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  1. What's the main forage base there ? I noticed you don't bleed them out, taste good, even the bigger ones ?
  2. Give Harbortowne Marine a call @ 423-884-6429 . I just got a Brand new dual axle 19'-21' for $2,500...2015 never used. Big thanks to sszoldra for delivering it for me from Tennesee. I know someone who could possibly bring one back for someone in 2-3 weeks if needed. They have some good deals and i would call and tell them what your looking for. Good luck!
  3. I'm all set guys, thank you !
  4. My 2005 Eagle rusted out. Jumped up and down on it, did this !
  5. It's a 2015 Boatmate Trailer dual axle with surge brakes ,brand new, pd $2500. I think I did good, not sure. Now to get it home.
  6. Made for a 19'-21' boat , empty easy to haul.
  7. Need a Brand new boat trailer hauled up from Vonore ,Tennessee to me in Hilton, NY. Anyone coming this way that can haul it, I'll give you $500 to do so. I will also meet someone within reasonable distance(100-150) miles from me.
  8. Launched there Saturday, very nice. However there will be people not watching their front end a denting their truck this year!
  9. Joe !! I don't know how I missed this post, awesome fish man ! Congrats.
  10. That wasn't too good last fall, how;s the launch ?
  11. I heard they were working on it. Where can I launch on I bay ?
  12. Thinking of fishing Ibay tomorrow morning, How is the launch ?
  13. How's the launch? Going to be sporty out there, wind does not look good. May have to fish in the harbor.
  14. Launched my 20' Lund there on a double axle trailer yesterday. No problem, just ease her in slow, it's still very shallow and I'm sure I was probably close to the edge. I used the south ramp(closet to the bridge).
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