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  1. Exactly. I turn mine on and off just to keep my feet comfortable and have them off while I am walking. You cant cook them or they will eventually get cold when you kill your battery, and you cant wait till your feet are frozen to turn them on. i just turn them on and off and rarely need to put them on high usually low or med is enough.
  2. I have the originals not the pro flex. They have worked fine for years I have changed the battery in the remote once. That is it, and I use them in uninsulated lacrosse burlys and my feet stay warm all the time. The two things that normally cause problems are not knowing how to properly take care of a rechargeable battery(the batteries on mine are not removable), and using them in boots that are too tight. The insoles do take up a little space so I couldnt just put them in any hunting boot. When these crap out I will definitely buy a set of the newer ones without question.
  3. X2 on thermacells . My feet freezed in everything when it was real cold. Just make sure that your boots are roomy enough for the insoles.
  4. When I talked to Fishhawk on the phone when mine was leaking they said to use silicone.
  5. I have had mine fill up twice and it was fine ....I wouldn't use vaseline as it is petroleum based and not good for the rubber seals. Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. he may have meant little galloo
  7. FISH307.com I think has the manuals, wiring and parts diagrams too.
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