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  1. katydid

    cayuga jigging

    So do I. First time I tried it, I got pissed off because they would not hit off the bottom. So I furiously reeled up....and....BAM! So cool.
  2. katydid

    cayuga jigging

    Still deep......oh well. THANKS!
  3. katydid

    cayuga jigging

    Anything in 100'?
  4. katydid

    cayuga jigging

    Long pt.?
  5. katydid

    Conesus Conesus Largemouth

  6. katydid

    Conesus Conesus Largemouth

    WOW....NICE!!!! I'm betting 6-8 lbs.
  7. katydid

    Spoon sizes

    I keep it simple....Sutton spoons only....sizes #61 and #44....troll 2.2.....2.6.........stop for a second and punch forward to get reluctant fish to hit......on Cayuga, it's as close to a guarantee that you can get in fishing.
  8. katydid

    Keuka What happen to this guy?

  9. katydid

    Keuka What happen to this guy?

  10. katydid

    Keuka What happen to this guy?

  11. katydid

    Keuka What happen to this guy?

    That's a lake trout.
  12. katydid

    Cayuga Cayuga 4/21

    Thanks! Awesome. i can't wait for my grandson to be old enough to hog the pole!!!!!!
  13. katydid

    Cayuga Cayuga 4/21

    Nice!!!! Where and how deep.....if you want to tell!!
  14. katydid

    Jigging for trout

    Are you talking about deep laker jigging?
  15. katydid

    Cayuga Cayuga 4/9/18

    Yes they do. But they don't fight for squat.