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  1. Fishmaster 196

    Transducer location on transom

    You should be able to read bottom at any speed. My lowrance will read bottom at 50 MPH when set up correctly. The linked article has a bunch of information that can help you. Without looking at your transducer placement it is impossible to tell what is wrong with yours.
  2. Fishmaster 196

    I troll vs trollmaster

    Get the itroll, its infinitely adjustable as compared to the trollmaster. The hunt mode works well but is not adjustable on the fly while you are using it. You have to set the parameters up on hunt mode and then turn it on and hope they are right for the speeds you want. If you want or need to change them you have to get out of hunt mode and re enter what you want. If it was adjustable on the fly I would have paid extra for it after the free trial period. The basic throttle control and other features work great on my Yamaha 9.9 kicker.
  3. Fishmaster 196

    Rod holders for dipsy rods

    Yes, all the main name brands are interchangeable. I have traxtech tracks and have Cannon and Berts holders in mine.
  4. Fishmaster 196


    Just sent you payment for 100 hooks, Thanks
  5. Fishmaster 196

    fish hawk

    My fishhawk transducer is only 2 inches away from the lowrance transducer on the same side and I have no issues whatsoever with either of them.
  6. Fishmaster 196

    Adjustable Rod Holders

    Single. The base is adjustable about 45 degrees with those. I have two on each side for my dipsey rods, one facing straight out the other set at 45 degrees pointed back towards the rear, that way it keeps the rod tips away from each other.
  7. Fishmaster 196

    Adjustable Rod Holders

    I have 6 of the cannons and you can grab the holder and release lever at the same time and adjust it up or down with one hand. I also have a traxtech for my chute rod and you have to pull up on the lever with one hand and grab the rod holder with the other to move it up or down. I prefer the cannons after using both. Both of the them ratchet up when you grab the rod and both are the same quality IMO.
  8. Fishmaster 196

    QUestion about track systems

    Both are a quarter inch thick
  9. Fishmaster 196

    QUestion about track systems

    I have traxtech tracks on mine and just measured the bases for my great lakes systems rod trees. The bottom plate that goes in the track is 5" long by 2-15/16" wide. The top plate that rides on the track is 5"wide x 3-3/8" wide.
  10. Fishmaster 196

    Big Salmon river Chromer

    That mount looks great. If I ever catch a king worth mounting I will definitely be in touch.
  11. Fishmaster 196

    Ohio Walleye

    Good job, really nice fish! Our end is still locked up with ice.
  12. Fishmaster 196


    I remove the front hook on all my walleye cranks and also change out the rear hook to a size 2. I'm sure it changes the action somewhat but the walleye don't seem to care.
  13. Fishmaster 196

    Shark Weights

    Order some from member bikinibottom on this site. He makes his own shark weights.
  14. Fishmaster 196

    Cannon Magnum STX 10

    I have run 2 of these the last two years with no problems whatsoever. If you are used to running the older style cannons you will be shocked as to how fast these newer ones are. I use 12lb and 14lb weights with mine.
  15. Fishmaster 196

    Trolling bag size?

    22" amish outfitters trolling bags are what you need.