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  1. The one thing I do not like about the big John auto stops if you stop the ball below water level which is where I like stop it so it doesn’t swing and bounce the rigger boom. But you cannot just hit up again after it stops to raise the ball higher to get to the release. . You have to drop the ball first to make it come back up again that’s kind of a pain in the neck. Or crank them up by hand. Scotty’s auto stops work great and then you can just flip it back up to keep coming afterwards. Plus I like the manual clutch handle for descending the ball. Magnum Metals are nice but pricey. All depends what you want to spend. You can’t go wrong with the Scotty’s set up with braid for the price. Amazon has the Scotty 1106b for just under $600 each.
  2. 3 flashers and 2 large Dipsy divers $30 plus shipping. Text 518-588-8164 thanks
  3. Price reduction $200 plus shipping.
  4. New HDS 9 live. Head, unit, gamble mount, power cord,
  5. Great shape no rips or stains. Jacket and bibs both size XL. Flotation in both. Padded knees and extra waterproofing on the seat. Magnetic storm flaps .
  6. In Ny if you want to save money and not buy a new plate when you register another trailer you can transfer your old plate to your to another trailer. On the DMV forms they have have transfer plates or new plates option.
  7. The one you have with the HDS 10 is either a LSS1 or LSS2. LSS1 works with the basic structurescan module and the LSS2works with the HD structure scan module. They only read down image and side image you still need a 2d transducer.if the transducer with your 10 is a shorter than your 3D ducer then it’s a LSS1. The LSS2 was the same length as the 3D ducer. Even with the 3D you will need a separate 2d transducer as that also only reads down image and side image too. Like I stated before there should be a silver tag with the transducer ID near the plug end. Text me at (518) 588-8164 if you have any other questions and I can send pics of the different types.
  8. Lowrance has what they call a Live sight transducer that works with all HDS’s. The Active Target Live Sonar only works with HDS Carbon and HDS Lives. The AI 3 in 1 works with HDS Carbon and HDS Live. But the Carbons have to have the latest software update for the AI 3 in 1 to work other wise you need to use the Total scan transducer which works with the HDS Gen 3 too. There is a tag right by the connector that identifies what the transducer is.
  9. You Might want to mention what generation the HDS is. Plus the transducer you show in the picture is not a live scan transducer.
  10. Downrigger is like new. Kept it as a spare many years and has been stored in the garage. Works well have the battery side plug. Base mount 3 rod holders and low profile style swivel base. $250 plus shipping OBO. 518-588-8164
  11. Brand new in unopened box. Decided to go a different route. $650 plus shipping.
  12. Amazon has quite a few different ones attwood Outboard Kicker Motor Steering Kit 11663-7
  13. I have a HDS 12 gen 3 that is etherneted through a sonar hub with total scan transducer. Sonar ports do not detect transducers. Has to be etherneted through another unit or use of the sonar hub as a stand alone unit. I have had this set up with the sonar hub and total scan for 3 years now with no issues what so ever. Unit is in great shape. Latest software update 18.2. Upgraded to Live and will sell the whole set up Head unit, screen cover, power cord, gimbal mount, sonar hub with power cord, and total scan transducer. $700. Plus shipping. text 518-588-8164 for more pics and info
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