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  1. Launched my 20' Lund there on a double axle trailer yesterday. No problem, just ease her in slow, it's still very shallow and I'm sure I was probably close to the edge. I used the south ramp(closet to the bridge).
  2. Fished in 5-10 fow for 2 hours trolling sticks on planerboard/mast. 2 hits. Then moved out to 75' to try a grab a Laker real quick before heading in, took 5 mins to get bit, packed up and left. My son had to go out for dinner, at least I got in 1 last trip with him before he goes in the Army on Monday. Hoping maybe we can get out on Saturday.
  3. Has anyone been out of Sandy creek yesterday ? How is the launch ? How is the fishing, want to get my boy out today before the weather changes. He goes in the Army next week and this may be my last chance to get him out before he goes ! Any info appreciated, thanks .
  4. From what I'm hearing your not getting out into the Lake though, channel is too low.
  5. Thought I seen the dredger out there last Thursday.
  6. I heard from a friend that there was a call of a fire on a boat this morning out of Braddocks. Flares fired in distress, hope everyone is ok.
  7. Thank god your all ok. Got me thinking more about being safe out there.
  8. Sounds like a great time! Have fun with the family. Some big brookies and smallies in there too !
  9. I want to get my son a tree stand for Christmas , he's 5"8" about 165lbs. Looking to get the best bang for the buck. I'm not a hunter, looking for suggestions. Thanks.
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