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    walleye fishing, hunting
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  1. I will take one if you do PayPal. Send me your payment info. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Fishmaster 196

    Boat touch up paint

    Call starcraft themselves. I spoke to a lady there and she found the paint code and actual paint that they use and offered to ship some to me at a reasonable price.
  3. Fishmaster 196

    Best boat for salmon fishin

    I was starting to feel like a very stupid person who made a huge mistake while reading this thread since I purchased new. Having a 6 year warranty on everything in the boat and having a lifetime warranty on the hull were well worth the price to me. I have purchased a used before and regretted it. I could care less about depreciation, this will be my last boat and when I'm done with it someone else will get a nice boat at a fair price.
  4. Fishmaster 196

    for sale : usa 13 lb Torpedo Shaped Weights

    Just got my 4 torpedo weights in the mail today. They are very nice, already coated and ready to go.
  5. Fishmaster 196

    2018 food plots

    2,4db will kill broadleaf weeds in clover and Clethodim will kill grasses in clover. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Fishmaster 196

    Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    We fished for eyes this evening. The water was 72degrees at the surface and 54 degrees or so at 50 ft. The temp break was at 45 ft. We caught a big laker off rigger set at 40ft. Never caught one that high before.
  7. Fishmaster 196

    Shimano Talora Dipsey rods

    I'm currently using 19 strand with my talora diver rods and am getting pig tails in the line. Will twilitips get rid of the pigtails? The rods are always kept in one piece and under tension.
  8. I'll take them. Send me your PayPal info please.
  9. Fishmaster 196

    Lost items at Wilson cleaning station

    Would you happen to have a number for them. I called bootleggers cove but the girl there didn't know what I was talking about. Thanks
  10. I know this is a long shot, but I was fishing out of Wilson on Friday and left behind a white tote at the cleaning station. Tote contained several boxes of gallon freezer bags and 3 knives. One of the knives was a large bubba blade, another large regular fillet knife and an American angler electric knife with extra blades. In total I'm out around 200.00 and am willing to pay to get them back.
  11. Fishmaster 196

    My Fish Hawk modification.

    Curious as to why you are worried about that spinning while going down the road.
  12. Town Marine in Bloomsburg, PA has one occasionally. They usually sell quick.
  13. Fishmaster 196

    Transducer location on transom

    You should be able to read bottom at any speed. My lowrance will read bottom at 50 MPH when set up correctly. The linked article has a bunch of information that can help you. Without looking at your transducer placement it is impossible to tell what is wrong with yours. http://www.sternmate.com/Where.html
  14. Fishmaster 196

    I troll vs trollmaster

    Get the itroll, its infinitely adjustable as compared to the trollmaster. The hunt mode works well but is not adjustable on the fly while you are using it. You have to set the parameters up on hunt mode and then turn it on and hope they are right for the speeds you want. If you want or need to change them you have to get out of hunt mode and re enter what you want. If it was adjustable on the fly I would have paid extra for it after the free trial period. The basic throttle control and other features work great on my Yamaha 9.9 kicker.