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  1. i wish more people out there could read this and DO THIS!!!!!! but it does keep it exciting being out there a day break in the fog with no wind and hearing people screaming at eachother to get out of the way!!! i love this sport. thanks for the great updates guys!!!!!!!!! i have a trip saturday morning with a couple guys. ill let you know how we do!
  2. been doing VERY well with small mouths in front of fort niagara. Trolling gold mepps spinners(#3) in about 10- 12 feet of water. we did ten 12+ inchers in an hour the other evening. great time!! good luck guys!
  3. that has happened to me alot. it amazes me that they hit a spoon their size!
  4. nice atlantic! we got a couple out this way last fall. but they seem to be scarce
  5. anyone have updates on niagara bar for kings? not in the derby this year. just want to take my girlfriend and get here some nice kings. also what are they hitting? thanks B
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