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  1. I ONLY fish dipsies ! 3 every time I go out. #61&44 Sutton’s round out the package. I’ve gotten more than my share of lakers and rainbows.
  2. Hey Doc.....nice going. Beautiful browns. No need to tell me any secrets, but I assume you use standard stickbaits that go down 3to 10 ft. Correct?
  3. Hey Ray.....that is true when it’s set up strongly.....but before and after it sets up, it tells you the EXACT water temp. down to 100’....just my amateur opinion!
  4. The single best purchase I have ever made
  5. By the way, Russel Station in Rochester used to be AWESOME to fish in winter. Drifting eggs was a blast! No more coal plant....no more warm water.......no more fishing.
  6. I fished there, day AND night, for years in that outflow, with waders. And drifting egg sacks with and without a bobber. The outflow needs to be warmer than the lake temp to be productive. Is it warmer? Does one STILL catch fish there? From what I remember, it was absent of many lakers, but full of salmon, bows, and browns.
  7. There is actually a copy in Mann Library on the Cornell campus. Since I’m a retiree from there, I think I’ll check this book out. Unfortunately, I have to give it back!
  8. You can find it on Amazon for $125.00 !
  9. “Big weenie proctologist fly”. .....you can’t make this stuff up......fisherman are a weird bunch!
  10. Maybe you can blame Trump for bringing us together in perfect harmony.
  11. I’ve only had two.....need 5 to keep up with you. Very well spoken, yet very sad. Politicians will be politicians.
  12. "Mental illness and criminal activity are at the actual roots of the problem but they seem much beyond the scope of the legislative process to deal with." Billions in tax cuts to the top 1% (83% of funds)............half our budget building more aircraft carriers.....upgrading the military. How much has Trump spent for mental illness problems? You DO notice how many ex-military men are involved in mass shootings.? They send you to machine gun people down, and ignore you when you come back. Take care of our Veterans!!!!!!!
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