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  1. So, the question is, what are they? They look like a common house fly, right? Stable fly, greenhead, snipe fly?
  2. This is just a wild guess but the brown glop may be what's called "rock snot" algae. Bad stuff.
  3. Muskie....curious what lodge/cabins you fished from.
  4. White perch and white bass are very similar in appearance. The most notable difference is that the white bass has a number of parallel lines on its side whereas the white perch does not. Also, white bass in Oneida tend to run larger than white perch, up to 17-18". Not tryinying to be a jerk but if you were catching lots of them and they were running 8-12" i think they were white perch. I've caught tons of them right were you were and never landed a white bass. The place to be for white bass this time of year is the extreme west end near the Route 81 bridge.
  5. Trophy.....White Bass or white perch? I know this time of year the white perch load up there.
  6. Oneida Lake, west end.
  7. Kev....You have what both my wife and I had earlier this year. That cough just doesn't want to quit. I was never diagnosed but my wife went to ER and Dr said she had bronchitis.
  8. Had a great Goose hunt this a.m. First flock that came in, blam, blam, blam. Done. My partner got 2 and shortly thereafter got his 3rd. Then, we laid there as they rained down on us. What a show!
  9. Not trying to b a smarta## but you can get new ones from Amazon for $72.
  10. Went with my buddy yesterday evening from 5 pm till dark and went 4 for 6 in 90-100'.
  11. Went with my buddy yesterday evening from 5 pm till dark and went 4 for 6 in 90-100'.
  12. Interested. That include shipping?
  13. Capt......Still available or sold?