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  1. If it's the garelick 9.5 inch travel one its rated for 169 lbs. they list for $275. I lucked out and picked one up a new one on eBay this winter for $95 during the off season. They do make one with 15 inch travel and 175 lb max weight. It Is well built for sure.
  2. Like new 30 degree cannon gimbal mounts. $100 for the pair.
  3. I have a pair of the older style SG 47 LC if interested. They are in excellent condition.
  4. nysrx01

    Sold / Closed Ez steer setup

    Thanks I need the shorter one.
  5. nysrx01

    Sold / Closed Ez steer setup

    Which model and how long is the rod min and max.
  6. If you were to separate. I would be interested in just riggers.
  7. Do not need the reels or base. Mast only with pulleys or just a set of pulleys.
  8. Display, mount, power cord and probe. Everything works just misplaced transducer. $50 plushipping.
  9. Thanks anyway. Looking for an HS.
  10. If this is the mag 10 HS with auto stop I will take it.