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  1. I will be there, along with my father. Also I will be signing up for the fish feeding!
  2. You know its a heavy fish when you have to hold one arm with the other to hang on... Nice work.
  3. Always have good luck out there with jointed rapalas in orange. Its a blast, and small kids can handle it too!
  4. These fish are packing the pounds out there now, because when they come inland they aren't there to eat. You could try out off the piers and most likely have luck. But you never know, make sure you take the trebles off if you go inland!
  5. Hey everybody, i have a slight issue with releasing fish. Our boat sits a good distance up out of the water. We have no issue netting or un-hooking but when it comes to getting the fish in the water and swimming is a task. We have tried holding the net in the water, but the fish got tangled. Now we take the fish and hold him like a torpedo and shoot him down the back of the boat. But thats a 50/50 shot, then we have to go back and get them. We dont like to keep the fish, im not a fan of the mess or eating them. If you have any suggestions they would be nice. And one more thing, we cant reach over the side and just un-hook them its to far down and i dont really feel like swimming! Thanks, Mike
  6. Anyone with a float rod or reel they would like to sell off for a decent price PM me. Thanks.
  7. You might need extra long tippet and a 400' shooting head to fish that river down there. ;D Beautiful Pictures man.
  8. Loadman. There is brownies in both streams. Alot of them. And steelhead. Were seeing alot of zombie salmon around too, tight lines brother.
  9. As stated by Ray, your going to love and hate lake O. Mostly hate... But I hope your wallet is prepared for your addiction. Its like a drug.
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