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  1. Hello folks, please see the pic of a planar board I made from a design someone graciously shared with me on this forum, They work good, but they are a little nose heavy. Over 2 mph they dive under water and flip over, then all hell breaks loose. I'm thinking the eyebolt needs to move. Any suggestions on which direction I should move the eye bolt? Thank in advance, .........
  2. Is there a live bait shop near Lansing ? Or anywhere between Dryden and Ithaca/ Thanks in advance for any info.
  3. Time to replace the 1990 Lowrance.I have some points at Cabelas, so will probably buy there. I fish lakers and landlocks Cayuga, walleye and bass on Oneida, everything on Otisco and occasionally Ontario. Thinking about the Lowrance® Hook2 7 SplitShot Sonar/GPS Combo or the Lowrance® Hook2 7 TripleShot™ U.S. Inland Sonar/GPS Combo. Should I spend the extra $100 on the Side Scan capability? The input from the members of this forum has been very useful. Thank you
  4. Thank you for the input. Your comments have been very educational. I had no idea the lure speed 80 ft down could be so much different than the surface speed. I should have specified the type and location of trolling I plan to do. My boat came with downriggers, but I plan to do most of my trolling on the surface in the winter months on Cayuga Lake. My boat came with a 1990 Lowrance fishfinder. So before I invest in a Fish Hawk or Depth Raider, I should upgrade my fish finder with one that has a speed monitor. I just looked for fish finders and am already confused, so I'll probably ask for recommendations in a new post. Thank you again for the input and recommendations
  5. Need recommendations for monitoring speed while trolling, please, I used an etrex years back, but would like to know if there are more accurate methods. There is no speedometer on my fish finder. Thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you fellas. Spooled up 2 reels with 16# Big Game and 2 with 10# Sufix. Really appreciate the input. Trolled from Myers to Milliken. Caught one ding LL about 10" long. Watched 3 guys vertical jigging in 100 ft of water in front of Miliken. Watched them pull a big Laker, a brown and a __ in 15 minutes. So now thinking about a post asking for vertical jigging recommendations. lol
  7. Finally got a kicker motor and getting ready to start trolling on Cayuga Lake. Stripping the old off my downrigger poles. Any recommendations for type and poundage of fishing line would be appreciated. Thank you, Gary
  8. Yeah, I don't want to use a motor bracket. See pic
  9. Do you know the distance from the transom clamp to the cavitation plate (above the prop) ? Thank you
  10. Do you have the shaft length from transom to cavitation plate?
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