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  1. Launched at Dean’s around 7 AM and went a bit North. Was fishing with my father in law, brother in law, and a family friend and we were all jigging for Lakers. Didn’t catch a single trout nor have any hits. Also took a ride over to the east side of the lake and fished north of long point, in the Aurora area, and didn’t see much life there as well. Caught two small perch and snagged a sawbelly. Jigged from 40 ft to 90 ft, but saw the most life on the fish finder in the 40 to 60 ft depths. We were off the water by noon. Anyone else fish Cayuga today, and what was your report? Surprised to have not gotten a single hit or laker. I thought the fishing was supposed to be hot this time of year? Maybe the storm last night shut down the bite? Any advice?
  2. Thanks for the perspective, bulletbob. I too am not a fan of trolling, but understand that if you're looking to catch numbers that trolling would be your best bet. Dragging in a trolled fish as your boat chugs along at 2 mph just doesn't have the same appeal as fighting a fish that was hooked while vertically jigging. My father in law constantly tells me stories of fishing on Seneca in the heyday when they would be jigging up limits all around, so I guess that's why my perspective is a bit skewed. Now a days I just chuckle to myself whenever I drive past the "Geneva - Lake Trout Capital of the World" sign.
  3. Thanks all. The freshwater jig bite can be frustrating as you say. We had some good marks underneath us at times, but like you said, I guess they're not always in the mood to eat. I still haven't experienced a real banner day of lake trout jigging. Granted I've only been lake trout jigging maybe 20 times in my life so far, I've only caught multiple lake trout on a single trip maybe only twice. Most other times it's usually a skunk or just one single fish for me. However, I will say that probably 15 of the 20 times that I've been laker jigging has been on Seneca Lake in the last 5 years, which everyone says is a fraction of the lake trout lake that it used to be.
  4. Fished Cayuga lake this past weekend for lakers with my father in law and his friend. We launched from Dean's Cove and fished mainly around the launch in 30 - 70 FOW. We fished both Sunday and Monday, and we caught fish on each day, but didn't really crush it either day. On Sunday we caught 5 fish (4 lakers and 1 rainbow), and on Monday we caught 2 lakers. We don't troll so all of the fish were caught vertically jigging. What techniques do you guys use for jigging? Are you mainly bouncing the jig on the bottom or is it a drop and retrieve type of fishing? My father in law had the most hits and he mainly jigs close to the bottom, but I've had some days were I caught more fish on the retrieve instead of bottom bouncing. We also marked a lot of bait.
  5. Hey there Lively, I fished Keuka lake with my father in law and his friend on Saturday morning. Also fished the east arm, but we were looking for perch. Tried near the college, but didn't find any fish except for a couple of pickerel. The wind was blowing pretty hard out of the south so it made anchoring pretty difficult. We eventually moved up lake towards Penn Yan, and had some fun catching some nice sized sunfish. Also saw some boats flipping docks for bass.
  6. Thanks as always, Les. Not looking to keep any bass. Is the bass fishing season closed even for catch and release?
  7. Hi All - My father-in-law just bought a new boat, and we're looking to do a bit of fishing over the memorial day weekend. His home lake is Seneca, but I think I'll be pushing to fish more on the North side of Cayuga (Thinking of launching at either the state park or Dean's cove). It'd be great to get into some perch for a fish fry, so can people recommend spring time patterns that I should look for? Any kind of depth ranges to focus on? I primarily fish saltwater as I live in NYC, so freshwater is fairly new to me (trying to read and learn as much as I can.) If perch fishing doesn't work out, I wouldn't mind targeting some LMB. Can anyone let me know if the LMB are prespawn right now? I've fished the north end of Cayuga off my kayak once, and caught a few LMB on a keitech. It was during the summer months though. Here's a quick clip of my LMB on Cayuga.... Appreciate any help. Have a great holiday weekend, and for those fishing the Lake Trout Derby on Seneca, good luck!
  8. I like gold kastmasters for jigging panfish. Weight depends on conditions, but 1/4 oz to 3/8 oz are fine.
  9. Personally, I feel that there are quite a few things wrong with the perch regulations. The first and foremost thing would be the commercial selling of perch by recreational fisherman. I'm fairly new to freshwater fishing, but have been saltwater fishing my whole life, and to my knowledge, there is no commercial selling of saltwater fish by recreational anglers in NY. I do know that in Massachusetts, one can obtain a commercial license to sell striped bass, but the regulations to keep and sell commercial striped bass are more stringent than for the recreational angler (ie must be 34" or larger to keep and sell, vs. 28" to keep for a recreational angler). A second thing that I find wrong with the perch regulations is that there is no minimum size. I've had a few perch fishfry's and it is delicious, but how much meat can you really get off of perch less than 9" or 10"? I'm not sure at what size perch begin to spawn, but setting a minimum size for perch should definitely help with future fish conservation. Finally, there's the 50 fish limit per person. I find this to be overkill. Who seriously needs to keep 50 fish per person? Cutting this number in half is still is a lot in my opinion, but would make much more sense. Just my two sense, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of people that disagree, but I'd rather have fish for my kids and grandkids to catch in the future.
  10. Definitely buy a drysuit as JJ suggested. I've kayaked on Cayuga before on my Hobie Revo 13, and follow the 120 degree rule (if the combined temp of the air and water is below 120, then wear a drysuit). I have a Kokatat drysuit, and while expensive, they can be a life saver, and Kokatat has a solid warranty program.
  11. Had my best day of laker fishing this past Friday. I'm kind of new to freshwater fishing (mainly a saltwater guy as I live in NYC), so was really happy to connect on some quality lakers. When I've fished for lakers in the past, I've managed to jig up one fish over 4 -5 hrs of fishing, but was able to land 4 fish on Friday, and dropped 4 others. Largest went 29", and the smallest was around 26". All released to fight another day. Launched out of Taughannock on my kayak, and jigged soft plastic paddletails all day. Tried using a blade bait for a little while, but didn't get any hits on it. Caught fish in 80 - 100 ft of water. Regarding lakers, do you guys like eating them or is it mainly a CP&R? I was never really a big fan of eating freshwater fish, except for the occasionally perch/sunfish fish fry. Also have a question regarding salmon and brown trout. I haven't caught either of these guys on Cayuga. Do you guys specifically target them or do you catch them while jigging for lakers. I typically don't troll for fish as my main way of fishing, but will troll from fishing spot to fishing spot.
  12. They were on the bottom mostly. Some really good marks. At one point, I felt some small nibbles on my jig but I think it was too big for the fish to hook
  13. Launched out of Deans Cove this morning and caught one laker right away on the jig. Was fishing from 40 to 100 ft of water. Didn’t really mark much so decided I would take the long pedal over to Long Point. Once I got there, I immediately started marking a lot of bait and fish in 20 to 35 ft of water. These marks were unbelievable, but couldn’t get anyone to bite. I jigged paddletails and also trolled through with a rapala on leadcore. After an hour without any success , I decided to call it a day. One fish is better than no fish but wish I caught some more. A good workout today with the pedaling. Anyone have any idea what I could have been marking on the long point side?
  14. Thanks. Already have navionics on my phone. Will use it to look for some good drop offs.
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