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  1. I dont think they will, we'll see, best of luck to you
  2. 1 day Jon It will just be part of the Triple Crown is all which will include the Fair Haven Challenge
  3. yes sir and you are more than welcome, later August
  4. The 2018 Fair Haven Challenge is officially a go !!! More details to follow in the very near future New coordinators Same Location Same Dates (TBA Soon) **The A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown is also back in business Will update when we hear more, new coordination is locking down a pavilion asap
  5. Pro Am Niagara News....

    NO Com !!!!! Best
  6. The 2018 A-TOM-MK Challenge dates have been set The Challenge will be a 2 part event for the Triple Crown in 2018 Tom
  7. Was an awesome over-all, exciting and strategic, looking forward to next season
  8. Adding more wire to wire?

    tie a surgeons loop in each end, intertwine one into the other, 100% full proof do it all the time
  9. 2018 A-TOM-MIK Invitational Dates Set 2018 A-TOM-MIK Invitational (buy-in $800) Main Event August 11, 2018 Blow-off day August 12 $1000 a day 8th-11th (Additional $100) Big Fish Friday August 10th (Included in buy-in) Captains meeting (Same location as 2017) Friday 6 pm Thanks to all our 2017 sponsors & to all new teams and those teams who have followed us since the beginning
  10. 2017 A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown & Fair Haven full results Congrats to local Oswego Captain Troy Creasy and his High Adventure crew for besting 51 teams at the 2017 Fair Haven Challenge !!A super tough grind event for practically every team, for those who weighed 6 adults hats off to them.Congrats to Team Finatic for their 34 lb Monster that took the lead for the LOCI chatted with dozens of anglers who all saw tons and tons of fish but turning them was tough.Great job to the dozen teams from the 51 who found a way to weigh 6, I know I gave it all I had and our team worked their tails off for our 10 total bites in 8 hours of fishing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2017 A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown Winners, Congrats to Cannonball Runner, Captain Eddie Monette, and team members Kelly Monette, Hunter Wojslaw and RJ Cruz. Great team that works together well and had one heck of a year putting their talent to work. Takes hard work but it pays off and to best 20+ other teams thru a season and multi species events says a lot. Great JobThanks to all who entered our Triple Crown, talks are in the works for getting back to 3 events next season1st 315.40 Cannonball Runner 2nd 300.00 Smashmouth 3rd 292.50 Screamer 4th 255.80 A-TOM-MIK 5th 222.30 Hot Wires 6th 215.00 Time Fly’s 7th 197.40 Warship 8th 191.75 Hot Pursuit Two 9th 190.00 Angling Addict 10th 171.35 Tex 11th 168.40 High Adventure 12th 163.95 The Road Show 13th 138.60 Team CJ 14th 134.60 Team Bikini 15th 125.95 Liquid Plumber 16th 113.90 Thunderstruck 17th 112.50 Troubleshooters 18th 105.10 Team Buffa 19th 102.30 Reelfish 20th 87.10 Double Treble 21st 56.50 Blue Eyed Lady
  11. New stud flies

    thanks Johnny Fresh order of studs went out today to South Bay, Screwy Louie's, Woody's and Nancy's, all via USPS so will take a bit to get there Apologies for the lack of any great amounts of studs, we shipped out each and every week since its induction, just couldn't keep up
  12. New stud flies

    Just wanted to thank all of you who bought into the Stud phenomenon and turned it into a success for us Tyvm Tom
  13. 2017 6th Annual A-TOM-MIK Invitational Full Results 1st 184.20 Oh Baby 2nd 182.60 Royal Flush 3rd 122.20 Praying Mantis 4th 181.40 Angling Addict 5th 171.50 Finders Keepers 6th 168.80 Thrillseeker 7th 167.75 5 More Minutes 8th 166.70 Mr. Tex 9th 164.80 Sami's Mad Sierra 10th 163.00 Cold Steel 11th 157.10 Hot Pursuit Two 12th 156.85 Reel Dilemma 13th 156.25 Hot Wires 14th 155.35 Trout One 15th 153.30 Primetime 16th 150.40 Big Cat 17th 147.75 Screwy Louie's 18th 147.55 Hook-n-Up 19th 145.40 High Adventure 20th 144.05 On the Lam 21st 144.00 Screamer/A-TOM-MIK 22nd 143.20 High Voltage 23rd 141.20 A-TOM-MIK 24th 140.75 Sammy Dog 25th 138.95 Second Nature 26th 135.80 Cannonball 27th 135.25 Meat Wagon 28th 134.55 Bandio III 29th 133.80 Smashmouth 30th 131.75 Time Fly's 31st 129.65 All Out Road Show 32nd 124.50 Hideout 33rd 123.85 Water Wolf 34th 122.75 Team Bikini 35th 112.45 Yankee One 36th 110.15 Two Fish 37th 107.10 Reel Deal 38th 104.75 Kings Ransom 39th 90.95 Top Gun 40th 83.35 Tall Tails 41st 74.75 Backlash 42nd 45.70 Blue Eyed Lady 43rd 28.50 Seaducktion 44th 20.80 Tri-Lakes 45th-48th DNW Whiskey Runner, Lumpy's Lunkers Irish Knots, Rockets
  14. Atommik Challenge

    U got it MIkey