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  1. I've recently run into multiple obvious scams in the 'boats for sale - by owner' section on Craigslist recently. Typically its a nice looking fishing boat at a very nice price. The 'seller' has recently been widowed or divorced and moved out of state, and the boat will be delivered via eBay motors or some such.. The first question you should ask when inquiring about a used boat is 'where is it and when can I come look at it'. That will weed out this type of scam right away.
  2. Probably not. The boat I saw had a hard-top cabin which is not so common on Keuka.
  3. Do the rainbows and salmon range into the east arm of the lake? Or do you need to go down into the main stem closer to H'sport?
  4. The dog clutch in my Alpha One is slipping a bit when engaging in the forward direction. It sometimes engages right away (one clunk), sometimes it takes two or three clunks before engaging. Just started doing it this year (few weeks ago). It has not disengaged or slipped at all at higher revs/running speed however. This is the advice I seek: Is this a serious problem needing immediate attention or can it wait till July/August? (will be a long wait for service now anyway) When these fail is it gradual or all at once? Will continuing to operate this way damage anything other than the dog clutch? Is there an adjustment to the shifter cable I can try or is this best left to a pro? Thanks.
  5. Wasn't you I saw then but thank you for the report. I did well jigging on bottom in 75-105 FOW this past week. Autopsied a few fish and found nothing identifiable.
  6. Someone was up and down the East arm of Keuka most of the day Saturday running a planer board, dipsey, riggers, you name it. Running the planer boards on the inside toward shore. Don't see many people running planer boards, we don't have brown trout to speak of, so I was thinking planer boards for bass? Then this morning, I was jigging off a point in 85 FOW and there was a big splash near shore, very close to a boat lift. I tossed my jig over, and a decent laker nailed it on the sink. So maybe they were running the boards in close for lake trout? If the skipper of that boat is reading, how did you make out? Must have been out there 8-10 hours.
  7. Keuka water temp on the east arm is 48-50 degrees per my fishfinder earlier today. You can always check the Keuka Lake Association website to get a temp reading from the water intake near Penn Yan, also. Sorry don't know about the State Park launch. I would assume so, but can't say for sure. I pretty sure the Penn Yan launch is open given all the bass boats running around this weekend.
  8. Datacenters generate lots of heat and need cooling. Maybe lake water will flow there again before too long.
  9. Just to echo a few of the above comments.. I went out yesterday, saw lots of marks and had plenty of follows, but only could get 4 to bite.. Just seemed like they were not much interested. Turned off just like that. And I had never had a double digit day in 8 years of trying until this past weekend. Perhaps since they are trout, they are selective in what they eat at any given time and you have to 'match the hatch' like you do stream fishing for really spectacular catches. Especially on Keuka with sawbellies in decline, they might be eating perch fry, crawfish, emerging mayfly nymps, mysis shrimp, or (maybe?) the recently stocked cisco. I have had the most laker hits after dropping slowly to bottom, letting the jig rest for a count of ten, and then giving it little lifts like (I imagine) a crawfish or sculpin would look like that had been scared out of a hidey hole on bottom. A smaller share on the retrieve.. (three quick turns of the crank, rest, repeat), and a very few on the drop (and missed half of those hits). I am also using a smaller lighter jig than previous (3/8 oz).. I would not in Seneca or Cayuga however, or if fishing deeper than 50-70 feet.
  10. Had a blast jigging for lakers on Keuka Lake this past weekend.. Boated about three dozen in three days. Nearly all the fish were caught in 50-65 FOW, near bottom, though one chased the jig up and smacked it at a depth of 20 feet. All were the typical size for Keuka: 18-24 inches. Don't know what they were eating as they were all released. First day I found a bunch of fish in one location, next couple of days they were more scattered and had to try several spots, getting a few each place. This is all on the east arm. Saw a few boats trolling and a few flipping docks for bass.. Anyone else do anything?
  11. I find the wind on Keuka (east arm anyway) tends to blow up or down the lake more than you would expect, even though the weather forecast reports NW or SW winds. With a NW wind I would stick to the west shore as you suggested, if you are looking for less chop/drift, but don't be surprised if it is blowing down the lake. That's not all bad though. With the right wind, it can work out so you drift by the docks are just the right speed to fish them without using the trolling motor a lot.
  12. I plan to upgrade my old boat net with a new bag. Both PVC coated and rubber types are said to be less damaging to the fish (I mostly C&R) and less prone to tangling hooks and tackle. Prices are about the same. This shows the different options: https://www.egofishing.com/replacement-parts/?filters=mesh_pvc_coated_nylon Any pros or cons from people that have used either one?
  13. I saw several boats out trolling during the FLTA tourney Sunday on Keuka. One I noticed was running two sets of planer boards. I thought those were mainly for winter/spring after the lake turns over and fish are in the top 20-30 feet. I'm curious if they were running lures deeper off of them somehow, or conversely were picking up fish higher up? Not a troller myself, just curious.
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