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  1. They are made by T&L in MI. They are called Eagle feet.I tried to look them up a while ago I don't think they are still in business.I have someone that may want just the down riggers.If he takes them I will most likely will sell the mount.

  2. Will sell downriggers without mount for 400.00 OBO
  3. 2 walker downriggers with swivel mounts, power cords & mounting board system.It can be ajusted to the width of your boat.Also can be taken off when not being used. Already have down riggers & don't need them. Asking 600.00 IMG_0199.HEIC
  4. Hi I just bought a 19' Fish master & need a custom mooring cover.I wonder where yours was made & what it cost?

  5. What year is the outboard? Is it in good running order? Price ?

    1. Agentorange


      1980. Just had the carb rebuilt and the recoil fixed. The mechanic started and  tested it. I have no history with the motor. I purchased it and had it repaired.

  6. If you have more ? Just ask oneluvnknown it seams he wants to be included in this post even know i don't know him.
  7. Would let it go for 500.00 picked up.
  8. If it doesn't sell I will buy one & sell my x4 unit.
  9. yes it will read temp, speed ,depth at the downrigger with the probe
  10. yes it will read temp, speed ,depth at the downrigger with the probe.I have a x4 now & was going to use that probe but you need the x4d probe to show the depth.
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