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  1. Yeah the trench isn't the place to be you need to go around the point and fish there south in my opinion. And if the boat is small you may be fishing smallmouth in henderson harbor. But if the wind stays down you can launch at stony and be fishing in just a few minutes.
  2. Stony creek and to the south should be good. Keep in mind the weather will need to be good depending on boat size.
  3. If henderson isn't too far. Go to the Westview and talk to Bill Saiff. A lot of times in the fall all the mates want to go hunting. Plus he knows everyone in the area and runs a fleet of boats.
  4. Yes it will and the 25.00 app works great. Be sure to download the map area to your device and it will work even without a network connection. I just used that app to drive my new boat from catskill to lake ontario.
  5. The pool thermometer is a creative idea. That would be a better idea for mine because the dog wants to retrieve it if it is in the pool so we can't use it!
  6. Funny coming from the guy with like 4 posts all in this thread. Your either a scammer or an idiot. Likely both
  7. Battery is not replaceable, don't recall exact purchase date but I would say around late 200 early 2021.
  8. I have had good luck with troubles rigs!
  9. Looking for some 90 degree short gimbal mounts. Thanks
  10. Don't know I came from the chaumont side. You will see all the boats.
  11. I was out there too. 8 for 11 all kings Friday in 2.5 hours . And 5 for 6 today in 3.5 hours. 1/2 ff the other 1/2 spoons.
  12. I get mine from troubles here on lou.
  13. Looks to me like it is going to build tonight into tommorow. And then calm back down again tomorrow afternoon. I would expect 2 footers with a north wind tonight into early tomorrow . Then laying down again. And from what I have heard it's been pretty slow still. If you want to fish bass henderson and chaumont aren't a long run and those bays will be flat.
  14. I watch the Bill Saiff daily reports for an idea of what is happening on the east end. Unfortunately, depending on your boat size, you kind of need to fish the eastern end when lake O allows. But it should be heating up in the next couple of weeks.
  15. Only used a couple times then bought a fish hawk x4. 125.00 shipped to you.
  16. Price on the cv55 with copper?
  17. That is absolutely true but without something to tell you how deep you are running...you don't know.
  18. Get a fishhawk td and know where it's running. With the currents and everything it is difficult to tell. Could be 95 ft in one direction and 80 in the other.
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