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  1. Mix of kwik and flatfish.. k9 mostly with some smaller in the mix $100us shipped within us
  2. Iv had alotta people ask about the smokeless muzzloader iv been shootin.. heres 2 vids of what these guns are capable of if you do your homework.
  3. Homework on the shooting bench made this possible... took this doe at 525yds with the muzzleloader this afternoon while she was out for a mid day snack
  4. 78grains of IMR 4198, 275gr Pittman Accumax bullet, 3000fps... no sabot
  5. No didnt hold for any wind correction.. the way he was facing i figured if the wind was gunna move the bullet it would have put it in his shoulder
  6. 17 entered the field only 16 left... 278yds with the smokeless
  7. Wife counted over 30 from the kitchen window lastnite while i was at work.. lets see how many wanna play tonite
  8. Smokeless rig he would be takin a ride in your truck!
  9. I have a vx6 HD thats holding up on a 300wsm without any issues so far... the older non HD models had some erector issues for sure.. had one take a crap on me twice
  10. Make sure your giving plenty of time between shots with sabot loads... heat will destroy your groups
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