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  1. Cannon Magnum STX 10

    I have run 2 of these the last two years with no problems whatsoever. If you are used to running the older style cannons you will be shocked as to how fast these newer ones are. I use 12lb and 14lb weights with mine.
  2. Trolling bag size?

    22" amish outfitters trolling bags are what you need.
  3. for sale : usa Fish weights

    I just received my 14 lb weights from him and they are very nice. Would not hesitate to order more.
  4. Planer Board and Mooching Rods

    I have 8 of the Okuma Dead Eye open water trolling rods that I use as board/leadcore rods. I have the 8'6" telescoping model that's breaks down to 7' which is great for storage. The action is perfect for running inline boards.
  5. torpedo weighted steel line

    Well stated.
  6. torpedo weighted steel line

    Your right, poor choice of words on my part so i changed my previous post to reflect that. Thank you for your in depth explanation of the difference between the two, something I was too lazy to type out.
  7. torpedo weighted steel line

    I put on a small amount of mono on the convectors so that the wire doesn't slip on the reel, about 30 ft or so. My Tekotas have a small stud on the spool so there is no need for mono on those.
  8. torpedo weighted steel line

    The weighted steel is similar (certainly not equivalent) to copper that most people use. The 19 strand wire is the backing. There are several YouTube videos that show some of the benefits of using it compared to regular copper.
  9. torpedo weighted steel line

    I really like the versatility to be able to cover the water column with one rod. It works really well on walleye on Erie in the summer when the walleye are deep. I ended up rigging another identical rod recently because it worked so well.
  10. torpedo weighted steel line

    I'm using a convector 45 reel which has 750 ft of 19 strand and 200 ft of weighted steel.
  11. torpedo weighted steel line

    I use the Okuma GLT copper/leadcore rods with the large stainless guides on them with no issues. You don't need roller rods for the weighted steel.
  12. Leadcore 832 12# to 15# seaguar leader - knot question

    I use uni knot to small spro swivel then uni knot the leader to the spro, I have not had that connection fail yet. I realize that the lead will poke out a little on the leadcore but that has not been an issue.
  13. I have a total of 30 cut bait heads in 4 different colors for sale. The green ones all glow. I bought these new and couldn't use them with the MC Rocket baits that I use. $35.00 shipped. 716-673-6614.
  14. Best electric down rigger?

    Agree with the Cannon 10 STX, mine are only 2 years old and are rated for max 20 lbs. Like egoody says they are fast and do bounce quite a bit when they stop at the surface. Other than that minor complaint I am completely satisfied with them.