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  1. In the picture it looks like the blanks are different sizes, what sizes do you offer?
  2. I f-ed up as well, all it takes is a carpenter and some money.
  3. We troll smelt as well and use otters with single keels. I believe that the slack in the tow line leads to more hits. The boards are constantly speeding up and slowing down, you just can't have them out to far. Good luck!!!
  4. Pardon my ignorance but it's possible for the whole lake to come up a foot in three weeks?
  5. You can set up 3 color cores and use bands directly to the lead. The 3 color gives you more options, haven't had a problem with bands and lead.
  6. I remember a post from the past about a ball snubber with little water resistance. Can't seem to find that post, any help would be appreciated. I'm currently using the Amish outfitters version. Thanks, Matt
  7. Try Lakeside flies, tell her what lakes your fishing and she'll recommend a few. Good luck!
  8. Thank you, for some reason I can't leave a message there.
  9. Smaller seems to work better for landlocks .
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