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dry net

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  1. Nice going, coming to Fairhaven for the first time in about three weeks. Nice to hear a report from there. Good luck, Matt
  2. I believe two dogs died from a bloom on Champlain last week.
  3. Great looking boat, wish I was in the market. Good luck with the sale!
  4. Thank you for the reply, good luck Matt
  5. The member was Egoody
  6. There was a guy from NH selling a nice looking Lund Sport Angler on here last year. Don't know if he sold it or not. They are wide, deep, stable boats. Looked in great shape. Good luck, Matt
  7. Anyone know of a source for vk dodgers? Can't seem to find any for sale on the internet. Thanks for any input, Matt
  8. Way to own up to it. My mouth can out run my brain on occasion as well, just keep trying. Best of luck, Matt
  9. Wow, you guys are making my head hurt! Is the juice worth the squeeze? Good luck, Matt
  10. Thank you for the reply, Matt
  11. So I'm being serious, can I really not have outdated flairs on the boat? Seems if I have current the out dated are merely a back up. Confused now!
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