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  1. I've always launched at the ferry crossing. It's on the north side. You can launch and be fishing in 5 minutes it's right at the reach where you want to start fishing. It's a good launch too.
  2. We don't treat the fry with anything to track them. We're worried it could cause a problem.We are funded through donations and our fishing derby we run in the spring. DEC feels there are enough walleye in the river and stocking has no impact.The DEC shocks the river so we can collect eggs so we have to obey by their decisions. We will continue stocking so long as they supply us with fish. By the way we know stocking works no matter what they think !
  3. Probably not because we release them as fry. Dec doesn't do any trawl netting in this part of the river so they don't have any real information. From what I can tell this area of the river isn't really important to them.
  4. I run the ogdensburg walleye hatchery. We usually release between 500,000 and one million fry into the river each year. We also provide the fry for the st Lawrence river walleye association ponds that they raise to fingerlings. We could probably raise double that but the dec limit our fish take claiming that the stocking program really doesn't help that it is more of a feel good project to use their term. So we would like to do more but we are held back. Judging from the walleye fishing 15 years ago to now I feel the stocking is working.
  5. I will be heading out to the cabelas masters walleye circuit out of lorain ohio. Lots of tournaments out of ohio.
  6. I had a 2007 tyee 1850. I put a 9.9 pro kicker on it and it was a 20 inch shaft worked perfect never dragged in the water and excellent boat control. 15 would be to short.
  7. I troll them all the time on the slr with planer boards and snap weights running bow mount with the current.Takes a while to figure dive curves but I stick with a two once snap weight to keep it simple.
  8. I've handlined in the detroit river most guys run a two or three pound weight with a six foot leader with a non diving stick bait.I don't know how it would work in the st lawrence because of being directly under the boat with the clear water,the detroit is pretty dirty but the current in the detriot is no stronger than the st lawrence.
  9. 2007 Lund Tyee 1850 135 Merury verado with stainless prop,9.9 pro kicker,smartcraft gauges,80 lb thrust terrova,air ride seats,3 bank on board charger,1 year old trolling motor batteries,big jon planer board mast,2 otter boards with dual keels,2 walker electric downriggers and more. $28,500
  10. Wanted

    I have a 2007 lund 1850 tyee coming up for sale,has 135 verado ,9.9 pro kicker,elect downriggers and planer board mast with otter boards among other things.
  11. When you think you guys are headed to port clinton waiting to get boat out of storage then probably going with 2 other guys
  12. Merland park is just outside of picton has launch and docking on site.I stay there every year.
  13. Lowrance HDS 8 gen 1 with insight usa mapping.This is head and mount only.Excellent shape. $700 .315-528-4148 or e-mail [email protected]
  14. I fished it the last 3 springs,just got back couple weeks ago,give me a call 315-528-4148