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  1. Went to eBay as requested. 5" with release not listed for sale on eBay, only the 4".
  2. Good observation tj. I don’t think I’d want to fight the disk and a big fish at the same time, and I wouldn’t look forward to retrieving the disk with the boat moving without a release.
  3. Are these divers adjustable for direction? They appear to be, but wanted to ask anyway. Any experience using them with heavy bunker spoons for stripers? The release on Dipsey’s isn’t strong enough to hold bunker spoons, no matter how much you tighten it.
  4. Yeah, I ran into the same thing with the Sheraton when I tried to book a room. WTF? Ended up booking at Quality Hotel instead. Doesn't have a great rating but was about $70 a night total, and I don't plan on spending a lot of time in the room anyway. Don't forget to add the taxes to that price from Sheraton too.
  5. Steelydan, Yeah, I see the Okuma Cold Waters are off the Closeout page. I must have cleaned them out because I did order 4 at $29.99 ea. Let’s see if they show up. The Tekota 700 and 800 are still on the Closeout page at $160 which is a hell of a deal IMO. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Just found Okuma Cold Water left hand reels, CW303DLX, for sale at Fishermans Headquarters, Bradenton Fla. in their closeout section for $29.99. Not sure how many they have, but I ordered four, so if it's a scam I'll be a victim too. They also had Shimano Tekota 700LC and 800LC (old style) on closeout. Didn't look at the 700 price but the 800LC was $160.00 which is way cheap. Thought I'd throw it out there in case anybody is interested.
  7. Wish I had seen these postings earlier. I ordered two Tekotas and some divers online from ASB over a month ago. Hadn’t heard anything after two weeks so I called to get the status of my order. The gentleman told me they were waiting for the Tekotas from the manufacturer and order would be sent out “on Thursday”. Waited another ten days after “Thursday”, then sent them an email. No response after a week. Not sure what I’m going to do next, but I’m pissed, that’s for sure. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.
  8. Jerry, Thanks so much for your help. I got your PM also. Unfortunately, that is not the power/data cable I need for my Garmin chartplotter. The cable you have in the picture appears to be a 7-pin, the cable I need is an 18- pin. I have been told that the Garmin part number for the 18 pin cable is #320-00145-00, but I haven't been able to track one down yet. Fortunately it looks like I'll have all winter to keep looking. But, seriously, I really appreciate your effort, your interest and your time. Thank You. I can't say it enough, the folks who post on LOU are the BEST, and I can only hope it stays that way! Thanks again, Nick P.S. Like one of the other posters said, I would love to get a look in your basement !!
  9. Very cool spoonfed. Thanks for sharing the info.
  10. Looking to buy a Garmin 18 pin power/data cable (discontinued by Garmin) for a Garmin 3010c chartplotter. Not sure of the part number, but I know it fit a lot of the earlier 2000's GPS chartplotters like the 2010c, 2006c, 3006c, etc. I don't need the cable with the transducer hookup, just the power/data. Also, if anybody knows where I might find this cable I would sure appreciate a point in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Hey Chris, no problem. You handled the whole thing with a lot of class. Not sure I would have been so polite after somebody made that kind of uninformed statement, then compounded it with an asinine and insulting offer. Fortunately, most everyone else on this site had the good sense to realize the sale was honest. I continue to be impressed by the class the folks on LOU show and I hope it continues to stay this way. I'm just bummed that the Big Jon planer reels got sold before I had a chance at them. Keep it going everybody!! Nick
  12. Hey, 'cmon guys, lay off C3M. Ranger does make a net with that model # that sells in that price range. It's Model #9877TFBHD. The T denotes the telescopic handle, the FB denotes flat bottom netting, the HD denotes heavy duty netting. There is a Model #9877TFB that doesn't have the heavy duty netting, which would obviously cost less, and the Model #9877FB, without the telescopic handle would be even cheaper. The Musky Shop sells the heavy duty unit for $149.99 plus $30.00 shipping, so it sounds to me like C3M got a pretty good deal paying $140. Don't be so quick to accuse a guy of scamming, try getting your facts straight first. What are you, Democrats?
  13. Cool. I’ll take a dozen if you have that many left. PM me with how you would like to be paid and any extra postage charges. Thanks.
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