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  1. A beautiful Spring day trolling stick baits for trout and salmon on the nearshore waters of Lake Ontario out of the 15 ft. semi-v. https://youtu.be/JwtV6DVvdPU
  2. Also bought it from Atomik and Stanley Stinger Flies in the past, but you might have to contact them and request it.
  3. Yes, purple taco fly shop is awesome. There are other options online as well.
  4. Captivating video, very well done. Also love watching your lake trout jigging videos, keep up the great work.
  5. Quick clip from a good day on the ice last Sunday. If Jaws was a Pickerel lol. Come on Old Man Winter, we need more ice!!!!!
  6. Love seeing that steelhead yank that rod, now that's a bite... Great video, thanks.
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