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  1. 1956 28 Apr - 2Lt Gordon W. Simonds killed in training flight when T-33 trainer crashed into Skaneateles Lake. I was wondering if anyone has seen the remains of this aircraft on their sonar? My daughter loves looking that the side imaging on my Garmin. She has found a couple of boats but still looking for the T-33
  2. Yah, no doubt, I have had the same experience. I am looking forward to fishing this weekend but if weather and wife permit I will be going to Cayuga for the afternoon. I heard the lamprey are doing a number on the lakers there. I agree about the rainbow but I am not seeing anything from 0-50 ft on my sonar.. I'll try going in shallower next time.
  3. I have been out three times. Saturday morning on the 5th and fished from 630 am till about 11. Nothing... Not even a hit. Trolled east side just north of 5 mile to just beyond borodino landing. Then cut across to west and fished to just south of flag pole point. Marked them on my sonar again in about 90 fow bottom to 60 feet. I invited my brothers along so that's probably why I didn't catch anything . Went out for about an hour and a half on Saturday the 12th with my son and a friend. When we got to the marina I told the boys it was too rough and we should go home but they looked heart broken... Again, nothing .. Last night was great however, started trolling around 4:30 till dark (7:15). 5 mile to about a mile north of lourdes. Pulled in 4 trout. 2 we threw back. A decent 19"er and my friend pulled in a really nice 25"er. We used two poles off the back of the boat. One copper with about 320' out 50' mono leader and a blue and silver Williams Wobbler. Second was lead core out about 15 colors with a gold and black Demon Dancer from Bass Pro. Also had the planer boards out. One with copper and 100'. The other with lead core and about 10 colors. Used another demon dancer (smaller about 1.5") and a silver mooselook wobbler.
  4. I have fished for trout on Skaneateles all my life (54 years). I finally got back to fishing this year. I primarily troll copper and lead core with spoons. I have caught at least one laker each time I have been out. I am disappointed with the 2 walleye that I caught off 5 mile point and no rainbows. (I must say however, that I cooked one and was surprised at how good it taste :) Trout have been depth of 90 - 110 and anywhere from bottom to about 60 fow. I cover a pretty good spread with my copper and leadcore. Mooselook thinfish and Williams Wobbler have been very productive this year. Blue and Silver. I was hoping to learn how to Jig for trout but until this point I have been highly unsuccessful. In other words with about 15 fishing hours, I still have yet caught a fish jigging. I have tried 1.5 oz white jig heads with white or blue tubes. Also, blue and silver jigging spoons. I use a bait caster with braided line and have no problem getting to the bottom. I also have a really good Garmin sonar new this year. Any help with what to use would be awesome.. Oh, and I should mention I only jig after the troll shuts down so that may be my biggest problem. Since nobody seems to update much on Skaneateles I will try to update every time I go out.
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