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  1. I want to get my son a tree stand for Christmas , he's 5"8" about 165lbs. Looking to get the best bang for the buck. I'm not a hunter, looking for suggestions. Thanks.
  2. Another from my trip, a Canadian friend came up for a day. Pig !
  3. A lot of littles ones, usually get bigger ones and average around 42". Good to know the system is doing well. This is the Kawartha chain (Pigeon Lake) near Peterborough , Ontario.
  4. Nice! We went out of the Catt and got 12 in 60' on crankbaits
  5. That's awesome Joe !Finally did find some fish on Monday just before we left, picked up 2 in a hour and then had to go home, figures. Learned a lot and looking forward to next year !
  6. Nice Rob. Russ and I were out there as well that morning, 5 Browns early, lost some fish as well.
  7. Yes it does, if I had to do it again I would seriously consider the cable steer, no noisy vibration you have to mess with, looks good.
  8. Panther martin makes an hydraulic adapter for their systems. Panther martin system comes with a long rthreaded rod you can bend and cut to suit your needs.http://www.boatstoreusa.com/hydraulic-mechanical/connection-kits-cable-adapters/panther-552700-trolling-motor-tie-bar-kit/
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