavier, more prounounced line but given the size of of the cone, any jig in our 20' boat will show up on the screen. Another nice feature of the unit is being able to view different data on each device, you can have your maps on main screen and down scan or traditional sonar on the other.
  9. Fishfinder- Newer Thread

    I also like the Lowrance units, I've had several of the entry level models and felt like they performed well and were reliable. I think the addition of the chirp sonar on most lesser expensive units has really improved the ability to see fish hugging the bottom which is good for jigging. They have all seemed to do a good job tracking jigs and fish on the drop and retrieve as well. that being said, we just upgraded to a Raymarine dragonfly 7 pro which I really like. The ability to mirror the screen on an iPad or other tablet is awesome when we have several people jigging in the boat. The 4 and 5 inch "pro" models also have this capability.
  10. Cayuga Salvo derby

    You can always call bear's for board updates throughout the day as well... good luck to everyone.
  11. Cayuga derby

    Anyone know what time the last weigh in is on Saturday? The pamphlet only mentions Sunday at 4 being final weigh in for the weekend. Thanks and good luck to everyone
  12. Cayuga - jigging

    I've never had much issue with line twist using braid/flouro... I use 30lb braid with 12' of seaguar invis x 15lb I have had serious issues using smaller jigs and mono for salmon, browns, bows - I tie a barrel swivel 2 or 3' up to avoid line twist. Notsure why it is worse with the mono as opposed to braid.
  13. Cayuga - jigging

    Jigging is definitely more effective with a decent FF, you don't have to get something too fancy though, I've had great luck with the lower end lowrance units - elite 4x chirp, hook 4x, Garmin Striker 4 etc. For 120-150 bucks they work really well in my opinion. That being said, on certain days after watching fish chase on the FF and not hit for a few hours. We've had luck out of frustration casting jigs out a long ways and "blindly" bouncing them along the bottom back to the boat.
  14. Cayuga - jigging

    Where were you fishing? We've been doing well from the power plant all the way to Aurora east and west sides depending on the day. it has been much slower in the southern parts of the lake for us. i prefer to use paddle tails as opposed to flukes. we fished yesterday out of long point 6am-11:30am boated 6 with a nice fat 11.6 in the mix. Good of luck if you make it back out...
  15. Beauty! Is that the 8-10 brown?