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    miniature saloons (really).....crow hunting.......Civil War Battlefields....
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  1. Open your eyes and your perspective...or get new friends.
  2. 87% of New Yorkers agree with Cuomos handling of the coronavirus epidemic.
  3. That’s an awesome bass! Cayuga doesn’t grow them bigger. Congrats.
  4. If that’s not a rainbow, I will quit fishing.
  5. By the way....”something down....?” Lol.
  6. This is the country I love. You don’t get to tell me differently.
  7. A lot of noise...."signifying nothing”.
  8. Yup, I think you’re a conspiracy kook.
  9. You’ll hear.....eventually.
  10. The hell with it. I’m launching at Long Point on Mon. I enjoy being a scofflaw. Especially to silly laws. Hope I don’t end up in jail.
  11. Thanks. How would they even enforce this?
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