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  1. Thank you Capt Rich, Do the Alwives or Alwifes (which ever is correct) spawn along the shoreline in Spring ? Just trying to compare our experience of springtime alewife spawning and the accompanying hot striper action in close, with the browns being in close in Spring in the Great Lakes. How close is my comparison ? Down here in the spring at night the alwives move right up on the beach, so to speak, and create one heck of a commotion swimming in tight circles and they are pursued by the stripers, walleye and musky. As it begins to get light the activity dies down and the alewives move off a bit. What we do is seine net the 'wives and live line them a cast distance out from shore. Does this sound similar to whats happening up there ? If so, why is it that only the browns move in on um and not the other species that prey on alwives ?
  2. Man o Man what a hefty brown ! Got any idea at all of it's age ? Alwives build big fish fast. The stripers they stock here in Beltzville Lake go from fingerlings to 20+ inchers in 2 to 3 years because of the massive alwife population. We eat all the fish we target or we don't target them ! In your opinion, how do the footballs fare on the table?
  3. OMG !!! WAY TO GO ! ​Thems Trophies to us down here in PA ! What's the poundage on 'em ? OH and BTW, I got a few questions. Are the Browns in for spawning purpose ? If so, are they hitting because they're guarding beds ? They look in great shape, no lampreys. What's the biggest you've landed there ever. Post a pic of it if you have one. I'm a photo nut. I always carry a cam 'cause I make movies of outdoor activities (huntin n fishin) and show them to shutins and nursing homes. They love um ! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING, David
  4. Hey Cap got any pictures to share ?
  5. hey guys thanks so much ! I love Selkirk Shores campgrounds and hope they are open right now. So I take it there is no ice to contend with anymore. You know it's funny, but my son and I bought lots of Krocks on a party boat off NJ for stripers so we're loaded for bear. Silver and Gold
  6. Is the Salmon River Estuary a good place to target BIG Spring browns from shore?
  7. It's been awhile since I posted. please explain where to position a post so all can see. I'm currently posting under "PRO" ...."FOR MEMBERS ONLY" but I'm afraid it's too exclusive and my questions won't be viewed by everyone. Advise
  8. You see now how misinformed many folks are. I've heard so many "conversations" between seemingly well informed fishermen over the years that is cause for bewilderment. So this is what I THINK is right. In the Salmon River during the spawning run don't be using ANYTHING WITH A TREBLE HOOK ATTACHED PERIOD DO NOT MAKE ANY JERKING OR "HOOK SETTING" MOTIONS with of course your rod and that would preclude yo-yo jigging. You know what...they're too dam many knit pickin regulations on this activity. Now I know years ago Salmon fishing (at least on the Salmon River) was a h ll of a fiasco!! Something needed to be done to calm things down a little, but it's gone too far. Those of us who want to play by the book but who are also creative and experimental are handicapped by so many tackle regs and WHY? For instance, I'd like to experiment with using a sliding egg sinker rig with a floating Rapala at the terminal end then anchor in the current and cast directly aft then feed out line so that the Rapala could be drifted straight back and change depths as you pay out and reel in line. That is not legal!! It's not robbing from anyone. Its no more disrupting to bank fisherman than the drift boats. There's no way to intentionally snag anything with that rig so why? And thats just one example of the hypersensitivity that seems to pervade the regulatory agency involved.
  9. My boat is a 20ft Bayliner Trophy and it was "interesting" to say the least, trying to figure the most clever way to disembark in a stiff cross wind. Far as traction goes I wouldn't even think about it without 4wd.
  10. could you be more specific then that? "we don't use trebles", So you say jigging the Salmon with a jig bearing a single hook, no gap wider than 1/2 inch, is perfectly legal, right?
  11. sounds good! We'll give Selkirk ramp a shot. Check us out at Brennan site V1, Sept 6 THRU 10
  12. It seems to me by some of the responses to my question about vertical jigging in the mouth of the Salmon that not allot of you know for sure whats legal and whats not. I love vertical jigging but I guess won't be doing it this year.
  13. so there you have it. Thanks Bluegillslayer. I figured there was a restriction on jigging someplace when the salmon are in. I'm surprised it's allowed in the tribs at all. It makes a perfect cover for the guy whose out to snag a fish one way or another and given all the sensitivity to foul hooking fish the "LAW" has. Appreciate the info BGS
  14. I know the Selkirk Shores ramp is better but it's a bit of a boat ride to the mouth of the Salmon, isn't it?
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