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  1. Very cool, gramps!
  2. Never fished the lake. Any decent panfishing?
  3. Pequod....I’m not talking about the little black spot grubs, I can live with those. I’m talking about the bigger yellow grubs that are. right in the meat.
  4. Pequod.....a friend told me the sunfish are grubby there. True?
  5. Gambler....you got that right! I’ve tried to talk fellow hunters into saving them. Nope, wouldn’t believe me, and too much effort involved for a small amount of meat. What a waste.
  6. Same thing for goose legs. Don’t throw them away, great eating.
  7. And, he’s a perch fishing machine that freely shares his knowledge. Thanks for the tips, Kev. Now get busy & get your wife a gobbler!
  8. Last year had a great day on Browns out of Stoney just about now.
  9. 15 bird limit was the kiss of death for resident hunting in my area. Groups going out and routinely taking 90-100 birds at a crack, now wondering what happened to the hunting. Duh, it’s not an inexhaustible resource. Hunting now sucks until new “resident” geese magically show up in the 3rd week.
  10. The irony is I am a retired career DEC employee who started out in F&W. Moved on to another division after 8 years when no opportunity for advancement. Best decision of my life.
  11. You make the same argument that I made. DEC’s response: those aren’t AP geese being killed in late Sept when everyone sees the big push. Those are Ontario/Quebec’s resident birds. They clam only a very small fraction of the birds killed with bands at that time are AP birds. My response to that is that only a very, very small fraction of AP birds are banded, therefore you should not expect to see many band returns. Nope, you’re wrong, the so called experts say.
  12. My friend is a wildlife biologist with DEC. He said the reason they shut down the March season is that there has been a number of AP goose bands showing up in the returns. Given the decline in the AP population they thought it best to err on the side of caution and close it. That’s all I’ve got on the subject.
  13. Awesome, Kev. Thanks for your help.
  14. Com on, whaler, after all the hateful rhetoric Ray’s been spewing out and you get your panties in a knot over that? I’ve got a novel idea, why don’t we all continue this political conversation on some other appropriate website and leave this one confined to the subject of fishing.
  15. Why stay here, Ray, if you hate it so much? Mitch would welcome you with open arms to Kentucky. Sorry, not much for salmon fishing down there.
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