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  1. Appreciate that info..8 miles won't be a problem. I wasn't sure how quickly the lake got that deep. But that definately helps things. Thanks again for the info.
  2. Hi there. Hoping to get some advice from folks that fish out of Olcoty. New to Salmon fishing and have trip planned for 2nd wk of July 2022 at Olcott. Usually just fish for walleye out of Erie, Pa but have caught the fever to try Lake Ontario. How far out do we need to go for some decent July fishing? Just me and my wife going. She's good say 5 to 8 miles out but prob won't be thrilled if we had to go say 12 or 15 miles. I have some maps but in the boat. We are not real picky. But planned this as a fishing vacation so hoping we didn't pick the wrong area of the lake. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Also...do you run flies/spoons and meat rigs all at once? I had read meat rigs needed to be trolled slower than flies/ spoons.
  4. Thanks for all the great replies/info. I am still looking at gear/rods and reels but yes I think I am going to get the CV 30d reels. Not sure on the rods yet as still looking at twilly tips vs roller. As for Olcott...how far off shore would be good fishing? Is the blue zone a different section of lake or just far offshore? I normally walleye fish Lake Erie anywhere from 5 to 8 miles out but me and my wife are doing this Olcott trip so she won't be too happy if I tell her its 15 or 20 miles out:). I have maps somewhere (prob in the boat..which is 23 ft WA Sea Fox btw. Has been good boat for me so far.) Anyways, just want to make sure we are at least within striking distance of some fish...or if we should cosider other locales. We aren't very picky but be nice to boat some variety of salmon. We did ponder taking a charter for our 1st trip up there but thought we would just give it a whirl on our own since we have the boat. Salmon fishing def is more $ $ indeed and more involved than Lake Erie walleye. Thanks again...be pretty lost without all this site.
  5. Oh...one more item..are the trolling flies basically one size/same pound test line all rigged up etc? Thanks again.
  6. Hi again...got a few more questions I hadn't thought of since last time. I received quite a few spoons for Christmas but then was reading alot of folks like flies. Do you typically run both flies and spoons at the same time? I will prob have one rigger and 4 or 5 wire divers out. What are some good flies to pick up as far as colors or names? And...prob shoulda asked this prior to booking our vacation...how is fishing out of Olcott mid july typically? Kings/cohos and steelhead around then? One more than the other. Thanks for any tips!
  7. Appreciate all that data SK8man....I use braid on Lake Erie but we don't seem to have any flea issues. That plus the fact that so many anglers on this site seem to love wire divers I sorta feel I need to just try them and get a little experience under my belt. With regards to the fleas....what months do the little buggers tend to be bad? We are coming up in mid July to the Olcott area. Wasn't sure if they would be there at that time.
  8. That sounds good to me....I have prob read too many posts since last year spring...lots of excellent tips. I will give the 19 wire a try Vlad. I will post again once I buy some gear after the holidays also.
  9. Thanks for all the above replies. I think I am on my way. I am def going to a fishhawk and the cv 30d convector reels. Just got to decide on my poles. I am leaning towards some of the okuma rods with swivel tips. Not to open up another can of worms but last spring I think I read on this site that the 19 strand torpedo wire was a bit of a pain to put on. Any thoughts on that? But also if it is more forgiving for a beginner that will go along way towards making me choose it. Thank you.
  10. Thanks for the input so far. I may spool the reels myself or perhaps Fat Nancy will do it...they seem to be a reputable bait/tackle shop. Back quickly to the rods...so the GLT okuma are not good choice for running wire dipseys? I have seen some folks use blue diamond rods or of course other pricey rods. I live in PA near Pittsburgh so I prob will only make it up for one trip a year or so. So figure I don't need the top of line takle...but still want to make decent choices. Appreciate some rod recommendations for wire dipseys. Also, from my extensive reading of this site it seemed like the consesus was to use wire over braid due to the fleas. Is that correct? Is a twilli tip needed at all if say i go up for 5 days a year? Wasn't sure if it helped reeling or just saved the eyelets. Thanks again. I do fish Lake Erie frequently so I am not a total newbie to Great Lakes....but this salmon fishing on Lake Ontario seems a bit more complicated so just trying to keep it simple....(I have prob read a ton on this site...great place thanks again.) Lastly, me and my wife rented a place in Olcott for next summer just to come up and fish....trying to get all my ducks in a row prior to....I have a couple more questions but will just get the rods figured out 1st. (And yes....I see it can get pricey...rods and reels...500, fishhawk 800, lures Oh and lets not forget fuel since prices are way up.)
  11. Hi Everyone. I have been reading this site for about a year, lots of helpful advice. Need some details on reels/wire. I am going to buy the Okuma cv 30D convector reels. I can get them at Tacke Haven prespooled with 150 yards of 20lb mono backing and 600 feet of wire. Is the 20lb mono sufficient or do I need 30lb? Also it does not say what wire it is and have read there is 7 wire, 19 etc. I am pretty clueless what to get.?? So not sure if I should buy prespooled? I am planning on running dipseys on the wire and then probably one or two downriggers Can i go with the 20 Okuma reel for the downrigger? Otherwise going to get Okuma GLT rods, twilley tips. That at least my Initial plan after studying this site. Thanks for any all advice on the reel/backing/wire issue and anything else for new Lake Ontario angler.
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