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dry net

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  1. Doug, just click on the mail icon on top of the screen. I was able to send you a pm. Thanks, Matt
  2. I'm interested as well. I'll call at a decent hour.
  3. I am interested if they are scorpions
  4. dry net

    Shamano talora dipsy rods

    Sorry, I'm sure I didn't spell it correctly. Fiend is a brand name. It's a tool with a small blade at the end that reciprocates. Use a fine tooth blade. Didn't dare to try a sawsall.
  5. dry net

    Shamano talora dipsy rods

    You have to cut the tip off, I used a fiend tool. Be careful, dry fit the tip first to adjust your cut. Good luck Matt
  6. Thank you, good luck with the sale!
  7. Sorry to be off topic but do the plastic slides on the trailer scratch the paint on the boat?
  8. dry net

    Stevens Court - A Fishing Story

    Nicely done!
  9. dry net

    Wanted Shark weights

    bikini painted mine to look like land locked salmon. Awesome!
  10. dry net

    Update on my starweld

    Sorry to hear of your problems, sucks when customer service isn't there.
  11. my garmin also came with the correct transducer for side and down view. The box says its a 77/200 khz hd-id/downvu/sidevu transducer. I believe the correct number is GT52HW-TM.
  12. dry net

    Fisher tracks?

    fishers have 5 toes
  13. dry net

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    I'm from NH and black market perch fishing is foreign to me. The selling of illegal perch is worth the risk of breaking the law? How much are perch worth on the black market? Just don't understand the mindset of trying to profit illegally from the sale of perch.
  14. dry net

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    What happened to the video? Watched half, went back to watch the other and it was taken down. Did you take it down because of the comment that was made?