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  1. Look at mine, it's spaced just enough to clear at full tilt and down enough for the cavitation plate to be even with the keel .
  2. I bought all my electronics thru them, no problems.
  3. Having a shop of my own, I'm having a hard time believing it's taking over a month to get a motor.
  4. I've been making most of my tackle orders with then for years and not once had a problem.
  5. Bayside Marina, Fairhaven has places for rent, exactly 1/2 way between Sodus and Oswego.
  6. Keep in mind the mayor said " these are concepts " . They talked about what could be , but never about taking care of what they have. I've lived in Oswego most of my life and know not to believe a word they say until you are using it .
  7. One ramp at wrights is open, just the main dock though.
  8. The DPW has started putting the docks in today.
  9. The launch at Wrights is still iced in, should be soon though.
  10. What Pete said. I stay there just about all season and there is no shortage of on "Red Dock". Until Gray shows up!
  11. Hi Paul, I'm in Oswego just about every day till noon. Just let me know what you need and I'll put them in my truck. PM sent
  12. Sure, just don't clip on the leadcore.
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