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  1. Hey Guys, I'm sure this question has been asked a hundred times already, but, I'm in the process of replacing the treble hooks on a bunch of my Moonshine and Dreamweaver magnum size spoons and was wondering what some of you guys with experience doing this would recommend. The existing trebles appear to be size 2/0 (or maybe 3/0) from the size chart I printed out but was wondering what sizes you would recommend, and if it would make sense to go with a 2X or 4X-strong treble, or would the extra weight affect the action of the spoon? I'm also not crazy about the durability of the existing split rings and am thinking of replacing them with some heavier stainless steel split rings. I would like to hear what your experiences might be. By the way, any of you guys who do this and haven't tried the Texas Tackle split ring pliers, I would highly recommend getting a pair, as I think they are by far the best dedicated split ring pliers I have ever used and they are reasonably priced. Thanks. Nick
  2. I will take the Chinook divers if you would be willing to ship on my dime. Nick
  3. I have a 2002 Aquasport 225 Explorer with a 200 Yamaha 2-stroke with just under 600 hours. Absolutely nothing wrong with the 2-stroke, but I am looking to re-power with a used 4-stroke this off season, preferably a Yamaha, but would consider a Honda or Suzuki. Boat is rated to 300HP but my preference would be a 250 or 225, might go to 200HP for the right motor. If anyone knows of a motor that might fit the bill I would appreciate a shout. I live in NJ but, if need be, am willing to haul the boat anywhere for the right motor. I am well aware of the exhaust and thermostat corrosion issues that some of the Gen 1 4-stroke Yamahas (2002 to 2006) in that HP range are having so please don't try to hook me up with one of those without a mechanic's inspection. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Nick
  4. Agree with Frogger. Have the same unit on my boat for the onboard battery charger.
  5. I'll take Lot MoonMag. Will send PM.
  6. Follow up to my question about running a chute rod, and the results. Hit the Oak on July 19th through Aug. 4th. Love the facilities available for the fisherman there. First class ramp and good docking facilities with fish cleaning station at the Orleans County Marine Park. Fished solo in 475-500 the first day without running the chute rod, instead using one downrigger and two diver setups, spoons on the riggers with fixed cheaters and F/F on the divers. Took one 15 lb. salmon on a F/F, a couple of skippies on the spoons, and several steelhead (didn't count), all on spoons. Started running a 400 weighted steel chute rod when my son and son-in-law showed up, allowing for more rods in use, and it started providing results almost immediately. Like Lamtec, some of the biggest fish we caught over three days were on the 400' chute rod, including a 26lb. 12oz. king weighed in at Narby's. Needless to say, that rod will now be a permanent part of our arsenal. Only ran the chute rod with spoons this year to avoid tangles, didn't feel the need to try anything else since it produced so well with the spoons. Might try F/F or meat rig next year if the spoons aren't producing. Did get one massive tangle when a wild king took one of the wire divers into the weighted steel, but getting it untangled only cost us 50' of wire diver line and the weighted steel survived unscathed. And, we got the fish! So, in my opinion, the weighted steel chute setup is a winner and a permanent part of my setup from now on. And as a side note, fantastic fishing at Oak Orchard, already scheduled my trip for next year.
  7. Great comment HB2! Gave me a really good laugh. Evidently a lot of people on LOU don't have a sense of humor. Hopefully, folks can get a good laugh and still know that the Fish Hawk folks are great people with a great product and would never actually conspire with Cannon just to sell probes. Lighten up ROLMOPS.
  8. Just my two cents, as opinions vary from fisherman to fisherman, but I would say if you don't have any experience using wire line stick with the braid to start out using dipsies, it's one less thing to worry about when you're learning to run them and a whole lot less expensive and more forgiving when you make a mistake. Also, you won't have to put TwiliTips on your dipsey rods, which is something you can do later if you decide to try wire. The biggest problem with running braid on Lake Ontario, as far as I can see, is that during certain times of the season spiny water fleas really stick to the braid and are hard to remove. If you don't have that problem in B.C. I'd say go with the braid. I've used both the braid and the wire and I personally don't see much difference between the two fishing less than about 75' deep, and as I said, the braid is much more forgiving. As for dipseys, I like the Chinook divers because they provide less drag when fighting a fish, but I also use and like the Dreamweaver Deeper Divers in 107 and 124 sizes because you don't have to mess with an added ring. I doubt you would need the 124 size for the depths that you are fishing. For linecounter reels on a budget, I know you said you're not an Okuma fan but it's hard to beat the Okuma Convector series in my opinion. I would stay away from the Magda series for the difference in cost. The convectors are pretty well built, easy to get service and parts for, and have a pretty good drag system which is easy to upgrade with Dragmaster drag washers if you feel the need. I have some Convectors and some Cold Waters, and also have some Daiwas, Penns and two Shimanos. The Shimanos are definitely the best, but the cost is about twice that of the Convectors. As with all fishing gear, I would say if you're really serious about what you are doing buy the best you can afford, it will last longer and give you better service. Good luck and great fishing!
  9. Well there's 11 Arrowheads, I was thinking $3 apiece. A small flat-rate USPS box costs $9.50, so that's a total of $42.50, What would you say to an even $40.00?
  10. Oswego NY, Here's what I have. The top row are all silver, the bottom row are all black. I put the lure tape on them but it can easily be removed using rubbing alcohol. Let me know if you're interested. Nick
  11. Great store for us trollers. Owner is Jonathan Ross, one of the nicest guys you'll meet, and free with all his fishing information. My first visit to the Oak from NJ, I stopped into his store after seeing it mentioned on LOU and he couldn't have been more helpful. He recommended a few flies that were hot, some I had and some I bought, and all of them worked great with the combinations he recommended. If you stop by his store check out the super Mag spoons he makes, they look awesome. Wanted to buy some but the patterns I wanted were all sold out at the time. You can bet I'll be back every time I'm in the area. And by the way, congratulations to Capt. Jon and his crew for winning the 2022 Sandy Creek Shootout. I was at the fish cleaning station at the Orleans Co. Marine Park when his crew came in to clean their four winning salmon. Great store!
  12. Pennfish, Would you be willing to ship the pulleys and releases on my dime?
  13. Oswego NY, I have a bunch of them I would be willing to part with. I am from NJ but currently at Oak Orchard and won't be home until Saturday. I can send you some photos of the spoons when I get home if you are interested. I have some silver and some black Arrowheads, all in good condition. I think some may never have seen the water. Nick
  14. You said it ErieBuck! You local guys are so lucky to enjoy this tremendous fishery on LO. I'm from southern NJ and I would rather do the eight hour drive to Lake Ontario for this fishing than the one hour drive to the ocean for those opportunities. While I have put dozens of 30-40 lb., and one 50 lb., stripers in the boat I still prefer the mighty king as my number one fish species and I totally appreciate all that upstate NY has to offer the sportsman. Made the long trip yesterday, splashed the boat today, can't wait for the fishing to start tomorrow morning.
  15. I'll take them Greg. PM sent.
  16. Thanks Bottom-Feeder. I don't mind the fish tangling up the lines, that only means that I'm catching fish. Just trying to avoid the fishermen doing it. Definitely going to give the chute rod a try when we hit the Oak in a couple of weeks. Never fished the west end before, so I'll be having a bunch of new experiences this year, including a 9 hour tow from South Jersey. Can't wait!
  17. For the guys that have a lot more experience than I do, I have been wondering about the feasibility of running a 400 weighted steel rod straight out the back of my boat to complement my normal setup of one downrigger line at each of the two back corners and one 9' wire diver rod on each side of the boat with mag divers on a #3 setting run back 200-275 ft. Mostly curious about the probability of the diver lines getting into the weighted steel line in turns. I'm thinking that the divers should be set to run deeper than the weighted steel line, which I would expect to be running about 75' deep. Or would I be better off running a chute rod with a diver on a zero setting and keeping that higher than the port and starboard diver depths? Your thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I did, about 20 years ago. It's been so long that I forgot all the particulars, but I remember that I tried two different models of them and I wasn't happy with either of them and I went back to my 13 lb. Slim Darters. They may still be lying around somewhere in my attic, if you're interested in them I'll look and see if I can find them. If I can, you pay for shipping from NJ and I'll send them to you. No promises that I'll find them though. Nick
  19. Trorun, I would like to buy the two Big Jon pulleys if you are willing to ship to NJ and take Paypal. Will send PM. Nick
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