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  1. Where were you fishing? We've been doing well from the power plant all the way to Aurora east and west sides depending on the day. it has been much slower in the southern parts of the lake for us. i prefer to use paddle tails as opposed to flukes. we fished yesterday out of long point 6am-11:30am boated 6 with a nice fat 11.6 in the mix. Good of luck if you make it back out...
  2. Beauty! Is that the 8-10 brown?
  3. tell ya what, you guys give me your biggest fish and i'll drive them down to Myers for weigh in seriously though that would be cool, we fish a lot around Long Point and I hate having to leave early for the weigh in, seems like we always catch our biggest fish in that last half hour... good luck to everyone.
  4. The Facebook link doesn't seem to work, what derby is this?
  5. for sale : usa

    TTT Located near Ithaca, offers/trades welcome
  6. Reels for sale Selling 7 reels, price listed for each or all for 200. Penn 49 "deep sea reel" in nice shave everything works $40 Penn 320 GTI works good, nice shape, the lettering on the side is worn $40 Daiwa sealine SL175H in great shape $40 Penn 209 with line counter great shape $40 Penn peer 309 works fine but shows some wear $30 Penn 310 GTI works great and in nice shape but missing tension knob for free spool $30 Daiwa great lakes 47lc works well but faded from sun and also missing tension knob for free spool $20 Most are spooled with leadcore 2 with braid was planning to take line off before selling unless you want it..
  7. Prices too high? Any offers?
  8. Spoons, riggers, fish finders 45-50 assorted spoons, a few suttons, a few fingerlakes tackle and many others. Some do have rusty hooks and or split rings that may need to be replaced. Would like to get $75. 2 manual Cannon downriggers with slide in style mounts, not swivel. Both are spooled with 60lb braid not wire. $50 each. Lowrance Elite 4x chirp and a Garmin Stryker 4dv. Both include all wires & transducers but not the small bracket that attaches transducer to boat. . We had built in mounts on our boat and the originals were lost. $75 each. Located near Ithaca.
  9. Cayuga

    A shot from Stewart park and one further up fall Creek this afternoon... I think it'll be a few days before the south end is cleared up
  10. Cayuga

    We use pretty much the same type of sticks that we would for trolling, larger ones that are heavy enough to cast a ways. As for jigs I've experimented with lots of different types, hair jigs, "flukes" paddle tails, tubes etc. Usually 1/8-1/2 oz.
  11. Cayuga

    casting jigs and stickbaits in shallow, 5-20 FOW. As someone else posted earlier, due to the amount of debris in the water, trolling would have been a real headache.
  12. Cayuga

    Cayuga 4/21 Put in at Myers and headed south until it got too muddy then back up West side. Despite the loads of debris and rain storm we had a pretty good day. Boated 5 LLs and 2 browns as well as two large pike which was a surprise.
  13. I caught this guy last fall on Cayuga when my rapalla bumped the bottom. I figured it was weeds, quite a surprise. Maybe I should have kept him for dinner...
  14. Cayuga

    It should be good to go, I put in last weekend and there was just a small ice Berg in the Eastern most ramp, the other one was completely open. There was a decent amount of debris out there from all the rain, good luck...