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  1. We had the Boat out fishing 2x in 50 degree weather. Nothing biting. We tested the 70 HP motor, top speed of 35mph. We need some help with throttle cable adjustment and motor tune up. The motor starts a bit rough, maybe the cold weather; Probably needs carbs cleaned. Slowest speed on the 70 seems a bit too fast for trolling. The pics are from before the mounting of the 9.9 Kicker.
  2. Updated,... I purchased a mid 80’s Evinrude Tracker 9.9 Long Shaft motor, electric start, as my kicker. I think it sits fairly well with the intake just below the water line. We can also raise it all the way up when running at high speed or in transport. I paid $400 from a guy on Craigslist. It’s an electric start, and I got a replacement impeller with it as well. I saw it start and run, no problem. I purchased a new electrical switch and start button off Amazon.
  3. Looking good,... almost ready to fish, lol. Just in time for Fall / Winter. To be continued.
  4. I have two types of Kicker Motor brackets. I posted picks off the other Garelick that I bought previously in this thread. Here is the other one. I am leaning towards using this one as the other unit may drop the kicker too low. This Garelick unit requires an 8” foot print and we have 9” available (same side as the big motors steering arm). I think it just might fit. I do like the idea of trolling silent with a remote control bow mount Electric as well.
  5. Cleaning up the Motor; Interior looks nice and clean. Connectivity grease, lubricant grease, check all connections.
  6. www.WholeSaleMarine.com for the New Steering Cables. 12” www.JamestownDistributors.com for the Throttle Cables. 11”
  7. Another look at the drain backs. Installation was easier than expected with the tool. I wasn’t sure we could replicate those parts without help. My buddy researched that.
  8. What do you guys think of the Manual model Cannon Uni Troll 10 STX ? The Arm extension is Sweet,... I also picked up a couple of Cannon Sport Troll Downriggers off of CraigsList for $125 (with a pair of Downrigger rods/Okuma reels). I purchased 2 New Depth Counters from www.Fish307.com for the Sport Trolls. I’m curious to know more about Downrigger mounting positions. What is the optimal position to run 4 downriggers ? I have been collecting parts to make a DIY Planner Board Mast. I bought 2 Cannon reels with handles (parts for the Mini Troll). I bought those parts on a sale from Fish307 for $30. The reel parts for the planner board mast are probably the most difficult part to fabricate. I purchased clutch repair parts for my Walker Lake Masters from Fish307 as well. I was very happy with their customer service. The downrigger parts guy knows his stuff; he knew exactly what I needed.
  9. The Front Depth Finder is an old Eagle Accura 240 with Speed and Temp. The Fish Finder I chose for the Dash is a Hummingbird Helix 7 with the Generation 3 specs, GPS, and Nav. I bought this unit for the Best price $530 Labor Day Sale 10% off at www.HodgesMarine.com. I enjoyed my Shopping experience there,... I also purchased 2 Cannon Downriggers around the 4th of July, On Sale, with the Cannon Mail in Rebate deal.
  10. The Brass drain backs look better than the plastic ****s anywho. Thank You Great Lakes Skipper for wasting my time.
  11. Anyone have any experience with www.GreatLakesSkipper.com ? I ordered black plastic drain backs from them. I think they were about $6 for two. I also ordered two sets of Boat fenders. The box arrived at the house sealed well, but there were no drain backs in the box. I called for customer service, and called again; not only that, but the Customer Service moron acted like I was trying to scam them on a refund for a $6 item. I’m willing to bet the order picker packer was picking his nose his nose. The girl I spoke with asked me to check the box again ?! 👎
  12. Attached the seat pedestals US Coast Guard regulations with anchors.
  13. We used the low back seat for the drivers seat with a new pedestal. The front and back pedestals look pretty good after we took the wire wheel to them. The pedestal was $69.99.
  14. Thank You www.BoatSeatStore.com. One of the best buying experiences on the net. 52” high back seats were about $330. I called first to inquire about a coupon and they gave me 10% off !
  15. Rod locker with LED lights. Wiring is secured, fresh water in.
  16. The horn is 138 decibels, lol Transom saver didn’t say to but, 4200 the edges. If this boats gonna sink it’s gonna be from something else 😂 . I’m looking at the Hummingbird Helix 7 Mega Di works, with the GPS and Nav. I have seen it for around $580 ? I am anxious to post the pics of the seats I purchased,...
  17. Boat Rebuild Continued,... Never say Die ! An old boat can live again !
  18. Yeah man,... I tell ya, rebuilding this boat been a project. It seems like we always need something. I’m lucky to have a good fishing buddy who is willing to work for Cash on the side and paid Fishing / Camping trips. The boat rebuild has been slow, but we’ve been getting our fishing in.
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