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  1. ErieBuck, Not sure the PM thing is working. Got a notification that you responded to my PM but getting no message. Just let me know how you would like to be paid. Thanks, Nick
  2. Thanks guys. Do you happen to know if they have short term dock space available?
  3. Wondering what the latest situation is at Wright's in Oswego. Haven't heard much since very early in the spring about the ongoing construction and what is happening with the dock situation. Last I heard the launch ramps were open, but that's about it. Thought I heard something about the work being completed by the middle of July, but we all know how those schedules go when any part of the local, state or federal governments are involved. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. Looking for a dock space for my 23' Aquasport from 7/20/21 through 8/07/21 in the Mexico/Catfish Creek area. Have already tried Mike's and Salmon Country with no luck. If you have a space, or know somebody that might have one, I'd sure like to hear about it. Might be willing to pay for a whole month to get those two and a half weeks, depending on the deal. Respond here or PM me at 201-870-2311 with anything you might have. Thanks, Nickihoyboy
  5. This is probably just ignorance, but that never stopped me before, so here goes. So one of our wonderful government agencies decides that there should be protections placed on certain species, like cormorants and seagulls. For what purpose? It seems like both species' populations are out of control, to the point where they are causing environmental damage to other important species. Historically, were the cormorant and seagull populations ever as high as they are now, became depleted, and they are now trying to manage the populations back to previous levels, or what? I wish they would explain what their goal is by placing ridiculous protections on these birds. It doesn't take a Ph.D to know that populations out of balance with their environment can cause major harm to their surroundings. It's kind of ironic that protections are placed on these birds which have, in my opinion, minimal value to the environment, while allowing them to overpopulate and do serious damage to a resource valued in the tens of millions annually. Why are the folks responsible for these stupid migratory bird regulations placed on cormorants not addressing the issue more seriously considering the money that's involved? Typical government incompetence, inaction and pass the blame!
  6. Amazing!! Can't believe the way what seemed to be to be a simple question about where one might find early breakfast turned into some way out suggestions about the charters providing breakfast for their clients. Talk about getting sidetracked! Maybe some adventurous entrepreneur with a roach coach should set up at the marinas or launch ramps early in the morning. Could be a gold mine for somebody, except for all the regs about sales on state or private property. Still, could work.
  7. Thanks Capt. Dan. Great information, very helpful, especially to those of us who travel from a long distance. Makes it so much easier to make plans when we can know what to expect when we get to the ramp.
  8. For all you guys out there running braid for downrigger cables, how well do stacker releases work on the braid? Any problems with them sliding on the braid or releases not holding, as I know braid is much more slippery than wire? Thinking about changing from wire to braid on my Scottys, already know I would need to change the stop beads. Thanks.
  9. Agree with HB2 100%. The super glows don't seem to produce as well initially in dark or low light conditions, better after being in the water for a while and losing some of the glow. Super glow better in deep water, high sun conditions, but like everything in this fishery, there are a lot of exceptions because there are so many variables.
  10. They both look awesome! Kudos to bikinibottom.
  11. Sounds well thought out to me with all your bases covered. Would like to hear how everything turns out. Keep us posted.
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