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  1. I would bet if it were proved that there was a population the antis would get trapping shut down. Someone might inadvertently catch one. Any excuse they can use.
  2. Good way to get all trapping banned.
  3. Saw the one off Oswago form first hand. No Good! No more fishing for me that day.
  4. An Amish outfitter snubber may be long enough to keep the weight in the water when hooking it up. Use the retro ease as well. Bad things happen when the weight comes out of the water. Good luck!
  5. Always fun to watch how you work the back of the boat! Great as always!
  6. He is a member but he also has a facebook page
  7. I use to fish Mexico in an 18' Sport Fisherman. Five miles is a long way in anything over 2. A few times we motored out slowly only to turn around when we tried to fish. As others have said, there are ports with deep water closer in. Just remember it may be nice when venturing out but weather can come in fast. Good luck, Matt
  8. Long run to deep water from Mexico
  9. Try using bands with the blacks. Make 2 loops run the band thru and half hitch the band. Hasn't slipped on us yet but we don't run sea flee. Good luck!
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