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  1. Like this? Sent from my SM-G998U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. If you are running a kicker motor off to the side of the main just put the rigger on the opposite side.
  3. I switch it out every year, cheap insurance. There are times when you have 50 dollars in tackle tied onto the end of it!
  4. Braid would think would be a nightmare right now......it comes off the wire pretty easy.
  5. Are you running a snubber? Its a good idea on the new faster riggers.
  6. No need ..it's Friday. Let's call a truce. Why don't you head out to your deck and enjoy yourself a red white and berry!
  7. The trench off henderson should be good at this time as well.
  8. Trolled.....That was just fo you I knew you would jump on that one Rolmops
  9. I had some fleas a little over a week ago out of henderson headed south toward the plant. Not a lot but they were there.
  10. Henchens in henderson had a pair last time I was there.
  11. I think it is as high as it is going to get. As a rule June is the peak and it starts to decline from there. They have reduced the outflows but I think Long Lines is correct, they will need to increase them at some point the keep the shipping lanes running. If I was to guess I would say you will see it drop at least 4-8 inches from where it is now by mid august.
  12. If it is an outboard that has been taken care of properly or an inboard with a closed cooling system I wouldnt hesitate but I would get a survey of course. I/O's have no place in saltwater I wouldnt even consider that. I have a 1991 mercury 150 that was used in saltwater in the keys, I ran it on lake o for a probably 8 years and then took it abck to florida. I use it everytime I go down to fish reds and snook. Still running strong, I flush after every use. Just my 2 cents!
  13. I have run 10lb torpedo and recently Troutmans 15 lb balls which I highly recommend!
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