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  1. I don't know how handy you are but you can take the prop off and you will see two bolts take them out and the whole armeture will come out. They are long bolts and run the whole length of the lower unit. I have had many of them get water in them and rust up the magnets. Sometimes the bearing on the end of the shaft gets corrodided. Worth checking out and then sand everything down and clean with electrical spray. Make sure all the o-rings are good. If it's all clean in there then it's an electrical connection somewhere in the system.
  2. I have brand new pair of quick draws. $100 each plus shipping. $185 for the pair plus shipping.
  3. Cisco sells new ones if they have them in stock.
  4. Head unit, screen cover, and gimbal mount with knobs. In excellent shape always stored in padded case when not in use. $485 TYD
  5. Head unit , mount , power cord, and transducer. $525 tyd
  6. Looks to be a hook2 with that style power cord. Hook 2 is way better than the original hook.
  7. It is in excellent working condition. Waterproof, never left on the boat. Very minimal use. Always stored in case. Also have a new shorty antenna. $130 shipped
  8. Wish you were closer. That would be perfect for my Jon boat.
  9. Complete set up to control your throttle wirelessly. Complete kit includes servo and electronic receiver box plus 2 kits to use on either Yamaha,Mercury or Tohatsu trolling motors. $285 tyd. Like new used very short time. Will also hook up to the panther remote steering unit to make it wireless remote. Use the same remote to control throttle and steer the boat.
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