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  1. You have not seen anything yet. It's just starting!!!!!!
  2. Do you have any camo you want to get rid of???
  3. Hi Greg, I take it that there are more available huh,,,,,
  4. Who is happier, Uncle or Nephew? Great video. They will never forget it.
  5. Fishmaster196, I still have them "fishmaster196. NO Junk. Plus others. If you think your going to steel they, no need to reply. Thanks
  6. I have just what you are looking for. Four(4) to pick from. Webster 217-3033 Dane
  7. Hats off to the Genesee Charter Boat Association for sponsoring the "flea market", held at the Port of Rochester building on Saturday morning. Lot's of great bargains, new and used. Attendance was good for the first time at the new location with lots of lookers and buyers, and a few shakers. A yearly event for sure.
  8. L&M out of Port Bay, Hank is the man
  9. Tim, That's why they call them professionals. If your not 100% sure of yourself, get it done by someone who is. It will most likely be cheaper in the long run. There are several good machinics on this forum. Good luck
  10. That's where all my spoons went during the Sodus Pro-Am!!!!
  11. Mike Sr. is now in Fla. He's having some health issues but doing OK. Not sure what young Mike is doing. Come on up, the fishing is super.
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