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  1. The crystals can definitely get weak after years of use.
  2. Unit is in excellent shape. Low hours. Includes total scan transducer, screen cover, power cord, latest software update 18.2, quick attached C ball mount, and flush mount face plate kit. $345 TYD. OBO. text 518-588-8164
  3. If gas keeps going up this will be cheaper in the long run. LOL. Plus no maintenance. the only issue I see is how any hours it may or may not last.
  4. Like new. Only used a few times last year. No stains. Realized ice fishing isn’t for me. Has floatation and 150 gr insulation. Exterior 600 D fabric. XL. Really nice jacket. Zipper under arm for warmer days. $200 TYD. Check this site for all specs. https://strikerbrands.com/products/hardwater-jacket
  5. In great shape. Fairly new set up. Here is a pic of the Lowrance mount included that clamps to your motor. Clamp is included. Transducer does not have the transom mount. $80 TYD text 518-588-8164
  6. Power cable with wire connectors that will connect right to a small 12 volt battery used for portable units. Transducer adapter cable. Let’s you hook up ax sonic 9 pin transducer to your unit. This works with the ice fishing transducer. With these cables you can make an ice fishing set up with your hook 2. $30 TYD. text 518-588-8164
  7. It says right on the face of the FF it has internal GPS antenna.
  8. 90% of the time I fish alone so I want everything in my view. I had a 22 ft CDory. It was a pain always trying to see out the back of to see if the riggers had fired off or not. With the tilller you can’t get out of the weather. But I sit on frozen lakes all winter jigging with out a shelter either. Just got to dress right. LOL
  9. If possible get a bow mount Ipilot motor. The I track functions are awesome. I just basically do all my steering and speed control through the ipilot. I Just put tiller in gear and throttle if need be I usually just let it idle in gear. Then lock it straight and do everything else through the bow mount. Set cruise control and auto pilot on the bow mount. Record a track then back track if you want.
  10. There is no way the rigger cables can even come close to the outboard. I have the same set up on a small John boat with 2 electric Scotty’s mounted forward and a cannon electric of the transom.that boat is a 1648. I have never had a problem. This is just for my small lakes. I have 2 HDS 12 gen 3 ‘s in use on this boat also.
  11. I have a 18ft Alaskan set up with tournament series big Jon’s with quick detach bases. I also have a base mount for a cannon unitrol that I can quick mount in the tracks on the gunwales on the starboard side near the transom . I run that one straight out the back. Just in case I feel the need to run 3 riggers. I fish Champlain mostly and they only allow 2 rods per person.
  12. Looks like it’s going to be to close to the motor where you have it mounted. Might end up with interference.
  13. He listed these on another fishing forum for $150 after posting them on here,
  14. Fish 307 is the largest cannon parts replacement and service repair store in the NE.
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