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  1. Big Black Bear

    Yeah right, that's a baby , LOL
  2. Big Black Bear

    Big Black Bear Shot with a bow, boone and crocket over 600lbs. Near Sudbury, Ontario. My buddy Paul killed it last night.
  3. Northern Quebec Walleye Trip

    Awesome trip !!! Check out my post on here with pics, "back from Lac Seul" under the walleye forum . Yes Lac seul is huge, great trip and I would go back in a heartbeat, and I may next year.
  4. Northern Quebec Walleye Trip

    That drive is short compared to my 23 hours to Lac Seul this year ! Sounds like a good place, something to consider.
  5. Northern Quebec Walleye Trip

    Nice, how long of a drive, can you trailer your own boat, good roads, not 100 miles of dirt ?
  6. So awesome, congrats to you and your boys !!
  7. Fish hawk 4x

    You can also use it to steer your boat/autopilot, increase speed, push with your kicker and steer with your auto pilot, do it all the time.
  8. Back From Lac Seul

    More pics added ..Bugs up there are not bad I'm told and they weren't bad at all when I was there and it was skitter and blackfly season, mayflys were hatching and that doesn't matter too much either :). Roads are great, 36 miles in by boat. Great place, I would do it again sometime .
  9. Back From Lac Seul

    The outfitters boats seemed ok, though I didn't ride in them. Comfort was important to me, It was a great trip and yes there is a slot limit, although Lac Seul gets very little fishing pressure and it's the 2nd largest lake completely in the province of Ontario. There is no camping and no cottages permitted on the lake. It's a huge body of water surrounded by wilderness, beautiful. Your allowed to keep 4 fish per day, under 18" and/or with 1 over 21". Take them kids!! They would love it and have great memories to last a lifetime .
  10. Back From Lac Seul Check out our trip to Lac Seul under the walleye tab
  11. Back From Lac Seul

    Lots of muskies if you fish out of Lac Seul outposts. Chamberlin narrows area, otherwise not so many to the west end of Lac Seul.
  12. Back From Lac Seul

    More pics to come
  13. Back From Lac Seul

    Anything! They like to hit on your walleye when your bring them in as well. Lots of pike and muskies around. Only fished for muskie for a couple hours, my son lost a huge one after a 10 minute battle, there are world records in there!
  14. Back From Lac Seul

    Lol, my son lost his sunglasses so had to wear my girlfriends with bling on them.
  15. Back From Lac Seul

    Back From Lac Seul What a great trip, the 23 hours ride each way went by fast and was an adventure in itself. The Beauty of the trans-Canada highway was awesome, the northshore wilderness of Lake Superior is vast and unspoiled...amazing views of Island studded Thunder Bay and no one around ! Hardly anyone lives there, amazing! Moose and bear all over the place, dangerous to travel at night. The cabin pic below is just a pic of where we stayed at our halfway point in Wawa, Ontario , the interesting part of that is that we just missed Ted Nugent by a couple of days, he stays there 2x times a year to bow hunt bear. That should speak volumes of the bear hunting in the area of Wawa. So, we travel 23hrs, 1300 miles, then travel 36 miles by boat to our outpost camp. Small world, 10 others guys from Rochester are there ! The O'Connell Electric crew is there, they've been going up there for 22 years, great bunch of guys and boy do they have it dialed in! Shore lunch is an art form to these guys and no expense spared, they live very good in the bush. That's Tom Parkes holding up the 45" pike he caught and had brought home for mounting. I have a lot more pics and will post again after all of them are together. Ken and Brenda Robins are nice people and the camp is great, check it out. MORE PICS ADDED