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  1. Back in for the nite and this will be my final sit.. 50degrees is not how i pictured this late season hunt to go
  2. Deer were up on there feet pretty early tonite.. 6 small bucks came out in the cut corn first followed by mother load of does
  3. All settled in for the evening sit.. have my son and daughter with me tonite.. first big doe that steps in the cut corn will be taking a dirt nap
  4. No shortage of deer on any of the properties i hunt thats for sure...never got skunked during a sit even all during the gun season.. some spots you could shoot a doe everynite and still not put a dent in the population it seems like
  5. Ill be out for sure... still a few decent ones showing up on cam.. just wish we would get some snow and really cold temps
  6. Back in again tonite.. stayed closer to home tonite.. not expecting to see as many in this spot.. havent hunted here since last week of bow
  7. Lots of action tonite.. 30+ does out feeding in the clover tonite.. zero bucks seen tonite
  8. Lots of deer on there feet tonite.. few small bucks out with the does.. back at it again 2mor
  9. Back in again with the boy.. conditions are good for some movement.. saw several out feeding early on are ride over
  10. Alittle slower than i expected tonite.. had 9 scattered throughout the field tonite no shooters showed up
  11. Back at it again 2nite...looking over 50acres of clover, turnip, radish mix
  12. Look into the Pittman bullets.. thicker jacket on them
  13. I use a 3pc collapsible one that goes in my pack
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