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  1. Entry for each event is separate A-TOM-MIK only takes entry for our A-TOM-MK Challenge and the Triple Crown You musty enter the LSRC and the Fair Haven Challenge respectively at MIkes and Screwy Louies $100 A-TOM-MIK Challenge $100 LSRC $50 Fair Haven Challenge $100 Triple Crown
  2. let me lkiok
  3. http://theatommikchallenge.com/
  4. will update site when I can get ahold of desinger But all links are live Tom
  5. These will be available to ALL soon We are building them as quick as we can Were caught off guard as the material "we" use is an exclusive item and didn't have much on hand, will have more built soon A "fad".....to be honest it very well could be,??? Who knows, I guess the Hammer Fly could of been a fad too, lol but for not its a very productive item that has worked well covering 120 miles of the south shoreline (: Very sorry for delay, they will be everywhere very soon Tom
  6. Oswego doing awesome, our fish will be released 5/8, growing fast, furious little guys, great class of fish for Oswego Tom
  7. Good stuff, huge hatch last fall too, more than I have seen in 10 years in Jeff Cty Never hurts to be conscious of all Lake Ontario biology Tom
  8. All invites have been sent out: If you did not get yours please contact us [email protected] Deposits are due May 1 Tom
  9. Oswego Net Pen Project maintenance day This coming Saturday the 8th is our annual Oswego Net Pen maintenance dayOswego Marina around 10am, east side of the riverTools needed:-Gloves-Side cutters to cut plastic zip ties -Tin snips to cut galvanized mesh screen -Utility knife -Drill with a hex head 5/16 bit to drive self tapping screws -Staging planks or 2x8, we can usually scrounge up some cinder blocks (to reach top of pens 8’ high) -Hammer, screwdrivers, drill bits 1/8", wrenches, other hand tools needed at times We'll need to replace nylon mesh, replace some screen on ends of pens, secure ropes that tie them off to the docks, mend some existing mesh, re-secure floats here and there Should take 2-4 hours tops Your help is much needed Tom
  10. I feel some of his pain ):
  11. Football field size flocks, 4 and 5 of them some mornings, stretched throughout a 20 mile area in Jefferson Cty. Sometimes all togther and at times flocks 10 mils apart, I'd blitz thru them and they would scatter, yet land 1-200 yds awy, but then they close back in, at times within casting distance. Within 5 minutes of flying away they are already diving again and feeding. Fish have absolutely no where to hide, I've witnessed them press a school of fish up against a shoreline and just feast. From 5-35 fow doesn't matter. Perch from 6-10" absolutely no match for the birds I'd imagine an entire pen project of fry, 40-60,000 fry, could be devastated in 1 day, no lie 1 day they could be gone, very sad !!!! Tom
  12. Cormorants are going to be a bigger issue than I feel anyone will ever realize
  13. Invites will be out early April Tom
  14. I dropped Steelhead in 2011 from pens in Oswego due to a total lack of interest in helping what it takes to stock them. I can rattle of dozens of names who have helped me the last 10 years run the Oswego project, I would only need a couple fingers to list river guys who help. 5 years during my current term and another 8 or so prior to me river guys have shown a very minimal and I mean minimal effort, this all while 20k Steelhead were planted annually with highly ranked proven success rates. I mentioned to Scott a few months back when I heard of these private meetings why the proven success rates of penned steelhead wasn't parlayed on the SR, word for word Scott noted "Just no interest". Again, I brought it up at the Pulaski meeting and was finally given what seemed like a "good excuse" as to why not (I say this with full respect towards Scott) River guys are no where near as interested in helping on any level, crying behind the scenes is what it seems to me "Woe is me" Now, I have nothing against Steelhead, and I would of put some in pens this year in Oswego, again with a show of hands (after a notice of a meeting concerning pens in Oswego) there wasn't a single river volunteer who even stood in on the meeting, yet I have increased interest each year now for the last 4 concerning lake guys. This entire response was given due to the fact I witness the help first hand, outside of excuses from river guys I hardly ever hear a peep from them. However they sure do love catching Kings in the rivers early season for a solid month each year, they book trips from it and enjoy it very much, but when its time to help they are a NO SHOW I also agree with everything you said Eddie Cormorants are going to be a huge issue, I've witnessed more in the fall of 2016 in Jefff. Cty from early Oct till the end of Nov. than I have ever seen in my life, maybe more migratory birds but still there are tons and trust me when I say tons Tom