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  1. Have never had a problem talking to someone
  2. I can't believe it but I agree with you, have a nice day!!
  3. One source publishes bad things about this guy another source publishes bad things about that guy. We have been voting the lesser of two evils for quite a while now. I'll take the guy who doesn't seek to put OUR economy in the crapper.
  4. Never said we would start or win a war, only stated that if China is cut off from vital resources who knows what they may do.
  5. Demand for gasoline and coal will only fall when they are regulated out in the future. If what you say is true let me have my gasoline powered truck you have your whatever and we can both be happy. Somehow I don't think it will be that easy.
  6. Thought that was where you were going with that. There are numerous u tube videos made by Tesla owners explaining the real world functionality of their cars. Give-em a watch.
  7. I don't understand the point your trying to make. Aren't two car families the norm now? With both husband and wife working how could one get away from it?
  8. Over the road taxes will never go away, they will just come up with another name for it.
  9. You want to post an updated picture of your offerings before Christmas?
  10. If you believe that "someone" isn't making huge profits from tax payer dollars on green energy your not looking hard enough. Take away the free money and the do gooders go away.
  11. If this is the case then all hunters should voluntarily end their season now. It's just the right thing to do!!!! "Let's Go Brandon!!!!"
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