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  1. Theres several guys building plugs for the savages
  2. Id suggest tryin the barnes first
  3. Yes u can.. just not a Encore or rem ultimate
  4. When i was shooting a encore with bh209 Barnes were by far my first choice for a bullet. Was shooting the Barnes Expanders.. most of the time they dropped in there tracks and if they did run there was always a heavy blood trail.. never had one fail to open up as intended and exit side was impressive
  5. There is 2 bullets id never shoot unless i was shooting targets.. thats shockwaves and powerbelts..
  6. Get yourself some pittman bullets and you will be in the game!
  7. The doe train started early tonite lots of them! Only 2 small bucks came out with them.. not sure if ill make it out for the lastnite or not.. either way i had a great season and enjoyed the thread once again this season!
  8. Back in as well.. bumped 3 headed in
  9. 1 stood up ..never took a step out of its bed 310yds
  10. Change of pace.. headed to cuba to a buddies place.. have 5 bedded on opposite hill side.. waiting for one to stand up
  11. Plenty of action again tonite.. handful of small bucks and a pile of does.. everybody got a pass tonite
  12. Only 600 to the set of pines.. i could get 1000 here though
  13. In earlier than planned .. was a handful out feeding when i got here .. see what happens
  14. Lotta action for me as well tonite.. all does tonite.. back at it 2mor nite
  15. Back in tonite as well.. they should move tonite!
  16. 40+ deer tonite.. got to my spot at 130 to find 10 already out feeding including a shooter so couldnt sit where i wanted.. ended up takin a doe
  17. Went against the grain this morning and hunted there bedroom.. few does moved through early.. back to the food tonite
  18. Garmin echomap 93sv plus w lakevu g3 map Summit Ice Shuttle 18ah Energized Outdoors Lithium Battery and charger Garmin Gt8 and Gt10 ice ducers All tucked into a Clam bag $650
  19. Priming modules are easy.. you do need a press to size the bullets and reprime the modules.. and some sort of powder scale to weigh out your charges
  20. Im not sure how into muzzleloading you are or how simple ya wanna keep things but id seriously look into the smokeless game.. search hankins custom rifles on youtube and watch some vids.. but id suggest a converted scout https://hanksprecisiongunparts.com/p/cva-scout-v2-converted-to-muzzleloader-complete-kit
  21. Went into there bedroom this morn and it paid off
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