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  1. Remington now makes slugs with the barnes bullets... rem premier expanders.. id start with those or the rem accutips
  2. Vx5hd 3-15x44 .. excellent glass for the money
  3. Brand new sealed in the bucket marcum lx6 with lithium shuttle $650us shipped to your door
  4. Make sure you get the Blackhorn breech plug if you plan on shooting that powder
  5. I own one and its currently at Hankins Rifles being converted to smokeless as well... its a decent gun but id suggest the cva accura over the rem..
  6. Rob if you wanna come see whats involved in a smokeless get ahold of me and we can go to the range... i followed the thread all season it seems to me you hunt alot of spots of open field/food sources.. i would base my gun selection off that.. something that will reach out and touch somethin!..im guessing you hunt a shotgun/muzzy zone since you didnt ask about a rifle.. im still suggesting you look into the Cva Scout converted by Hankins Rifles and use it for shotgun and muzzy seasons.
  7. That is my house thanks for your concern!
  8. Nope no factory produced smokeless muzzleloaders now.. everything is bein custom built... im pushin 3050fps with 78g of IMR 4198 out of mine
  9. As for shotgun id suggest the savage 220 as well.. heres a group when i first got mine when i was testing what slugs it liked
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