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  1. Thanks Capt. Dan. Great information, very helpful, especially to those of us who travel from a long distance. Makes it so much easier to make plans when we can know what to expect when we get to the ramp.
  2. For all you guys out there running braid for downrigger cables, how well do stacker releases work on the braid? Any problems with them sliding on the braid or releases not holding, as I know braid is much more slippery than wire? Thinking about changing from wire to braid on my Scottys, already know I would need to change the stop beads. Thanks.
  3. Agree with HB2 100%. The super glows don't seem to produce as well initially in dark or low light conditions, better after being in the water for a while and losing some of the glow. Super glow better in deep water, high sun conditions, but like everything in this fishery, there are a lot of exceptions because there are so many variables.
  4. They both look awesome! Kudos to bikinibottom.
  5. Sounds well thought out to me with all your bases covered. Would like to hear how everything turns out. Keep us posted.
  6. Not sure why you want to do that with only one receptacle because you couldn't have power to the anchor winch and the trolling motor at the same time. If you don't mind continuously changing plugs I don't see why it wouldn't work, though. Just make sure the 12v plug is wired to the first of your three batteries, otherwise you'll be sending either 24v or 36v to the anchor winch, which wouldn't work out well. And those three prong MinnKota plugs ain't cheap if you're buying another one. Just my opinion.
  7. I have two unused Cannon Mag10A downriggers for sale. These are the old style riggers with the slow speed motors, 60FPM if I'm not mistaken. Both of these downriggers are brand new, never mounted, never used. I bought them at the Suffern Sport Show about 15 years ago to put on my boat, then came down with a serious case of Lyme disease and had to give up fishing and boating completely, so they ended up in my storage unit since that time. That boat is long gone, so I have no need to keep them any longer. Both downriggers are complete with no parts missing. One box was opened to make sure all the parts are there, the second box has never even been opened. Both riggers come with telescopic booms, positive ion control, 200 ft. of wire, bases, single rear mount rod holder, release, and stainless steel mounting hardware. No weights included. The only thing that didn't come with the units is swivel bases. I do have two used, but in very good condition, old style low profile swivel bases that I would be willing to sell, I'm just not sure if the included bases have the correct bolt pattern for those swivel bases. Price for the downriggers is $250.00 each, swivel base an additional $50.00 each. Buyer pays shipping. A quick check online is saying shipping from my house to Buffalo would be about $20.00 per unit just as a ballpark cost. Would like to sell these as a pair if possible.
  8. I replaced some of mine with Size #7 black ball bearing swivels from South Florida Tackle (www.sftackle.com) and have been very satisfied. Pack of 25 for $13.00 including shipping and no tax. You could probably use their size #6 swivels, but the 7's seem to be a little more free swinging, which I like. Also, 10-15% discount on purchases of multiple packs. I've been using the size #4's in saltwater for a year now and have no complaints.
  9. In case anybody has missed it, I just read in New York Outdoor News that the 2021 Niagara Fishing Expo, originally scheduled for January, 2021, then moved to February, 2021, has now been cancelled entirely due to the Covid situation. Bummer!
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