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  1. I have 2 Shimano Talora 10'6" diver rods wit Twilly Tips for sale. Asking $60 each or both for $100
  2. As stated earlier, if you put it in you cooler the rate of survival is zero! I've released many fish over the years, throughout the year. In the Spring fish seem to take off as if they get shot out of a cannon. During the warmer months of summer it takes them a little longer but they seem to swim away fine. I think they take more time due to the lack of oxygen in the warmer water. They just take their time getting back to the cooler water and rest. In the fall the the fish are in "warmer" temps from the beginning of the fight until thy are netted and they take off like they do in the Spring! In Winter the fish are cold water from start till finish and and we have no trouble releasing them. The biggest key is to play the fish quickly and not over exhaust them. Even during cold weather months fish that are overplayed have to be revived for longer. As for the netting question, I have seen plenty of salmon with the marks from past run ins with a net. In fact just this Spring I am seeing the same browns coming to net days after the were already caught. I also see many fish with signs on their mouths being caught previously. Some are just wounded others are missing half their jaws. So IMHO I believe our fish are a lot more resilient than many will give them credit for. I've been amazed by some of the thing I've seen these fish do to spawn, so no net or hook is going to stop them!
  3. From the river South to the Little Salmon is littered with them. Or from the mouth North to Montario, pick your poison they are just about everywhere!
  4. Harbor and head East 7-25' FOW First big Bluff is a good area along with point about a mile east.
  5. Yes Mexico area has been very good Fishing out of Oswego has been good to.
  6. No they are not. I will be bringing them to LOTSA this weekend.
  7. Price drop $550 for all 3! I can even bring them to LOTSA this weekend.
  8. The Davie Jones flasher was originally made with silver fish scale tape as a Fat Nancy's custom. Last year they sent a shipment with both sides with colored tape. Very, Very good last year and 2010!!!
  9. It is a short shaft, tiller model. It has aproximtly 200hrs on it. Runs like a champ and starts on first or second pull! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  10. I have also fished this boat a bit, runs great, very fast, trolls very smooth, doesn't need sea bags, plenty of fishing room and cabin space. I hate to see her go but I look forward to fishing on the new ride. I've been telling anyone looking for a boat about it so don't take to long to make up your mind she shouldn't be around long!
  11. I have 2 Big Jon Captain Pack downriggers with dual rod holders $250 each 1-Big Jon Captain pack without rod holders $200 Or make me an offer!
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