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  1. Will you sell them individually? If so how much? Also where are you located?
  2. Go to the Lake Champlain United Forum. It's a separate fishing forum dedicated to fishing on Lake Champlain. Join and send a private message to the owner.
  3. Here you go: https://www.lakechamplainunited.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&p=206844&sid=d92b5ed82fc58f322a7532859a4bd4c1#p206844
  4. That's the same model as the one I bought two fishing seasons ago. Quiet, sips fuel, and very precise throttle control. Mine is on my son's 19 1/2 ft. Lund. At full throttle in calm water it will push the Lund around 5 mph. The output of the charging system, which requires adding the Yamaha rectifier assembly kit, varies on how much throttle you are using. I had previously used a Honda 7 1/2 hp to troll on my 20 ft. fiberglass rig, but my son's Lund is about 19 years old and we chose the Yamaha because it is lighter than the Honda 9.9. We wanted to keep the weight down on the transom which already supported a 150 hp outboard. Price seems very fair to me.
  5. Interesting thread. I am from Chicago but left there before the stocking success in the Great Lakes. (Near my childhood home the best my brothers and I could do was fish for bullheads in the Des Plaines River.) I moved to Vermont in 1970 and shortly thereafter started stream/river fishing for trout there. Every once in a while someone would catch a 10lb+ brown from one of the the rivers, but any catch over 17" was a trophy to me. I fished and fished and, after learning about trout habitat and how to read the water, started to consistently catch small browns and rainbows. Finally one day I caught a brown a little over 17". I immediately showed the fish to a fisherman who had mentored me and he said to get that fish mounted which I did. I can't remember how many days after I took my "trophy" to the taxidermist, but it wasn't very many, when I caught a 17" rainbow. Again my friend advised me to get that one mounted and I did. I picked up the two mounted fish, took them to the apartment where I lived, and had the following thought: What do I need these two mounts for? The brown was special - it was my first big trout. But the rainbow? And I didn't have lots of wall space... I went back to my mentor and shared my thoughts. No problem, he said. I know a restaurant owner who will buy that rainbow. And that's what happened to mount #2. 45 years later the brown sits on the wall in my office where I am typing this. There's something about the first, the first love, the first child, etc. Tight lines and trophies to all in 2019.
  6. I bought the same motor last year. You’ll need what I think is called a rectifier assembly. I think it cost me about $80. It works well. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. A Lund that has sat out in the open for the last two winters (death of the owner) will be coming up for sale soon. It's either a 19 or 20 foot rig with a 115 hp Merc. Age unknown but I think it's later than 1990 because the color isn't deep red like the 1980s Tyees. The person who inherited the boat said she knew it needs new flooring. What other things should my son and I be looking at and how tricky is putting in a new floor? If anyone needs the model of the boat to provide a better answer, let me know and I'll drive by and get that info. Thanks. Tom
  8. I fish on Lake Champlain and only visit Lake O a couple of times a year. I see a lot of posts on this forum about browns being taken in shallow water at this time of year. My question is what drives this brown trout behavior - just warmer water, following bait, or? Thanks, Tom
  9. Bilge pump freeze up? Nightime temps were in mid-teens a few nights last week. 17' Sea Nymph was stored outside. Temps were pleasant (mid-30s) yesterday but bilge pump wouldn't run. Didn't see any water in bilge to freeze things up. Then we got onto lake where surface water was still 50. Bilge began to work. Any ideas on what is going on and what to do? Thanks. Tom in VT
  10. I'm interested but they'd need to be shipped as I'm in Vermont Let me know if shipping is an option, Thanks Tom
  11. Fish cleaning? Is there a fish cleaning station at the town launch in Henderson Harbor.? (The town launch is off Military Road.) Thanks. Tom
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