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  1. Put a bullet in one this morn but couldnt find it 6d2ba2fa-1301-44e4-a3d1-1933b731ae9c.mp4
  2. Had to hang a cam on the pile as the skunks and fox have been driving me insane at nite with the alarms... took a shot at him and it ran into the woods.. will check in the am d3e2af07-d226-4bcb-8171-5925b6ae6f26.mp4
  3. I gave up on the cams... was nice to get pics of what was there but getting delayed pics was annoying... double motion detectors have been workin flawless
  4. You just running cams on the pile or alarms too?
  5. Was able to pick up another fresh roadkill this morning what was left of it anyways... see what happens
  6. Someone must of been hungry lastnite
  7. My pile has been extremely slow.. crows, bald eagles and owls mostly
  8. Swing and a miss the other nite on a fox at the pile..kid saw this one cuttin across the field this morn while gettin ready for school
  9. No such thing as to dead lol
  10. #2 off the pile.. handful of fox as well
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