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  1. We both forgot to mention sitting around the campfire at night, sky full of stars,yukkin' it up about any number of subjects, no traffic, no crowds- what else have I missed? And there's some great river fishing not too far away- the Saranac, the Ausable, the Raquette (for bass), travel a little farther there's the St. Regis, the Salmon (Franklin county), the Boquet- plus, about a hundred other lakes and ponds. But I digress.
  2. Hey HB2, I'm jealous. A trip to the Adirondacks is like going home to me. I couldn't agree with you more that there's nothing better than seeing the sun come up over those mountains and a summer mist on the water. And camping on the islands, man, that's the best. I'm kind of glad that some people don't like roughing it, otherwise it would get even more crowded. Twenty-five years ago, when my kids were in their early teens, we used to camp on the islands for a week every summer, then stretched it to ten days because everybody thought a week was too short. Now my kids are grown, with families of their own, but they still talk about those trips and how much fun they had. It's a state of mind you can't appreciate until you've tried it. It all really fits in with the quote from Henry David Thoreau- "Man fishes a lifetime before he realizes it's not the fish he's after".
  3. After ten years away from Lake Ontario fishing due to medical issues caused by Lyme disease, I'm back with a new boat that I need to set up with downriggers. On my previous boat I ran Cannon Marlin HP electrics, circa early 1990's, which I had no problems with after getting the touchpad issues replaced under warranty. Now days I'm hearing that Cannon products aren't the same after the company was sold and the warranty isn't as solid as before. I was a diehard Cannon guy, but I've been told by two or three fishermen whose opinions and experience I trust that Scotty downriggers are the way to go. I would appreciate hearing the pros and cons of both from folks who are have been using them. I don't mind spending the big bucks for quality products as long as they're going to hold up and last for several years, at least.
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