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  1. Never have fished in the winter before. Are they still 80-100 feet down?
  2. Pic one....brown trout............pic two...male landlocked salmon.
  3. Where can I get that delicious crow dinner?

  4. Looks like Trump is finished. Hold the crow.

  5.    Years ago, this time of year I would fish the flats south of Taughkanock park. Carolina rigs with minnows were dynamite for smallmouth bass. Does anyone know what happened to this fishery?

  6. You sound defensive. I hope you are not one of those “losers” or “suckers.”
  7. No big deal. Trump will be gone soon enough. Happy fishing!
  8. katydid

    Canandaigua Canandaguia Launch

    87% still stands. It’s math.
  9. katydid

    Canandaigua Canandaguia Launch

    It was recommended by the CDC and the health department. This was early in the pandemic. It was not done cavalierly or without thought. He admits it was a mistake. Something a certain President is unable to do.
  10. katydid

    Canandaigua Canandaguia Launch

    Then you don’t know that many people outside your own group. Shame.
  11. katydid

    Canandaigua Canandaguia Launch

    Open your eyes and your perspective...or get new friends.
  12. katydid

    Canandaigua Canandaguia Launch

    87% of New Yorkers agree with Cuomos handling of the coronavirus epidemic.
  13. That’s an awesome bass! Cayuga doesn’t grow them bigger. Congrats.
  14. If that’s not a rainbow, I will quit fishing.
  15. By the way....”something down....?” Lol.
  16. This is the country I love. You don’t get to tell me differently.
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