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  1. I believe it's where they were made but I may be wrong.
  2. I've got two that I'm willing to part with. Will trade for one tekota
  3. I just set up my first copper and want to get this right. You can clip or half hitch a band directly to the copper? I always thought it had to be to the backing. If that's the case it just made my 300 more versatile. Thanks for the response.
  4. Mine stay in the boat. Make sure the Fish hawk probe comes in tho.
  5. Since you're trying to start a fight, what do you propose for a course of action that will bring the runs back in our lifetime?
  6. We've been running Talora dipsey rods, seem just fine. Good luck
  7. Give fish hawk a call, find them very helpful. Good luck!
  8. I believe Minion made a run of those last year.
  9. Nice deer! Mind me asking what the air temp was when you shot it?
  10. I thought it was funny Tim!
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