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  1. L&M out of Port Bay, Hank is the man
  2. Tim, That's why they call them professionals. If your not 100% sure of yourself, get it done by someone who is. It will most likely be cheaper in the long run. There are several good machinics on this forum. Good luck
  3. That's where all my spoons went during the Sodus Pro-Am!!!!
  4. Mike Sr. is now in Fla. He's having some health issues but doing OK. Not sure what young Mike is doing. Come on up, the fishing is super.
  5. South of Naples NY we have tons of them on the ground. Figure that out.
  6. Prop Shop, right at Sodus Point.
  7. Father "Rebel" tells it like it is. It's like any other job. You have to work at it, and I mean work. You won't be going fishing, you'll be going to work.Think hard before you start, and then jump in with both feet.
  8. I have a Maxi-Mate, 8", same idea as special mate. $35. You pick up, Rochester area. Call if interested 8:am to 4 pm, 5852173033
  9. Not sure of the going rate anymore, but will give an A+ to Krenzer Marine at Sodus Point. They did mine a few years back with great results. Can't remember the $$$, but was in the lower range of everyone else.
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