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  1. 80% of catching browns is finding them.
  2. It's not thst simple as it pertains to the taxes paid. You have to show what you paid in tax in the other state, prove it, then pay the difference in NY, which is always more. This law was designed primarily to prevent people from going to a state like Delaware which doesn't charge sales tax, then get a Coast Guard documentation on your new boat in your home state , say NJ. Then if you moor there for more than 90 days you are required to pay in that state. If you get caught! Cape May is a prime example of this and enforcement officers are always walking the docks and noting out of state registration. In NY it's not such a big concern on lets say a small trailered boat because the amounts of money don't compare to tax on a 54' 2 million dollar Buddy Davis Sportfishing Yacht. https://www.sapling.com/5994768/avoid-sales-taxes-boats
  3. It's a no brainer bud, after your father's boat. Imo it's an extension of that boat due to his passing.
  4. Everything about braid is better, except fleas.
  5. Good hook sets, unless he was breaking them off, how could it be bad? Nice video. What software you using?
  6. That Caddyshack chip was a top 3 producer last year. ðŸ‘
  7. It's lots of fun. Tough to find good shooting in NJ tho. I had a 535 hog before the sniper stock with that gun. Sure did miss a bunch out there tho. Windage is ****. I actually used the Remington ballistics calculator to dial the gun and scope in. It was incredibly accurate based on the calculations. I was shocked.
  8. Savage Model 12 on a Choate Major Plaster stock. 22-250 50 gn Remington factory loads. 610 yd groundhog is its best. Also topped with a Mueller erradicator 8.5x25
  9. My boat has a 13'6 " beam, tons of space. Staging kings get to see 2 riggers, 2 wires, and maybe a copper. Less is more IMO
  10. I thought you ment the color graph Glen, sorry. The surface clutter can be reduced with the settings Nick mentioned. It never completely disappears in my experience.
  11. IDK Glen, never really tried. Now I will. Lol.
  12. A steal. Best LO unit for the money.
  13. Exactly ðŸ‘