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  1. If you don't stop that fungus now you'll be in trouble. Especially once that water temp starts to warm up.
  2. Are you treating your eggs with formalin for the mold or something else ?
  3. C hammond

    Ohio walleye

    Go to Port Clinton fish the islands. Ive been a bunch of times.Let me know I can tell you where to stay and launch.Its pretty easy.
  4. C hammond

    DIY Worm Harness Questions

    Search walleye workshop on YouTube. Mike Gorfron gives a good video how to do it.
  5. C hammond

    DIY Worm Harness Questions

    That’s supposed to be plastic clevis
  6. C hammond

    DIY Worm Harness Questions

    Get the plastic Clovis with the quick change. That way you can change blades without tyeing the harness again. There cheap
  7. C hammond

    DIY Worm Harness Questions

    I forgot I usually put the two hooks about 3 and a half inches apart
  8. C hammond

    DIY Worm Harness Questions

    17 pound test fluorocarbon, 2 number two octopus hooks and number 6 Colorado blades. I make mine about 5 feet long.
  9. Historically it’s april 12 - 17. I’ll let you know. It’s really just a small group of guys that do it every year. It’s a long night because you don’t shock the river until after dark. Then you have to milk the eggs and place them in the hatchery. But it’s well worthwhile. It helps a lot.
  10. I run the walleye stocking program in ogdensburg. I wouldn’t worry about the perch eating eggs and what not. When we shock the river it’s full of suckers following the walleye to eat the eggs. If anyone wants to witness the shocking of the river I usually know about 3 days in advance. We have to monitor the river and call the best time to shock it before we call th dec. We are always looking for help !!
  11. But 18 is the minimum size legally
  12. But one fish a day over 18 would meen you could only catch 1 fish.Who wants to get all set up on the ice for 1 fish ?
  13. The St Lawrence Valley sportsman club actually collects and hatches over a million eggs every year.SLR Walleye assc then raises some in ponds and the remainder of fry are released in Ogdensburg.
  14. Slot limits never work. Just look how they work in the Midwest. Not so good. With the amount of fish caught below thirty feet in the river a lot of fish would never survive being released.