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  1. Fresh deer road kill this morning on rt96 Manchester
  2. What if they outlawed stand hunting ? I don’t think we as sportsman should pose any restrictions on the way one would hunt. Are we out to trophy hunt or meat hunt? Some families need the venison to make it through the year.
  3. Has anybody noticed the odd green color of the lake. Yesterday I was driving down the west side and the lake looked way more green than I ever remembered from before. Anybody else notice this ? Any idea why the green color ?
  4. Head north to Sampson fish from marina to north 70 to 110 fow
  5. Where is the Tompkins cayuga coop located? Where else can you find birds to hunt? Thanks
  6. Just got done fishing the trout derby could not help to notice the amount of dead bullheads and the ones swimming on the surface look like they have something growing on their skin. Anybody else notice? Congratulations to all the people who placed with their fish.
  7. Cannon Where is the best place to buy cannon digi troll 10. Thanks
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