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  1. I was looking for some left hand reels when I found these. Glad to see more of the line Counter reels are made with left hand crank. I have always had to use right handed line counters reels for years. But I have always used left handed spinning reels and bait casters.
  2. Just want to pass it on that I came across a great sale on abu Garcia line counter models They are 50% off on the Walmart web site with free shipping. Depending on size they are $64.97. They list for $119.97 . Actually it's on the 16L series size. Tell us if something is incorrect Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Altum DLC Conventional Fishing Reel
  3. nysrx01


    I will take the slide dive, the torpedos , and dream weavers too. Thanks I will send you a message.
  4. Bought it thinking I would need it but didn't. $125 plus shipping.
  5. Which one are you looking for. 2000-3000-4000
  6. Yes it is. Good luck and happy trolling
  7. Doesn't seem it can be an Ipilot for that price. If it is the basic V2 which is still a good buy at that price.
  8. Thanks for looking. If you find it email me at [email protected] with details.
  9. need the metal transom mount bracket for a lowrance 2d transducer. Seem to missed placed mine. I don't need all the hardware I can make do with just the bracket. Thanks.
  10. nysrx01

    Misc reels

    What size are abu's
  11. I will take the lot I will send a pm
  12. That's a beautiful boat. Somebody will be lucky to get it. I had a 22ft C Dory for years but sold it last fall, which I regret it but it was getting to much to handle by myself trailering it around.