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  1. bikini bottom !
  2. Just curious Decoy Hound, how big is the boat that you are fishing from. Alot of talk this year about fishing over 500 feet of water. I'm only fishing from an 18 footer and concerned about the run. Thanks
  3. On our forth day of hard fishing, backed the boat into Mexico went to bump it off the trailer and it stayed. Both o us forgot the transom tie downs.
  4. I have a garmin unit and on the low freq. it cross talks with the fish hawk some. Called fish hawk and even sent them pics of my transom. Their advise was to use the higher freq. That being said I have found that when the cross talk dose occur I switch to the higher for awhile and then back to the lower. I can mostly fish on the lower. Kinda stinks switching back and forth but I like seeing bait. Didn't want to just start moving transducers without talking to fish hawk.
  5. bump
  6. rigger question Ok guys, I need help. I need to change the keypad on my digi-troll 5. I haven't received the parts yet but by looking at the keypad I think that it just peels off? Advise from anyone who has done this would be appreciated. Thank you in advance, drynet
  7. rigger weights Just received my first weights from bikinibottom, Custom painted in landlocked salmon. They look awesome! Hope they fish as good as they look. Thanks Rich, Matt
  8. use a stainless steal leader, zebra mussels cut the mono
  9. Thank you for the input
  10. suspension seat help Looking for help in purchasing a suspension seat. I have a gentleman that fishes with me regularly with a bad back. Got caught in some real snotty seas the other day and he paid the price. Was hoping to find something so his fishing career didn't have to end prematurely. I own a Lund boat and was hoping not to have to change the mount. Thank you for any advise, drynet
  11. did you buy them from the manufacturer? I've been thinking about ordering some.
  12. Had the same hull in a center. The boat did great on mid sized water, excellent troller. Made me sad to get rid of it.
  13. I know that there are grommets but how are you guys attaching them to your boats?
  14. Thanks for the input. I have always run a ball bearing swivel between my main line and floro leader and have had no problems. From the thread I thought that some were skipping this step.
  15. I don't think that I asked my question correctly. When fighting a fish with part of the leader on the reel will line twist be a consideration?