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  1. Just looking for suggestions for oswego charter . The boat I usually go on isnt chartering anymore . Thanks
  2. You keep your fish. I brought home 50 pounds of pure tuna. We do overnight 30 hour trips. Fish all day and all night.
  3. We go out with restless lady every year. You can do a walk on charter with them.
  4. Should try ocean city Maryland. Been last couple years $350 gets you a 30 hour overnight walk on with only 6 people. Las t year caught bunch of mahis tuna a white marlin and 400 pound blue marlin.
  5. I’ve been the last two years. Great place. Message me I can help you out.
  6. They are fishing out of the Port Clinton area right now. Trolling the cans as usaual .
  7. I’ll be at Los Suenos in Costa Rica in a little over a month. One day inshore and one day offshore. Can’t wait !!
  8. Go to Costa Rica every year. Most of the good charters are booked months in advance. I booked mine 6 months ahead and still couldn’t get the boats I wanted
  9. Only been to Los Suenos . Chartered out of there a couple of times.
  10. C hammond

    Lisbon 6/29

    Fished two hours. Two walleyes and two bass. Walleyes 22 and 24 inches. All fish came off of boards with 2 ounce snap wights with crawler harnesses. Still slow going!!
  11. C hammond

    Tough bite

    Was he pulling cranks at night ?
  12. C hammond

    Tough bite

    Just put 5 hours in on the river. 2 smallmouth 0 walleyes. Ouch
  13. C hammond

    Tough bite

    Very tough bite in the ogdensburg and Lisbon area. Hardly even marking any. Anyone having any luck up this way.
  14. C hammond

    Late spawn

    Wether you kill a walleye in may or kill a walleye in july that walleye will never spawn again So not that big of deal. Plenty of states have no closed season.
  15. If you don't stop that fungus now you'll be in trouble. Especially once that water temp starts to warm up.
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