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dry net

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  1. dry net

    Range Finder Question

    Make sure you buy one with arch compensation if you are going to use it for bow hunting.
  2. Bass Pro touts them as conservation
  3. Stay away from the Bass Pro nets with the gold handle. Had an early version and it worked well. Bought a new one this year and it is awful. Hooks as well as fish jaws can't resist it. Total garbage! The only saving grace is that it was inexpensive. Still an absolute waste of money.
  4. dry net

    Rough Water

    It's getting nautical for wind and waves. When it's raining it's heavy dew!
  5. dry net

    Kicker help

    I have a sea star system that ties my motors together, Don't think it's a do it yourself project though. Do you have separate throttle controls for the motors ? Good luck
  6. dry net

    Experience with fishingbigstore.com?

    Cisco is manufactured right here in the USA, give them a call. Excellent products as well as customer service. Plus as a bonus you can understand the person you are talking to.
  7. dry net

    Blacks downrigger release question

    We just started using bands with our blacks. All good so far.
  8. dry net

    Blacks downrigger release question

    my blacks hold the whole shabang
  9. dry net

    Must Have Gear

    I run 90 lb braid on my diver rod and have never had a bad problem with fleas. Could be because I'm only there in August?
  10. dry net

    mexico bay

    thank you
  11. dry net

    mexico bay

    What channel is used in Mexico Bay, coming up for the week and would like to be able to communicate. Thank you, Matt
  12. dry net


    what port is the derby out of ?
  13. dry net

    3 D gun printing

    Nicely stated FishingFool34
  14. dry net

    3 D gun printing

    My last post was my mistake, I "took the bait". Really don't want to argue politics on a fishing forum. Sorry, Matt
  15. dry net

    3 D gun printing

    So the government should sue the 3D printer company s ? Please explain the NRA angle other than a cheap shot.