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  1. Trorun, I would like to buy the two Big Jon pulleys if you are willing to ship to NJ and take Paypal. Will send PM. Nick
  2. I'll take them. Will send PM with info.
  3. Heard a couple of statements recently that, if true, kind of sum up where we are at this point in the debate. "You can make windmills with steel, but you can't make steel with windmills". "Tesla is now one of the richest and most valuable companies in this country. So why are they still getting untold millions of dollars in government subsidies?" My viewpoint on this whole issue is that we (this country) should definitely be exploring any number of options concerning alternative methods of energy, but I think trying to convert to alternative sources too quickly could be disastrous. We need to ease into a change, not try to do it overnight. I do believe that companies related to the fossil fuel industries will fight the change tooth and nail, but they will have to concede eventually. They should be major players looking toward alternative sources that they can develop to replace the oil and gas. And becoming dependent on one alternative source could create the same issues we have with fossil fuels right now, we need multiple alternatives. Let's face it, the biggest threat to the earth's environment is just people in general. As the population of the earth grows, people are going to have an effect on the environment just due to sheer numbers and, unfortunately, many countries don't really care as much about the environment as they do other issues.
  4. bigted, Saw your reply to my post about the lost board in Open Lake Discussion and found it a little disappointing. Just to clarify, we didn't even know that we had snagged somebody's gear until quite a bit later when I raised the downrigger to change lures. The Michigan Stinger spoon the other guy was trolling had snagged my downrigger cable at some point and we were completely unaware of it, which was kind of surprising since we had no indication of it. Anyway, as the rigger was coming up the spoon caught on the stop beads on the cable and jammed into the rigger boom when it hit the pulley. The rigger motor kept running and before I could shut it off the drive belt on my Scotty downrigger jumped off the drive wheel, causing the downrigger to free spool with no way to stop the cable until the weight hit the bottom in 140' of water. Fortunately we got the boat stopped before all 300' of cable was out, but it took a long time to get the belt back on and the downrigger working correctly. By then the other guys were long gone out of sight. We turned around and trolled back in the direction that they were headed in but never saw them again, hence the post on LOU. My question is, why didn't they stop and come back? We were dead in the water for at least 15 minutes fixing the downrigger, maybe more. I feel bad about what happened but I don't know what else I could have done.
  5. Looks like a nice deep ramp at least. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Bayonne59, had pretty much the same experience, only two weeks instead of one. Boiled my brake fluid and had my brake pedal go right to the floor towing my 23' boat in a two hour traffic jam on the PA Turnpike. Sat on the shoulder for eight hours trying to get some help, finally decided to try and make the next exit (13 mi. away) at 11:30PM with light traffic, only to find that the brakes were working fine once the fluid cooled. Never heard of this before, except in NASCAR, but I Googled it and it describes my situation exactly. Very weird. Anyway, get to my rental near Mexico at 5:30AM, take a nap, then take the boat over to Lighthouse Marina where I had reserved a slip, only to find I can't launch at their ramp because of the low water. The owner of Lighthouse, Abe, offers to go with me to the Mexico launch and drive my truck and trailer back to the marina while I drive the boat back. Barely got the boat off the trailer at Mexico, but finally got tied up at Lighthouse. Fished hard for two weeks from the plant all the way up to north of North Sandy, from 85' out to 400', with very little success. Threw everything I had at them, spoons, flasher/flies, meat rigs, you name it. Tried speeds from 1.5 to 3.2, didn't seem to matter. Even tried some stickbaits and j-plugs in frustration. Ended the trip with one king in the high teens, two steelies 9-1/2 and 10-1/2 lbs., one brown 6 lbs., one small laker and a bunch of small browns that ate the spoons (all released except the king). The charters out of Lighthouse didn't seem to be doing much better. Plenty of marks and plenty of bait, but didn't seem like the kings were interested. I was told the same thing, come the last two weeks of August and the first two weeks of September. Talk about combat fishing time. And I waited all year anticipating a great fishing trip. Oh well, that's fishing.
  7. Fished out in front of the nuke plant all weekend with no luck on kings. What water depths were you fishing? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Not sure where to post this, but I hope this finds the owner. While fishing off Mexico Bay/Salmon River on Monday, my crew accidentally snagged somebody's copper line and side planer, which ended up in my downrigger cable. Not sure how it happened and I apologize if it was my fault, and I would like to see the owner at least get the side planer back. The boat was a small aluminum boat, probably 16', with a distinctive beach umbrella for a canopy. We recovered the spoon, the copper line and the right side side planer board. If this rig is yours, or you might know whose it is, I would like to see them get it back. Please contact Nick at 201-870-2311, or through Nickihoyboy at Lake Ontario United. I'm from NJ but will be in the Mexico/ Pulaski area through Saturday, 8/7. Hoping this can help.
  9. ErieBuck, Not sure the PM thing is working. Got a notification that you responded to my PM but getting no message. Just let me know how you would like to be paid. Thanks, Nick
  10. Thanks guys. Do you happen to know if they have short term dock space available?
  11. Wondering what the latest situation is at Wright's in Oswego. Haven't heard much since very early in the spring about the ongoing construction and what is happening with the dock situation. Last I heard the launch ramps were open, but that's about it. Thought I heard something about the work being completed by the middle of July, but we all know how those schedules go when any part of the local, state or federal governments are involved. Any info would be appreciated.
  12. Looking for a dock space for my 23' Aquasport from 7/20/21 through 8/07/21 in the Mexico/Catfish Creek area. Have already tried Mike's and Salmon Country with no luck. If you have a space, or know somebody that might have one, I'd sure like to hear about it. Might be willing to pay for a whole month to get those two and a half weeks, depending on the deal. Respond here or PM me at 201-870-2311 with anything you might have. Thanks, Nickihoyboy
  13. This is probably just ignorance, but that never stopped me before, so here goes. So one of our wonderful government agencies decides that there should be protections placed on certain species, like cormorants and seagulls. For what purpose? It seems like both species' populations are out of control, to the point where they are causing environmental damage to other important species. Historically, were the cormorant and seagull populations ever as high as they are now, became depleted, and they are now trying to manage the populations back to previous levels, or what? I wish they would explain what their goal is by placing ridiculous protections on these birds. It doesn't take a Ph.D to know that populations out of balance with their environment can cause major harm to their surroundings. It's kind of ironic that protections are placed on these birds which have, in my opinion, minimal value to the environment, while allowing them to overpopulate and do serious damage to a resource valued in the tens of millions annually. Why are the folks responsible for these stupid migratory bird regulations placed on cormorants not addressing the issue more seriously considering the money that's involved? Typical government incompetence, inaction and pass the blame!
  14. Amazing!! Can't believe the way what seemed to be to be a simple question about where one might find early breakfast turned into some way out suggestions about the charters providing breakfast for their clients. Talk about getting sidetracked! Maybe some adventurous entrepreneur with a roach coach should set up at the marinas or launch ramps early in the morning. Could be a gold mine for somebody, except for all the regs about sales on state or private property. Still, could work.
  15. Thanks Capt. Dan. Great information, very helpful, especially to those of us who travel from a long distance. Makes it so much easier to make plans when we can know what to expect when we get to the ramp.
  16. For all you guys out there running braid for downrigger cables, how well do stacker releases work on the braid? Any problems with them sliding on the braid or releases not holding, as I know braid is much more slippery than wire? Thinking about changing from wire to braid on my Scottys, already know I would need to change the stop beads. Thanks.
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