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  1. If you are running a kicker motor off to the side of the main just put the rigger on the opposite side.
  2. I switch it out every year, cheap insurance. There are times when you have 50 dollars in tackle tied onto the end of it!
  3. Braid would think would be a nightmare right now......it comes off the wire pretty easy.
  4. Are you running a snubber? Its a good idea on the new faster riggers.
  5. No need ..it's Friday. Let's call a truce. Why don't you head out to your deck and enjoy yourself a red white and berry!
  6. The trench off henderson should be good at this time as well.
  7. Trolled.....That was just fo you I knew you would jump on that one Rolmops
  8. I had some fleas a little over a week ago out of henderson headed south toward the plant. Not a lot but they were there.
  9. Henchens in henderson had a pair last time I was there.
  10. I think it is as high as it is going to get. As a rule June is the peak and it starts to decline from there. They have reduced the outflows but I think Long Lines is correct, they will need to increase them at some point the keep the shipping lanes running. If I was to guess I would say you will see it drop at least 4-8 inches from where it is now by mid august.
  11. If it is an outboard that has been taken care of properly or an inboard with a closed cooling system I wouldnt hesitate but I would get a survey of course. I/O's have no place in saltwater I wouldnt even consider that. I have a 1991 mercury 150 that was used in saltwater in the keys, I ran it on lake o for a probably 8 years and then took it abck to florida. I use it everytime I go down to fish reds and snook. Still running strong, I flush after every use. Just my 2 cents!
  12. I have run 10lb torpedo and recently Troutmans 15 lb balls which I highly recommend!
  13. I should probably add my dipsies are 10ft rods and are run pretty much 90 degrees off the the side of the boat almost parallel to the surface of the lake.
  14. Maybe leave off the wingers. I run 2 riggers off each corner with mag dipsys on wire and have never had them tangle. Stackers tangle every now and then but never a dipsy even on a 1 setting.
  15. I have noticed at times I have better success with browns in the summer if I use a single flasher off from 1 side with a set of spoons. All the hits normally come on the spoons on the opposite side as the flasher. I removed the flasher from the setup and stopped getting hits. Put it back in and started taking hits on the spoons opposite the flasher again.
  16. you could replace it with the lithium battery pack....although that is more expensive
  17. If you have a kicker mounted off the side of you main motor you may get the kicker prop hitting the cable when turning to the opposite side of the kicker
  18. I use a pro release with braid to a 3 color lead core without issues off a rigger
  19. Ahhh I see. I drove 18 hours to Florida yesterday and was sore today...so that does make sense....
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