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  1. 2 Okuma Convector CV30 DLX line counter reels I have 2 convector reels for sale. These are LEFT HAND retrieve. They work fine and are in great shape. 45.00 each or 90.00 for both, will ship for free if you buy both. Call or text 716- 673-6614.
  2. Sold / Closed

    Will give you 30 if you ship to 14063.
  3. Dunkirk' s docks are in year round. I'm not sure about barcelona.
  4. My cv45 reads 192 ft with the 200 ft of weighted steel out and 433 ft with an actual 200 ft of 19 strand out after the steel.
  5. Sold / Closed

    All 4 reels are sold pending funds. I will know for sure tonight and will update thread as soon as possible. Thanks
  6. Sold / Closed

    I did not replace the drags. From what I was told the 500's do not have sticky drags like the larger reels. I did not have any issues with them on the fish I caught this year.
  7. 4 Tekota 500 LC reels I have for sale 4 like new condition tekota 500 line counter reels. The reels were bought new this spring and are spooled with 40lb braid. I found a small scratch on one of the side plates and a couple very minor scuffs on the plastic line counter one 2 of them. I would rate these 9.5 out of 10 or better. 125.00 for each reel, free shipping if you buy 2 or all 4. Call or text 716-673-6614.
  8. You have to set up an account to be able to download it. I have found it to be very accurate.
  9. Will do. I was hoping to get out for walleye a couple more times in the next couple weeks so I will probably put them up for sale in a couple weeks. I have 6 total but will probably sell 4 of them. I bought them new this spring and are all in like new condition.
  10. I had looked at both previously a few months back and decided to go with 19 strand myself.
  11. I'm pretty sure but not certain they will be about the same. From the info I could find online, torpedo 7 strand and 19 strand had the same diameter at .015" according to one website that sold both.
  12. According to the reel fill calculator that I use it shows that 250 yds of 19 strand will fill a Tekota 500 to 100% capacity. I am actually going to sell my Tekota 500's soon and buy Tekota 600's so that I can put 1000 ft of 19 strand on them for divers. I tried using my 500's with braid this year and had a couple issues with fleas which convinced me to switch. I primarily fish walleyes on erie but want reels that can pull double duty for salmon also.
  13. I don't think a 24v system would work for what you want to do. I have a 24v 80 lb terrova that I use only to steer my fishmaster. At walleye speeds, around 2 mph, I can get a solid 6 hours or more of use with the motor on 3.5 or so to help steer the boat. When I use it for salmon trolling at 2.5mph or more I have to bump up motor speed to 5 or 6 and am lucky to get 4 or 5 hours out of it. There is no way i could get 5 or 6 hours out of mine if I was using it to pull the boat without my 9.9 for propulsion in any kind of wind or waves. Maybe if the lake was flat. I have 2 30 series AGM batteries that power the terrova. I have no experience with a 36v system.
  14. They have a couple different options but the one I listed is around $400 I believe. I saw that they offer a foot pedal that can be used with an electric drill which should make it easier to use. I will only be re- spooling 6 or 8 reels at a time which is why I was leaning towards buying this setup. If your going to buy a cordless battery operated drill look at Ridgid. I have several of their products and they offer a lifetime guarantee on the drills and batteries which is why I purchased them.