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  1. MarkM, sent you a PM
  2. Thank you
  3. Sounds like you had a good day. Where did you launch from? I'm not sure if the launch at the fort is usable. I'm leaning towards launching at Wilson in the morning then running to the bar.
  4. I use the medium heavy action. No need for twili tips with braid.
  5. I use the Shimano TDR dipsey rods for walleye mostly and they work well. They are only around 30.00 each. I would suggest using braid instead of mono for dipeys.
  6. I have a 4 year old also and wondered if I could run 3 more rods with her in the boat. I was told that she would have to show that she was able to handle a rod herself for her to count by a few people. I have not found a dec officer to ask if its true or not.
  7. I did my old sea nymph with the rust oleum professional from a gallon can. Once applied it came out glossy and there is no need for a clear coat with this paint. I scuffed the hull with scothbrite green pads and then wiped it down with acetone on rag.
  8. I don't have clear ones, mine are green or black and I usually run 8 ft leaders behind them to the flasher/fly. I guess I could just run them with my normal leader but it would make netting a little bit of a hassle with my 9ft rods. Thanks.
  9. Can u run it with a 5 ft leader behind the dipsey then flasher then 5ft Twinkie rig? I think I could handle this without having to hand line the fish in. I don't know if the short leader will impede the action of spinny.
  10. Question: when running meat on divers, what length leaders do you use between the diver and flasher? Or do you just run the 5' twinkie rig attached to the dipsey itself and no flasher?
  11. I was there 2 weeks ago and did well trolling north from Deans Cove. We caught a few steelhead and atlantics near shore on spoons, also caught a bunch of lakers.
  12. I went with 200 ft of weighted steel with 19 strand for backing. Hoping to try it out this weekend.
  13. I moved the weight as far forward as possible on my OR12's and I pull anything from 3 to 10 color leadcore with no problems. I would not adjust the weight for each color of core.
  14. The standard Itroll without the add ons will do everything most people would need and is infinitely adjustable. Anyone looking for a throttle control should give them a serious look.
  15. What knot do you use to connect the 19 strand to steel?