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dry net

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  1. dry net

    Fisher tracks?

    fishers have 5 toes
  2. dry net

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    I'm from NH and black market perch fishing is foreign to me. The selling of illegal perch is worth the risk of breaking the law? How much are perch worth on the black market? Just don't understand the mindset of trying to profit illegally from the sale of perch.
  3. dry net

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    What happened to the video? Watched half, went back to watch the other and it was taken down. Did you take it down because of the comment that was made?
  4. dry net

    Rainbow Trout Lures?

    yozuri pins minnows, one to two colors of lead, 30 feet of 10lb mono to a ball bearing swivel then 6feet of the lightest floro you think that you can get away with.
  5. dry net

    Rodent deterrents

    The bucket of death works well. They just can't resist going for a swim.
  6. dry net

    Rodent deterrents

    My inlaws use dryer sheets in their camper.
  7. The screens unscrew. Buy a piece of rubber tubing just large enough to fit over the threads and then use the pumps to pull antifreeze thru. As far as glycol not causing pin holes in my washdown hose, I do not have another explanation. Once is a fluke twice is a trend. The hoses are Lund factory.
  8. I 've had a problem with non-tox antifreeze pin holing my wash down hose. Happened the first year when I did it and the second when the dealer did it. Was able to get free replacements from the dealer but they are a pain to change on my boat. Last year the dealer winterized and there was no problem. Recently asked what they did differently and they said that there were no notes to let me know. Kinda frustrating, shouldn't be a trade secret. Good luck with the wintererzation.
  9. dry net

    Range Finder Question

    Make sure you buy one with arch compensation if you are going to use it for bow hunting.
  10. Bass Pro touts them as conservation
  11. Stay away from the Bass Pro nets with the gold handle. Had an early version and it worked well. Bought a new one this year and it is awful. Hooks as well as fish jaws can't resist it. Total garbage! The only saving grace is that it was inexpensive. Still an absolute waste of money.
  12. dry net

    Rough Water

    It's getting nautical for wind and waves. When it's raining it's heavy dew!
  13. dry net

    Kicker help

    I have a sea star system that ties my motors together, Don't think it's a do it yourself project though. Do you have separate throttle controls for the motors ? Good luck
  14. dry net

    Experience with fishingbigstore.com?

    Cisco is manufactured right here in the USA, give them a call. Excellent products as well as customer service. Plus as a bonus you can understand the person you are talking to.
  15. dry net

    Blacks downrigger release question

    We just started using bands with our blacks. All good so far.