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  1. I plan to upgrade my old boat net with a new bag. Both PVC coated and rubber types are said to be less damaging to the fish (I mostly C&R) and less prone to tangling hooks and tackle. Prices are about the same. This shows the different options: https://www.egofishing.com/replacement-parts/?filters=mesh_pvc_coated_nylon Any pros or cons from people that have used either one?
  2. I saw several boats out trolling during the FLTA tourney Sunday on Keuka. One I noticed was running two sets of planer boards. I thought those were mainly for winter/spring after the lake turns over and fish are in the top 20-30 feet. I'm curious if they were running lures deeper off of them somehow, or conversely were picking up fish higher up? Not a troller myself, just curious.
  3. Two more data points. The KLA website shows a temp of 57 degrees on the east branch yesterday (measured 20 feet down at the Penn Yan water intake.) And yesterday afternoon in 6 inches of water near shore (east branch), the water temp was 61.
  4. 1970s classic outboard for sale, can trace pedigree back to first owner. New fuel pump installed 8-10 years ago, ran great afterwards, but has been stored unused in a dry basement for several years now. Crack in the housing as shown in photos, has been that way for years and years, does not affect closing the cover or engine performance. Gas tank and hose included. Located in Elmira area, will drive as far as Binghamton, Geneva, Dansville.. if you are further away then meet in the middle. Asking $550.
  5. In reference to the "empty stomachs" observations.. This has been the case in fish I've caught since the hard winters of '14 and '15 in which Keuka froze over most of its length. DEC attributes this event to the decline in sawbellies and lakers. When I have looked at stomach contents I've found a sludge or mush that looks like fish poop. Put a sample of that in a bowl with some water, stir it up, and you will find a bunch of mysis shrimp. They are about the size of a very small ant. This is what the lakers are eating. The shrimp live near lake bottom during the day, and migrate up the water column at night, forming rather tight bands which makes it easier to eat.
  6. Fishbowl - If this guy is still around, he does amazing work: http://www.catchandreleasefishreproductions.com
  7. BulletBob - Thanks for this post. My fly rod was failing me this past weekend on Keuka, so I went 'old school' and got some worms and crayfish.. Had a blast catching rockies, sunfish, bass, & perch.
  8. Finally got a laker.. accidentally. Was out Sat. AM after bass and panfish, started in shallow and it was slow, so trolling motored out toward deeper water looking for fish on the fish finder.. Didn't see anything till 42 FOW. Looked like the top edge of steep drop off and several marks on the screen. It was a bit breezy so I threw a small brown jig downwind and let it sink. When the boat caught up to it, I reeled up the slack, and shazam, there was a fish on. Turned out to be a decent lake trout! I have caught one or two like that over the past several years, but was very surprised nonetheless. And.. like every laker I've caught in the past couple of years, no fish in the stomach just some brown goo. Must be eating shrimp or insect larvae..
  9. 28 views and no replies? Did I ask a really stupid question?
  10. Location for power port? I plan to install a power port on my Bayliner (19' open bow), to make it easier to plug the electric cord in when dockside. The most convenient location for the port is the top of the hull, near the rear seats/speakers. This location is just below the top deck and is slanted somewhat. It requires drilling a 1-7/8 hole in the hull, but the hole would be filled with the port and way above waterline. Is this something to be avoided? Is the slanted mount a concern re water accumulating in the port? There is a rubber cap for the port. It could also be located on a vertical wall inside the cockpit. Where do manufacturers locate power ports on similar size boats? Thanks.
  11. Rebel - How do you rig those stinger hooks in the plastics? I've experimented with various things, none of them were quick/easy as I would like. Also, how often do you connect on the stinger vs. main hook?
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