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  1. Slide divers seem to "slide" better for me on braid. Braid, back to back uni, 30' of mono or floro, bead, ball bearing swivel, 5' to 8' floro leader. Good luck!!
  2. I thought at first that you were referring to the gas prices!!!!!
  3. I believe 22' per hundred depending on speed. Dive charts on Blood Run's site.
  4. Leave it as is, I fooled with mine till it was way off. Called fish hawk, the women laughed at me and told me to bring it back to factory settings. Been catching fish ever since. Good luck!
  5. Both the Chamberlain's and the Amish snubbers have a lot of resistance. Try a different release and fish thief snubbers, seemed to help my set up. Also contact bikini bottom or troutman for rigger weights. Good luck!
  6. My buddy and I rented the above this spring. Everything worked as should ,was very clean and the owners were nice to boot!
  7. A 300 will tow with an Amish pilgrim release and a band.
  8. In the picture it looks like the blanks are different sizes, what sizes do you offer?
  9. I f-ed up as well, all it takes is a carpenter and some money.
  10. We troll smelt as well and use otters with single keels. I believe that the slack in the tow line leads to more hits. The boards are constantly speeding up and slowing down, you just can't have them out to far. Good luck!!!
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