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  1. I launched there twice last week. I have a 17 ft Lund with a side console. Water was low, but still ok to launch. The end of the docks were about 3 ft higher than the gunwales on my boat. I saw bigger boats launching with no problems. Hope that helps.
  2. Does anyone know if the water is open (no ice) and high enough to launch at the Union Springs town launch ? Thank you
  3. I met an older gentleman at the Union Springs dock this past Sunday. He doesn't use minnows. He uses a small swim bait. See attached pic. It would be nice to not have to buy minnows, Anybody else have any luck with non-minnow rigs? Thanks
  4. They are closed Sundays. Verified this past Sunday
  5. New bait shop on Rt-90 in Union Springs one block from the launch. Lakeside Bait and Tackle. They have fatheads. Pics attached.
  6. Thank you all for the info. Klein's was closed yesterday and today. I didn't know about Ernie's in Richford, so I'll check them out next time. I went to Dave's, then came back down to Union Springs. Here is the kicker ............. there is a bait shop on Rt-90 in Union Springs one block from the launch. Lakeside Bait and Tackle. And they have fatheads. Pics attached. Thanks again.
  7. Driving from Owego, NY to Union Springs tomorrow to take a shot at perch. Looking for advice on where to buy fatheads near Union Springs, or along the way. Thank you in advance.
  8. I fished for perch off Union Springs for the first time last spring. We did ok, throwing everything under 10 inches back into the lake. Question - is fall perch fishing activity off Union Springs similar to the spring perch fishing? Same area's ? Thank you in advance.
  9. Yesterdays results - there were only 6 boats at the buoys off Union Springs. There were no boats at the buoys north of the 6 boats. Lots of small perch. Caught 19 keepers in 7 hours of fishing. Definitely slowing down. Thanks for the replies.
  10. This is my first year perch fishing on Cayuga Lake. I've been fishing the buoys outside of Union Springs in the center of the lake (like 60 other boats) once a week for the last few weeks. It's a 2 hr drive from home to Union Springs. I also fished Owasco a few times. Can anyone tell me when the fishing will slow down? Thank you.
  11. I just read the executive orders on https://www.governor.ny.gov/executiveorders and can't find anything mentioning the closing of boat launches. I even searched "boat" and "launch", and still nothing. Does anyone have a copy of Cuomo's executive order shutting down boat launches? The DEC website only says "To limit the community spread of COVID-19, use of all DEC-owned boat launches is temporarily suspended for recreational boaters." Here is a link to the DEC website https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/7832.html. Thanks for any info.
  12. Launched out of Treman around noon. No problem with shallow water. 12 trailers in parking lot. Most of the boats we running along the east side. Only put one short board out to avoid interfering with other boats. Most of the boats were off the lake by 3:00. I should have paid attention lol. Fished til 7:00. Bumped speed up to 2.5 mph per recommendations from my last LOU post. Stickbaits. Ran up the east side around 2 miles. Back down. Ran west. 1 laker on deep blue/silver stickbait. Ran east. 1 northern. Ran up west side 3 miles. Notta. Cut back across lake and came back down east side. 1 twenty inch landlock on a perch stickbait. Hope this helps.
  13. Thank you for the speed recommendation gentlemen. I will bump it up the next time out and post results.
  14. Thank you to the folks who suggested where to launch on Cayuga. Launched on the south (ladder) ramp at taughannock. Trolled with big planars from Crow bar back to taughannock. Notta. Drove boat to south end and fished in 10-20 ft of water, 2 mph, shallow stick baits. Was shooting for landlocks, but landed 2 northerns and 1 laker. Oh well, maybe next time.
  15. Thank you for the launch reports.
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