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  1. What depth of water do you typically find perch this time of year?
  2. Bullet...my sentiments exactly. Please take the survey, it’s very important. Also, if you want to send in additional comments, the man in DEC to contact is Jeffrey Loukmas. His email address is jeffrey[email protected]
  3. Yes, when they say sunfish they mean both gills & p’seeds. Either all of one or in combination.
  4. Lewis...hope you will do the survey. The more DEC hears from people like us, the better.
  5. I’d vote for that. One other comment. I fish all over for bluegills, including southern Ontario which has some great panfish lakes. I only keep enough for a meal, releasing all the big ones & keeping around 8 of mid-size. One of the best lakes in the state for quality in my opinion is the only one with a restricted sunfish limit, 15 per day. Coincidence? I think not.
  6. Wisconsin & Minnesota are light years ahead of us with sunfish management. Their research has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that overharvest of mature fish, particularly the parental males that guard the nests, is directly responsible for a decrease in fish quality. Not what everyone presumes, that overpopulation of stunted fish is a direct result of not removing enough from a given waterbody. I’m 70 years old and have seen a lot of quality bluegill lakes in my lifetime reduced to a remnant of their former selves. 50 sunfish/day is way too many.
  7. Very cool, gramps!
  8. Never fished the lake. Any decent panfishing?
  9. Pequod....I’m not talking about the little black spot grubs, I can live with those. I’m talking about the bigger yellow grubs that are. right in the meat.
  10. Pequod.....a friend told me the sunfish are grubby there. True?
  11. Gambler....you got that right! I’ve tried to talk fellow hunters into saving them. Nope, wouldn’t believe me, and too much effort involved for a small amount of meat. What a waste.
  12. Same thing for goose legs. Don’t throw them away, great eating.
  13. And, he’s a perch fishing machine that freely shares his knowledge. Thanks for the tips, Kev. Now get busy & get your wife a gobbler!
  14. Last year had a great day on Browns out of Stoney just about now.
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