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  1. You certainly know your stuff. Freedom cut bait plugs again, clean or behind flasher?
  2. The question has been asked before my myself and others and never saw a response. Please, explain what a Gary D rig is.
  3. Found USF&WS pilots report online for this years waterfowl survey in northern Quebec. Late spring, almost identical to last year. If very poor gosling production again I guarantee next year the daily bag limit will be dropped to 1 bird a day or closed entirely.
  4. Congrats on your success. Small boat man, like me. How were the fleas there?
  5. So you can or can’t launch at Wright’s? I thought it was closed.
  6. Ok, so my final question is this. In non-coastal waters not connected by a canal a VDS is not required, correct? Do I need a VDS to fish for panfish in say, Black Lake?
  7. Back to flares. I just read the Coast Guard regs. It says visual distress signals are only required on coastal waters, the Great Lakes & territorial waters. The Finger Lakes are none of those, so is the visual distress signal requirement on all water bodies a state law?
  8. Flare gun required for all boats or not necessary for small (I have 16’)?
  9. Circus....when you run sticks off the boards are you using split shot for a little more depth? Thanks.
  10. Believe me, I have no love for these birds at all but to clarify, they are not an invasive species. Native to North America, population significantly reduced in the 70’s due to pesticides that are now banned. From what I’ve read it is now legal to shoot 50/day in Ontario.
  11. I never here of these used in Lake Ontario. I would think they would be dynamite for spring Browns. No? Guys on Champlain use them a lot, or is that only because they’re after atlantics?
  12. sandwick50

    SLR Perch

    Where are you guys? No perch run on the river this year?
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