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  1. If it doesnt need to be super mobile id look into the redneck softsided blind
  2. Up to 17 sheds so far... lots of dinks but a couple decent ones
  3. $175 shipped Paypal friends and fam, Mo, check or local pickup
  4. Fox dont get a free pass here 5192e595-43cb-43bb-9240-0aae89739664.mp4
  5. Any action on your pile yet... iv had mibe out over a week and just birds so far
  6. Changin gears.. dogs said it was go time
  7. Against my better judgement im in as well.. tucked up in a redneck tho
  8. My brother as able to score over a standing bean field tonite.. crap weather and food always get them in trouble! 425yds with the smokeless muzzy
  9. You can shoot the pittmans, furys, arrowhead xld, parkers, etc..... buy them in the 40 or 45cal (depending on what cal you plan on shooting them out of) version and put them in a sabot... theres lots of options just depends on how much work one wants to put into getting the best results possible... me personally if i had a gun that i could only get powerbelts to shoot out of it id sell the gun
  10. Powerbelt bullets are about the worse possible bullet to shoot in my opinion...
  11. Havent been down there since i gave up the lease... heard they turned it into stateland.... been any good for ya down there?
  12. Doe tags started burning a hole in my pocket so i had to scratch the itch a bit... the field started loading up about 4
  13. We got between 25-28 acres of food in between all the properties i have.. mixed between beans, corn, brassica and clover
  14. Banking on the second estrous is like bankin on winning the lottery.. food is starting to be the driving force again
  15. Might be able to find a black friday deal... buy once cry once.. either a davis or kodiak canvas brands
  16. Your better off building your own powerbox
  17. Lots of daylight movement today for my cams... the big boys were def movin
  18. Crazy nite in the stand ended up with a punched tag
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