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  1. Yeah I fished 20-25mph NW winds last week waves were 2-4ft last week out of Sodus in a 21FT Alumacraft and it was about as rough as I would ever take it again. Caught a bunch of fish but mostly cookie cutters no real giants this year.
  2. Sweet, I'll take a look!
  3. It was a dealer install of the motor. The issue is they tell me all is working as it should....I honestly don't know if it's true or not. If the boat steered in the water like it does out I would say everything was perfect.
  4. Yes and EVERY video shows the same fill spot which is on top of the steering wheel. Mine doesn't have one there it looks to be on the side of the dash as pictured. That's why I want to confirm
  5. Thank you ! So I am at least going to attach the tube and make sure the level isn't low at all. It's weird they put it on the side of the dash on mine so the fill doesn't go directly down in the hole...doesn't make sense.
  6. Yes, I am adjusting the trim correctly. The thing is it goes smoothly back and forth but it literally takes two hands to turn....I just can't imagine this is right. I went home last night and out of the water it goes right to left smoothly but once you have it under any rpm it is super hard to turn. I also ordered the Sea Star Hydraulic fluid to make sure I used the right stuff. The one thing I do notice is when I turn the wheel all the way to the right the steering wheel squeaks a little too. Once again this doesn't happen at all out of the water under no load it is perfectly quiet and smooth. Can anyone confirm that is the fill that would typically be for the steering hydraulics on the wheel?
  7. I just bought a brand new 2021 Alumacraft 205 w/ Suzuki df 200. The boat has hydraulic steering but seems super hard to turn back and forth once I increase RPM. I took the boat for a test drive before I took it home and the dealer assured me it was operating normal and the steering is supposed to be stiff. There is no play in the steering and when I turn the motor back and forth on the off the water it turns smoothly with no slack at all. Basically if this is honestly how it is supposed to be then I am fine with it but if there is something wrong and they just sent me on my way then I want to know. I had to take their word because I have no way of knowing any better. Does anyone have experience with this motor and Hydraulic steering? Is it always REALLY stiff on a 200? I want to check the Hydraulic oil level at the helm but there is no fill at the steering wheel. I found a plug above the steering wheel on the dash that I assume is it but I can't find ANYTHING about it in any of my manuals. Can anyone confirm this is the fill? Thanks!
  8. I bought the My-Wedge and it doesn't fit that Suzuki DF200. I emailed them and they told me to cut it to fit. Has anyone done this? Does it still work properly? I'm not real impressed with it to be honest.
  9. So I just got a Alumacraft Trophy 205 with a 200 HP motor on it. I want to get a transom saver for it but there is a light on the trailer that blocks where one would typically go. I bought a My-Wedge but it doesn't fit the motor?? Doesn't have enough clearance. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas?? Thanks!
  10. Here's where I'm stuck on this though. From what I'm hearing the 115hp will troll at 1.8-2mph and the 150 will troll at 3. To me that means if I put the 150 on I then need a kicker and if I went with the 115 I could troll with the main motor. Major cost savings there but I don't want to regret giving up the HP on the main motor. Thoughts?
  11. Thank you everyone for all the responses too! There is nothing better than people that actually own the options that you are looking at giving you advice. You can read all you want and look at a million pictures but people that actually are using the boats giving advice is awesome! I'm not going to say that I've made up my mind yet because it is still a difficult decision but your advice definitely helps.
  12. How would you say the ranger rides compared to the Lund? Is it less bumpy and noisy than the Lund. If you typically fished 3 people on the boat and had to do it all over again would you choose the Lund 1875 or a Ranger deep-v?
  13. I basically trailer the boat everywhere. I troll browns in the spring at Ontario (3 1/2hrs), Jig Perch Laker late spring in Lake George (1 1/2hrs). Bass fish and troll walleyes at a bunch of lakes in between. Fish Stripers on the Hudson in May. Right now from what I have seen I really Like the Lund Impact 1875 with the 150 Pro XS. Something like the Striper Fiberglass boat I really don't think would fit my needs as much. If I primarily just trolled big water than yes it would but Honestly I primarily just troll browns in the spring and walleyes sometimes. I do a lot of vertical jigging and casting as well using a bow mount trolling motor which I wouldn't have on that striper. The Lund Impact, Alumacraft Trophy and Crestiner Fish Hawk all look sweet though, it's tough to make the decision. Like I was saying before and no one commented...What about these fiberglass boats like the ranger 1880MS? These boats look like they have all the options of the Aluminums and I would think they offer a better ride. Anyone ever been in one? https://www.rangerboats.com/fiberglass/multi-species/angler/1880ms.html
  14. What would you guys recommend looking at as far as Glass boats? I would want something comparable to the boats I listed. I never hear anyone talk about the Ranger 1850MS, Nitro etc. deep V multispecies glass boats, why is that? I figure the glass boat would run a lot nicer than the aluminum. Im not dead set on anything really I just want to buy the right boat that I won't want to replace in the next 10yrs
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