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  1. Cayuga deans cove

    Any word on dean's Cove launch? THANKs!
  2. 6 more weeks? I need to move south for 3 months...God help me
  3. My status is: biting at the bit...6 more weeks of winter? AAUUUUGH!!!

  4. DEANS COVE........ No wind on Tues.! Yay! I try to fish according to the wind. West shore....NNW wind.....go fishing.....Total....11 for 13 Lakers. Most seemed to be small, but a couple of fish were around 8 lbs. ALL fish were below 79-80 ft. Some were 100 ft. down. Saw baitfish on the bottom in 160 ft. of water. Is this normal? Some fish out in 150-160 ft. of water. My graph showed most fish on the BOTTOM. Active fish 100 ft. and above. Not a bad day to be out. ONE other boat out.....did exactly like me. YAY!
  5. Cayuga 9/22

    Don't bother going out...lake temp. almost 70??? Are you joking? Add fleas and weeds......bah!
  6. Cayuga Sunday

    AGREED!!!!! Tried Sat. morning...fleas and weeds are TERRIBLE..I don't know any fish that likes to eat weeds!
  7. Cayuga Slammin Lakers

    If you dont mind...WHERE exactly were you trolling?
  8. Cayuga 9/11

    By the way, if it's a female....she has eggs....just sayin'.
  9. Cayuga 9/11

    Nice Landlock....I've caught many bigger than average ones this year....good job!
  10. Cayuga Cayuga-Saturday

  11. Cayuga

    Biggest tip? Use a Fish Hawk TD....you will know the temp. at EVERY DEPTH>
  12. Cayuga

    Never thought of stickbaits on my dipsies. What size were they? Did you do better with spoons?
  13. Cayuga Cayuga Sunday

  14. Cayuga Cayuga Sunday

    Cayuga Sunday Went out off T-point...headed north. Ended up crossing over to AES. No numbers of fish, but BIG ones. 1 LLS 5-6lbs. , 2 Rainbows...the biggest one was quite a fish. Caught a 14 lb. Laker the other day , the Salmon, and the Rainbow all on a #61 Sutton...a TINY spoon. Maybe with all the baitfish (tons) they want something more petite? Who knows WHAT fish want on any given day. I usually use #44's, but decided to change. Go figure.
  15. Nice Laker on Cayuga