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  1. Don't tell everyone, our property taxes have gone sky-hi since covid. Huge influx of new people driving home prices.
  2. I run a 2016 Lund Sport Angler, love the boat. Now the bad, sent it back last summer to get the transom replaced. Brought it to the dealer the first week of July, picked it up the first week of January. That's right seven months, wasn't all Lund's fault with the time, the dealer was to busy to re-rig my boat but seven months? Not sure I would buy Lund again. There are a few good Facebook pages concerning Lund. Lund transom group and Lund boat owners group. Read and enjoy, good luck with your purchase.
  3. dry net

    Board releases

    We use the yellow offshores with rubber bands.
  4. In no way was I trying to make a point. My question was for my own knowledge as never run a copper over 300'. Sorry that I did not make that clear. Good luck, Matt
  5. Sorry to hijack the thread but.... Do you guys successfully release any fish with coppers over 300?
  6. dry net

    for sale : usa Crestliner saber

    Nice looking boat, to big for my garage regretfully. Good luck with the sale
  7. Who said " You have to pass the bill to know what's in the bill"? I may be paraphrasing but I'm sure you understand.
  8. They're doing it right before your eyes!!!! Good luck fellas.
  9. Man, I tried to send the hint along. All the best!!
  10. I believe the vessel being overtaken always has the right of way be it power or sail.
  11. Have you driven on the interstate lately?
  12. Would like to hear from someone who owns either Cisco or Magnum Metalz. I think that's how they spell it.
  13. We bought some at Rt 18 tackle this summer that they seemed to like.
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