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  1. A great guide on Oneida I’ve used many times is Full Tank Charters with Mike Tankersly...I prefer to jig as well and he’s all for it..slammed em on jiggin raps last summer...he’s a great dude very fairly priced...we’ve always launched from Godfrey Point
  2. Same here HB when I’m alone. But when not I do pick em up..gonna stop doing that now with any Salmonids
  3. Thanks for sharing your opinions. I always handle fish a little as possible. Fish alone a lot so very seldom get pics but when I do I put a glove on my tail hand. Now I’m wondering if that’s better or worse for slime removal. Regardless if losing fish is good for stocking. I like to release fish because of the feeling I get watching them swim away. Hopefully to live on and grow. Was an eye opener for me. On the west coast I see a lot of guys use those cradle nets like ppl use for Muskie. Really considering getting one if. They are that much better for the fish
  4. I came across this big steelhead on the SR today. At first she appeared dead picked her up took a pic and measured her 32 inches!..it then started to flop put her back in water and she took off. After laying motionless in inches of water. Anyone else ever see a steelhead like this? Or have any thoughts what may of happened??..I was wondering if maybe it’s from improper handling after being caught?..either way it’s a shame was a really big fish
  5. I’ve been itching to get my new kayak out..any recommendations on A warm dry suit?..that’s only thing stopping me just in case ya know
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