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  1. Still have hds  7

    1. Todd in NY

      Todd in NY

      Another member said he wanted it. If he changes his mind you are next in line, and I will update my sale ad. I told him I could mail it out Tuesday with a tracking number and he hasn't replied yet.

  2. John nastasi

    Sold / Closed GMC tires & wheels

    2016 GMC pickup I was going to put them on my truck.But decided to stay with 18" wheels & tires on it.If u are interested u can call 315 466 9197
  3. John nastasi

    Sold / Closed GMC tires & wheels

    New price 900.00 Wheels & tires like new
  4. Net,Happy troller, slide divers, weights,dodgers still for sale
  5. John nastasi

    Wanted vhf marine radio

    I have a portable with 2 rechargeable batteries.New cost me 140.00 looking for 90.00 I bought it just before I bought the boat I have now that came with one.If you interested I can send more info
  6. Line counters sold
  7. where's the boat located?

    1. spider14812


      At my house Beaver Dams, NY

  8. John nastasi

    Sold / Closed GMC tires & wheels

    Call for tires & wheels315-466-9197
  9. GMC tires & wheels 275/55/R20 Only on for 1600 miles 950.00 315-466 -9197
  10. The net is new. The weights are 10lbs with a release on them 15.00 each Happy troller 50.00 or bo 2 3 Slide divers 45.00