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  1. Wasn't trying to needle you, these are your items and you need to get what you need to get.
  2. Leave the poor guy alone, people try to sell stuff here for way to much money all the time. Last week some guy listed two Okuma reels for absolute retail and someone bought them. Pays to do your homework.
  3. dry net

    Slide divers

    There is a really good tutorial on the net if you search slide divers. Well done.
  4. dry net


    Won't bother if you run your fish finder at 200. Will bother some at low freq.
  5. dry net

    Cisco or Traxtech

    Can't beat Cisco's customer service. Great people !
  6. dry net

    Cayuga Trolling Cayuga lake

    Two buckets or you are going to be fighting it all day,
  7. dry net

    seth green rigs

    Thank you Hillside
  8. dry net

    seth green rigs

    Just saw a picture on another post of a seth green rig. I thought I knew what it was but I guess not. Just a spool that holds line ? Dose it have a handle to reel with ? Is it like the bandit reels that tuna guys use with green sticks ? I'm curious now. Thanks, Matt
  9. dry net

    Cayuga Trolling Cayuga lake

    Cheapest and easiest way to slow you boat down is to drag two five gallon buckets with holes drilled in the bottom. Not as cumbersome as you might think.
  10. The bucket of death works wonders . You put a plank to the edge of the bucket, sprinkle some sunflower seeds on top of the water and they go swimming. Sometimes two at a time.
  11. dry net

    Sold / Closed Fish Hawk TD

    you have a pm
  12. dry net

    Lead Core preference

    I have found that the suffix has a better sink rate. I think that they claim it's because of a smaller diameter.
  13. When in doubt add a ball bearing swivel. Even then sometimes a tangled mess happens.