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  1. Is the motor still available ?
  2. I am interested. I left a voice message on your phone. Please call 607-222-8065. Thanks, Gary
  3. I would like to take a look at your Yamaha 9.9 xl shaft. Please call me at 607-222-8065. Thanks, Gary
  4. I'm not familiar enough with planar boards to know if those are good features. Are pulling and depth good features? Thank you for helping.
  5. Appreciate any input on using PVC for DIY planar boards. Thanks
  6. Sounds good. I may be in Cortland tomorrow evening. I sent my phone number to you in a message Thanks Gary
  7. Do you still have your Cannon swivel base for sale? If yes, how much would you like for it? Thanks Gary
  8. Thank you again lakeontariounited'ers for the recommendations on fishing today. Fished the west side below Taughannock along the shore with sawbellys and med shoners 5 ft below a bobber. Water temp was 47-50 degrees. Landed 5 LL's. Spent 7 hrs out there and all the activity was in 1 hr around 2:00, just after the rain stopped.
  9. Thank you for all the input. Trout it is.
  10. Thank you for the input on the perch fishing. Looks like it's trout/salmon fishing. Thank you for the input fellas
  11. Suggestions for Cayuga tomorrow 5-16-17 I am going to take an inexperienced friend fishing on Cayuga tomorrow because the weather is supposed to be nice. I have everything to fish for trout and salmon, except a kicker motor. The questions are; Will I be able to catch trout and salmon drifting sawbellies? Is there a best area on the lake? Depth? Should I take them perching instead? What area of the lake? Launch site? Bait shop? Thank you, G
  12. I saw this post and thought it might help Oneida Lake Walleye season opened on Saturday, May 6th. Anglers who braved the rain and wind did manage to get some walleye both in shallow and deep water. With round gobies now abundant in the lake, it may require some adjustment in the way anglers fish for walleye. The same thing was required when zebra mussels become established in the lake and the water went from turbid to clear, fishing methods needed to be changed to match the conditions. Gobies are very bottom oriented fish so sometimes just getting a foot or two off bottom will help to avoid some of them. If using worm harnesses try trolling instead of drifting, the faster speed keeps them higher off bottom and also helps to avoid some of the gobies. Using artificial lures instead of live bait can also help. Walleye tend to be "well fed" in goby waters and can be difficult to catch; full fish are generally harder to catch than hungry fish. Sometimes going for reaction bites can help, fish hit out of reflex instead of hunger. This can be accomplished by giving erratic action to your lures by speeding them out, slowing them down, stopping them briefly, giving short quick jerks with the rod, etc.
  13. Very nice ! Can you suggest a location on Oneida to fish for perch? Thanks G
  14. I am in Apalachin. I'd like to look at your 9.9 motor. 607-222-8065. Gary. Thakns
  15. Thanks Jimski. Redwood it is.