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    All I know is I would rather fall off the side of the boat than drink one of those Bud Lights! Keep the fish with the beer and waters? Ha! WTF
  2. Yes they are much better than the last ones. Getting power from the down rigger to the plug isn't the issue. My complaint is the 2ft cable to get from the battery to the plug.... most boats don't have the plug that close to the battery compartment. I Gorilla glued it this morning....we will see what happens!
  3. It amazes me the money that they charge you for this crap. 2ft cable from the battery....like that will ever reach where it needs to. Plastic collar that isn't a circle like the hole they tell you to drill. Then they call for a 30amp breaker and 10gauge wire on the rigger but correct me if I'm wrong that kit is 12 gauge. What a joke for $55. Thanks for the advise guys.
  4. So I replaced the power cables on my Mag 10's wiith the new Cannon power cables. As most of you with Cannons prolly know you have to drill the hole out to 3/4 of an inch on the housing. Well one of the riggers went perfectly but for some reason the hole on the other is just a little too big. The collar provided doesn't lock tightly in the hole so it eventually works its way out over time. I have heard alot of things about using silicone based sealer caused some kind of chemical reaction and fried the boards on them. I wanted to use some gorilla glue on the collar to hold it in place so it doesn't move in that 3/4" hole. What are your thoughts? I need to do something to prevent it from moving.....
  5. So I ran into a situation where I had 4 downriggers on my boat but I really only ever used two of them. I flat line troll a lot and striper fish so I always in need of rod holders. I thought to myself..hey, why don't I find something that I can quickly change between a rod holder and a downrigger depending on what I am fishing for. I looked everywhere for a mount and couldn't find anything. My buddy has a machine shop so he made me a mounting plate that attaches to any Cannon base and works with most rod holders, I have tested it on cabelas and scotty. Four bolts and I can alternate between my riggers and rod holders. The other cool thing is that the entire rod holder is on a 360 swivel base now which allows you to position it exactly where you want! Anyways I thought i would share some pics and see if anyone else had interest in this. The base is powder coated so it will never get damaged or rust. The price tag is $50 per pair...PM me if you are interested.
  6. So I just got my new Terrova w\Ipilot this weekend and mounted it to the boat. I used the mka-47 quick disconnect bracket and everything is good. My boat came pre-wired for a 3 prong plug and the Terrova just comes with 2 wires (looks like battery connections). My question is what male adapter do I need to buy to go from the motor to the connector on the boat?
  7. I would be in the Mexico bay area....I usually fish between Pulaski and Oswego. I'm not looking to troll bass, just looking to jig\cast. Any advice appreciated!
  8. So I have only trolled lake Ontario for trout\salmon but I also love to bass fish. My question is where do you start? Just work the shorelines? What method do you typically use when you fish for them? And lastly is there a lot of bass in Lake Ontario? Is it worth going out with some buddies and going after them?
  9. So what are the specs on the intersate?
  10. So in my previous post I was talking about installing a new Terrova 80LB 24V w\ Ipilot in my boat. My question is what battery do you guys recommend? I have been looking at AGM group 31 batteries and they will cost as much as the motor! Should I bite the bullet and spend $600 on two batteries or can you get away with something less expensive. Obviously I don't want to spend less and sacrifice power\battery life. Any advice appreciated! Sorry if this has been covered before but I did a search and didn't find anything
  11. Thanks you all for your comments!
  12. Understood but I am just not sure how I am going to get into the front of the bow to install the bolts... The cushion doesn't come off and the carpet\wood looks to be riveted on the top. I didn't want to just start taking all the screws out of the carpet becasue once they are out it is a PIA to find the holes again to put them back in.
  13. No place for a battery up front. There are two compartments for batteries in the center of the boat near the consoles. The cables run from these compartments to a port in the front of the boat to hook up your trolling motor. The port is in the left hand side of the pic below. My problem isn't the cables it is mounting the plate that the trolling motor will connect to. The cushions don't snap off either...
  14. Yeah the plugs are fine on both sides. Only the cables coming from the battery are cracked. So I can just buy the flush mount power ports and run regular electrical cable behind them?
  15. So I have two completely different questions I want to ask. The first is that I am buying a new Minnkota Terrova in the spring to put on my boat and I am not sure how to remove the front panel for the install. Attached are some pics so you can see what I am dealing with. What do I actually need to do to get access to underneath the front? Do I need to pop all the rivets on top and remove the metal? There are no screws where the padding is and I feel like even if I take off the screws on the floor below the padding it has no where to go..... Any advice would be great! My second question is this boat came with a set of Cannon Mag 10's. All the wires that come from the battery to the downrigger have cracked and are no longer good. The wires on the actual downrigger are fine though. The kits to replace these are $55 a piece and one rigger needs a new motor which is $150. How much are these worth? Is it worth putting $200 into one of them? Also does anyone have the a good set of the old style wires that go from the battery to the downrigger? That would save me from having to replace everything. Thanks again for any advice!