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  1. nysrx01

    Mag 10's

    If it helps with your sale I have a pair of 5 ft cannon booms for sale.
  2. 9.9 LMH. On the NY, CT, MA border. SE of Albany.
  3. Fish 307 has them pretty cheap.
  4. pair of Diawa SG47 LC that I bought years ago on intentions of going Salmon Fishing but never made it. I had used them on some small Lakes while running dipsey divers but found them a little overkill for me. Been in storage since. $120 for the pair.
  5. looking for a quick attach base or big jon. Please PM with details. Thanks Nad happy holidays.
  6. I don't know if it does or not.
  7. Brand new Yamaha 9.9 long shaft tiller. Manual start. SOLD
  8. Stan Winnick

    24 Bank St

    Candor NY


    607 659 5912


    OK I will get it sent out first of week.

    1. nysrx01


      I will send check a ASP.  Thanks Dave have a good weekend.

  9. nysrx01

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    I saw one of them earlier this fall. Looks like a big male.
  10. nysrx01

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Just make sure you buy a good quality scope. Don't buy the bottom line model as most company's source them out to a Chinese manufacture. For instance Nikon pro staff vs Monarch series I use mostly Nikon monarchs series and Leopoldo Vx 3. Both are great scopes. Germans make some great optics as well. Burris is another decent scope.
  11. They work great. Basically that is the only way to go with an inboard.