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  1. I don’t know either of you but before this gets too out of hand, Is it possible you’re both being scammed by someone else? PayPal accounts can get hacked.
  2. I never made it back to the park to check out the board, any pictures?
  3. That sounds like a good plan, make sure you take your time and do a very thorough job. I plan on having my winning fish weighed in by 7:00am Saturday and then going home to mow the lawn.
  4. If you tap/click on the image it's a little better, not sure why the resolution is so low after uploading it... im pretty sure they have it posted on the South shore marina Facebook page as well
  5. Ive put in twice so far in a 20' aluminum. Water is low but it's doable definitely want to tilt your motor up or use electric... Good luck
  6. You might just be looking for used but I ordered a few from here a while back, looks like they have them in stock: https://www.ereplacementparts.com/complete-spool-vented-p-1433894.html
  7. I don't have a picture but if I remember correctly it was a 12-9 Laker in first and a 10-2 brown in 3rd, a Laker got 2nd but I don't remember the weight.
  8. I'm in, was planning on leaving town for the weekend but luckily that fell through... Should be a good time
  9. Any pictures of the board yet?
  10. Dean's is a good suggestion, Sheldrake point might be an option too, haven't been there in a long time but I'm pretty sure it's free and is in pretty good Laker jigging territory as well. Seems like a good spot to launch a kayak.
  11. Here's a link to the online registration in case anyone wants to do it that way. We've had a good time fishing this in the past, hopefully there'll be a good turnout... https://give.salvationarmy.org/event/ithaca-fishing-derby-2019/e229451
  12. It all depends on the angle of the streak. I've learned over time a fish that shoots up quickly for your jig is very likely to hit if you start reeling up. Many times it will be more of a slow gradual rise off the bottom in which case I find it's best to continue on down and try your luck with bottom oriented techniques.
  13. How did you guys do this morning? I was only able to fish Saturday and Sunday, tough going for us both days. We boated 5 Lakers and one dink LL on Saturday and 3 Lakers Sunday. We were jigging both days, put in a long 13 hr day on Sunday. The strange thing we noticed was the insane number of fish showing up on our screens and chasing our jigs. Despite this they were VERY reluctant to hit anything. From 55 FOW out to 160 we saw huge numbers of fish, same story each drop of the jig -they would rise off the bottom slowly and then chase up 30 or 40 feet eventually backing off and settling back on the bottom. Everything we caught also had attached lampreys or fresh wounds. I'm thinking these were mostly small lakers maybe too small to actually hit and get hooked by the jigs? We boated 2 in the 6-7lb range and everything else was 18" or less. We actually saw fewer fish last weekend on Cayuga but the ones we did see we're big, healthy and hitting aggressively. Hopefully this means in a year or 2 all of these Seneca lakers will grow up and the fishing might be halfway decent.
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