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  1. What is the hoop size, and where are you located? Thanks.
  2. I live in southern NJ and tow my 23’ boat up to Lake Ontario every summer. I have subscribed to BoatUS (Towboat) for years, including the trailer coverage, and have been very happy with their coverage. First, let me say that I renew my subscription every year at a boat or sport show with a BoatUS booth where I save $50 on the annual price. I have used the plan services three times over the years with no complaints, including twice on the same trip. One year my trailer suffered a broken leaf spring on I-81. I called the service number, gave them the information on my problem and location, and had a flatbed on site within an hour. On the same trip, about 10 days later fishing out of Port Ontario, I stupidly ran out of two stroke oil about six miles out in the lake. I called Towboat and asked that they just bring me a gallon of two stroke oil. It took about 45 minutes for the red boat out of Oswego to get to me. He wouldn’t bring me a gallon of oil, but he did tow me back to the Lighthouse Marina. Both times, the service cost me nothing but a signature. The third time, two years ago fishing out of Oak Orchard, I lost my hydraulic steering while out on the lake. Made the call to Towboat and had the red boat from Oneida Marine in Rochester come all the way out and tow me back to the Orleans Co. Marine Park at no cost to me. So if you ask me, BoatUS Towboat is a bargain! I guess any insurance is expensive UNTIL YOU NEED IT! Personally, I like the peace of mind it gives me.
  3. Beatixre, with all due respect, If RH93 doesn’t want to travel two hours west for the better early summer salmon fishing why would he consider traveling all the way across country to northern California to go to Lake Clementine? Long way to trailer your boat too. Get a grip!
  4. I was up in Rochester this past weekend for the LOCBA fishing flea market and I couldn’t get over the number of lighted message boards alerting drivers about the eclipse and to expect travel delays. I guess they expect that drivers are just gonna stop on the highways and watch it happen.
  5. Being from South Jersey and not close to the totality zone I thought it might be cool to see a total solar eclipse once before I die, so I started checking for hotel rooms in upstate NY in the totality zone. If available, rooms that were normally $80-120 a night are going for $229-400 a night for April 7th & 8th, so my first thought was “What if it’s cloudy?” after a 350 mile drive. So I guess I won’t get to see a total solar eclipse in my lifetime. Count yourselves lucky, folks.
  6. Up to the Oak from South Jersey for the past two weeks. Fishing has been from good to lights out depending on the weather. Hard north blow this morning made fishing from my 23 footer too uncomfortable, hoping to get out this evening and Sunday morning before the wind starts back up. Had good luck in 200-300 ft. of water with spoons on riggers at 75-85 and dipseys at 190-240 on a 3 setting. Best spoons have been Carbon 14, UV Green Jeans and Wonderbread/Burnt Bread. Biggest kings came on Glo Frog/White belly on a 400' weighted steel chute line. Green Bam and Chrome Bam flashers with Bam fly and Atommik Hypnotist fly have produced well. Haven't run any meat rigs but hear they're producing. Most of my fishing has been solo, so only able to use three rods, which limits the variety I can run at any one time. Had some evenings out at the 28.5 line when I couldn't keep three rods in the water. What a fantastic fishery you guys have up here, I'm so jealous! Good luck tomorrow. Nick
  7. What size are the Convectors, and how much are you asking for them?
  8. If I'm not mistaken, sonar is not really a depthfinder but a distance measuring device. That's why fish show up as arches when you are trolling. When they first show up on the edge of your transducer cone the distance from the transducer to the fish is greater. As the transducer moves more directly over the fish, to the center of the transducer cone, and the angle to the fish lessens, the distance to the fish also lessens, indicated on the sonar screen as the top of the inverted V shape. As the transducer moves past the fish and the angle again increases the sonar screen will show the fish depth increasing, giving you the other arm of the inverted V, even though the fish hasn't actually changed depth. Watching your downrigger weight on the sonar screen while trolling will only show you when your weight is at the same depth as any fish you might encounter. Try this: note the depth of your rigger weight as you're trolling at say 3.0MPH. The slow your troll down to 1.5MPH and watch what happens to your weight's indicated depth on the screen.
  9. Chinook Chaser, I've been using the Reel Fill Calculator (found on this website or other locations online) to fill my reels and it seems to be pretty accurate providing you use the correct information. I generally shoot for about 90-92% fill, never over 95% filled, otherwise you're liable to be overfilled, and take it from me, removing and refilling the reel is a PITA. Looking quickly at your situation, it looks like the Daiwa Saltist 50 has a stated line capacity of 350 yds./30lb. mono, or 310 yds./40lb. mono. Using the calculator and assuming that your wire is 1000ft.@ .015 dia., looks like you would need 900ft. (300yds.) of 20 lb. mono backing (@.018 dia.) or 495ft. (165yds.) of 40 lb. mono backing (@.024 dia.) to get to 95% filled. I suggest using mono because it's way cheaper than braid and, with 1000ft. of wire, I seriously doubt you would ever get down to the backing anyway. As far as attaching the mono to the wire, I have been using an Albright knot, which is easy to tie and slides through the rod guides and levelwind eye just fine. You could probably use a small barrel swivel instead of the Albright knot, again, probably never going to get down that far anyway. Here is a link to the Reel Fill Calculator I use: https://www.thesouthend.org/index.php/resources/reel-fill-calculator Hint: Some of the capacities entered in the calculator are in yards, some are in feet. Make sure you use the correct ones,
  10. OK, I'll take them. Will put a check in the mail tomorrow along with my mailing information. Thanks. Nick
  11. Capt. Lou, Are any of the Laurvick releases left for sale? If so, how many and what is the cost? Thanks. Nick
  12. Hey Guys, I'm sure this question has been asked a hundred times already, but, I'm in the process of replacing the treble hooks on a bunch of my Moonshine and Dreamweaver magnum size spoons and was wondering what some of you guys with experience doing this would recommend. The existing trebles appear to be size 2/0 (or maybe 3/0) from the size chart I printed out but was wondering what sizes you would recommend, and if it would make sense to go with a 2X or 4X-strong treble, or would the extra weight affect the action of the spoon? I'm also not crazy about the durability of the existing split rings and am thinking of replacing them with some heavier stainless steel split rings. I would like to hear what your experiences might be. By the way, any of you guys who do this and haven't tried the Texas Tackle split ring pliers, I would highly recommend getting a pair, as I think they are by far the best dedicated split ring pliers I have ever used and they are reasonably priced. Thanks. Nick
  13. I will take the Chinook divers if you would be willing to ship on my dime. Nick
  14. I have a 2002 Aquasport 225 Explorer with a 200 Yamaha 2-stroke with just under 600 hours. Absolutely nothing wrong with the 2-stroke, but I am looking to re-power with a used 4-stroke this off season, preferably a Yamaha, but would consider a Honda or Suzuki. Boat is rated to 300HP but my preference would be a 250 or 225, might go to 200HP for the right motor. If anyone knows of a motor that might fit the bill I would appreciate a shout. I live in NJ but, if need be, am willing to haul the boat anywhere for the right motor. I am well aware of the exhaust and thermostat corrosion issues that some of the Gen 1 4-stroke Yamahas (2002 to 2006) in that HP range are having so please don't try to hook me up with one of those without a mechanic's inspection. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Nick
  15. Agree with Frogger. Have the same unit on my boat for the onboard battery charger.
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