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  1. Owning a smaller boat, 17.5ft, and having to many rods and reels to store becomes a problem. I need to replace a 300-copper line that a king tore my friend off in the backing. so, I am starting over with this reel. Did anyone ever try spooling 50ft of copper after the backer and then add a 4 to 5ft piece of 50lb mono-line, followed by the remaining 250ft of copper. This would allow a place to snap on a board at 250ft. It would have two extra splices, but it would be multi-functional as a 250 and 300 copper line. Anyone ever try this?
  2. We often run a 300-copper chute line in that configuration. I don't know why, but sometimes it catches up to 50% of the fish. Last time out, the chute copper, caught our 4 biggest kings and a fifth one tore us off in the backing. We had 39 kings in 2.5 days, and the riggers, divers and boards caught the smaller fish, a lot of shakers. We have also had some major tangles while doing it. Next time out, I am going to try a church tackle stern planer with the chute copper. It should allow me to run the line back farther from the boat and out of the way. Also, when you catch a fish, rather than clear the copper line, you can let out more line with the clicker while you are playing the fish to get it father behind the boat and out of the way and it keeps fishing. Good luck.
  3. If you see https, the session between the web server and the browser on the device you are using is encrypted. You can easily identify web servers that have https configured by looking at the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in the web address bar of your browser. FishUSA URL is https://www.fishusa.com/ which is encrypted or secure.
  4. We were mostly in 12 to 16 FOW and trying to troll at 8ft where we were marking fish. It is possible that I was dragging bottom sometimes with depth changes or while making turns. I don't know how accurate the dive charts are, I may have been trolling deeper than I thought. This would make sense, because the line was rough and jagged where it tore. This was my first-time trolling, so I have a lot to learn. Next time out I will upgrade my slide diver leader to 40 or 50lb Big Game and also try to find some springs. I will need to use a Fish Hawk TD to check my actual trolling depth. Each trip will be a learning experience. But it will be fun. I appreciate all the suggestions and the willingness to try and help with my question. Thanks again to everyone who responded with this post.
  5. I am using 65lb braid for the main line. I am using a 30ft leader, to attach the slide diver to. 65lb braid main line - 30ft, 30lb mono leader for the slide diver - bead, barrel swivel, 6ft,15lb leader - spoon.
  6. I was not using the slide diver with a planer board. I used the yellow surgical tubing to clamp the mono line. There were not any springs included in the accessory kit of the slid divers that I purchased. I emailed slide diver twice and ask why the springs were not included in the pack and if they were needed. I never got a response from them, so I used the diver without the spring. I used the bead and the included barrel swivel, before the final leader to the lure. The lure was a DW SS spoon attached with a dream weaver #2 swivel. The diver was originally attached about 20ft above the bead and swivel, and the tear happened at the end of the leader. I measured the leader and only a small amount was torn off. Could the diver have slid to the end of the leader and started to swivel and chewed up the line. The surgical tubing locks the diver pretty tight, but maybe it moved. Also, is the spring needed on the trip lever wire? Like I said earlier they were not included with the diver (the instruction sheet says they should be). Would they be available to purchase at a hardware store?
  7. Sunday was my first day fishing on Lake Ontario. I was using planer boards and I tried a slide diver for the first time. On two occasions I saw the rod straighten and I thought the diver released. When I reeled my line in, it was torn off at the swivel, and I lost the diver. The line was rough and jagged where it tore. I don't understand what happened. I am sure that I had the diver rigged correctly and I had a bead between the diver and the swivel. The diver was on a 30lb Big Game mono leader. Any suggestions to help a new Lake O fisherman. Thanks
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