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  1. The depth will vary based on what you are spooled with. Wire and braid you can get down good with...mono not so much. Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. My brother has had good luck with yeti warranties. I am sure they will make good on it if not I have a 145 qt RTIC and have had no issues with it. We use the coolers a lot hunting and have a mixture of yeti and rtic. We have yet to find any difference in performance at all.
  3. I think it depends on who you are talking to, I think some people refer to that cliff as the "mountain". It is between the trench and the finger. I havent been out there in 3 weeks but hope to be out there this weekend. I am sure it is holding some kings and browns. I havent gotten reports from anyone recently.
  4. If they are all full maybe try henderson if it isnt too far....
  5. Last Weekend I took mature kings down 80-100 in 120-135 fow.
  6. Haha I convert it from feet to meters
  7. I usually check the noaa marine forecast and have 3 different apps on my phone sail flow, buoyweather and live weather which has the buoys that report wind and waves.
  8. yeah I saw up to 5'-7' sunday
  9. Bad gas usually has to do with water, or gas that has been sitting for a while. The unleaded gas doesnt have the shelf life of the old leaded stuff. Additives really wont help with old gas, but you can usually smell it. I run non ethanol 92 get it one of the same 2 places everytime and not had a problem. This last trip water alarm went off. I also run startron. It can happen, although I am wondering if perhaps the water sensor is bad.
  10. Yeah you are correct, once the fuel has been sucked out. My motor would start to cut out at anything above 4000 rpm's. I put in a fuel shutoff at the T and it solved the problem.
  11. I agree with sk8man although mine is plumbed to the fuel tank but it absolutely needs a shutoff. The main motor will pull in through the kicker line if you dont have it, possibly creating a lean condition. I have had no problem at all with the setup but this Saturday the alarm on my 225 went off because of water in the fuel. The 225 is a two stroke so I couldnt hear it until I backed of the throttle. Every time I head out fishing it is about 30 miles round trip, I have not had an issue in 3 years. Gassed up before I left just like I always do. On the kicker selection I would likely go with at least the 8 but probably the 9.9. The weight isnt that much more and if you do lose the main motor a larger kicker does give you more maneuverability. There have been days out there in my 23 ft that I couldnt turn the boat trolling with the 9.9 and had to fire up the main motor.
  12. 3 for 6 today 1 dink and 2 mature kings down 90ish over 130. They liked blue today. Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Yeah it is like a big 3 +" float
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