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  1. did you buy them from the manufacturer? I've been thinking about ordering some.
  2. Had the same hull in a center. The boat did great on mid sized water, excellent troller. Made me sad to get rid of it.
  3. I know that there are grommets but how are you guys attaching them to your boats?
  4. Thanks for the input. I have always run a ball bearing swivel between my main line and floro leader and have had no problems. From the thread I thought that some were skipping this step.
  5. I don't think that I asked my question correctly. When fighting a fish with part of the leader on the reel will line twist be a consideration?
  6. When using the power swivels and then a 25 foot leader do you have to use another ball bearing swivel at the lure or is just a snap ok ?
  7. Thank you for the info, dry net
  8. reading material I was hoping that someone could recommend a book on advanced trolling. Been doing it for a number of years but I could always learn something new. Thanks
  9. so you still have to pop the release yourself, like with a free slider?
  10. Just got home, couldn't fish the first two days of the trip because of the wind. The first day fishing we boated 2 mostly fishing by the plant but both fish came in 125 in front of the dunes. the next day we managed 4, all coming in front of the plant. great scenes until 9 ish. The last day we didn't have a rod move. We tried everything and everywhere that we could think of. One of those days for us. The lake is definitely a lot clearer than the last time I fished it. Gona take some more time for me to figure it out but that the fun in it. Thanks to all that replied and good luck. Dry net
  11. this is old info but this spring we did well over 100 to 110 with cowbells right on the bottom. green seemed to work best. we trolled peanuts behind them. good luck
  12. Good luck to all !
  13. well that sounds just awful. Where are you getting your weather info from ?
  14. thank you for the responses, I was hoping for better news. Matt
  15. First time back on the lake for several years. Heard the recent horror stories about days of fishing with little action. Was hoping for a starting point. Thanks for the help. Dry net