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  1. Hopefully in the next couple weeks we get enough rain
  2. Any reports on where the browns on Cayuga are are the in the streams yet ?
  3. They need to make goose season run longer right after it ends there always is a ton of birds near me
  4. I have a garmin so that limits some of the functions you can use with i-Pilot
  5. Hey guys I need help picking a trolling motor it will be for bass fishing and some trolling I prefer the terrova pedal but being able to set routes with the ProNav. Anyone have experience with either
  6. Look into the cheaper lithium batteries like ampertime or chins
  7. It is three per person but 6 rods with two people in the boat get cramped and hard to not get everything tangled
  8. Yeah I’ve ran 6 rods off my boat but it was a cluster I figure more rods the better
  9. Yeah I don’t have balls enough to go on anything bigger I’ve got a clamp on down river for the back and it works amazing but want more rod holders for planer boards
  10. I only go on smaller lakes on nice days I mainly fish Whitney point lake
  11. I’ve got a 12 foot John boat and I wanna optimize it for walleye trolling any setup ideas I’m also trying to avoid drilling into the boat
  12. Let me know how you like the church to-22’s I wanna get some for walleye
  13. I’ve used opti planer boards for walleye before and I really liked them
  14. Ended up not going out due to it being to windy hopefully will get out next weekend Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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