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  1. I'm looking to put in a 2nd fish finder that is attached to my MinnKota Terrova US2\iPilot trolling motor. Any recommendations? I don't want to have to run another transducer and just use the trolling motor instead.
  2. Oh really? That's what Humminbird recommended I buy lol
  3. I'm looking for a Helix 9 Chirp GPS G4N, anyone have one they want to sell?
  4. Will you take $500? Looks to be a Gen1 correct?

    1. John nastasi

      John nastasi

       sold for 750 pending payment

  5. Kevin Davis was the best. Terrible that he had to go so young.
  6. Humminbird Ice 55 like new condition $375. PM if interested
  7. So I caught my biggest steelhead to date in the river last weekend, the fish was 33" 13.2lbs. I decided to mount this fish because it is my biggest to date and I considered it a trophy IMO. Just wondering what everyone considers a trophy as far a minimum requirements before you would mount a fish?
  8. I jig lakers A LOT during the winter. I use electronics but since you don't have a flasher here is what you do. This may seem a little crazy but it works! Drill two holes 15ft from each other, run one rod in right hand and one in the left. Put white tube jigs on each of the rods with 1/2 jig heads. Drop 1st rod all the way to the bottom and then walk to other hole and drop that rod all the way to the bottom. Walk back and forth from hole to hole until one BITES! A lot of times they will hit it on the fall. I used to use this technique all the time before I started fishing with flashers.
  9. Marcum LX-6 Ice Sonar - Like New works perfect $525 HumminBird Ice 55 - like New works perfect - $425 Nanook 2 Man Flip Ice Shanty- Took seats out to cut down on weight, everything else in great condition $300 Nanook 2 Man Flip Ice Shanty- Has the deluxe seats everything in good shape normal wear and tear couple small rips in seats. $375 If you buy both Shanty's I will sell for $600. Not shipping anything out, pickup in the Troy NY area. PM me if interested.
  10. Interested in you keeping the transducer and selling for $400?
  11. So I have two bunks on my trailer and they are both completely shot and need to be replaced. I measured them and they measure 3"x6"x10ft long. I have never had to repair the bunks before so I was looking for some advise. Can I just use pressure treated? Does it need to be sealed? Do they actually sell a 3x6 or do I need to make one by screwing two 2x6 together. The boars are just lag bolted to trailer currently and sit vertically. Any advise is appreciated! Thanks!
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