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  1. This must be how all those people that don't need to work for a living "work"! Too many POS out there trying to take advantage of hard-working people. Very sad.
  2. Read my post, this just happened to me, thank God I got suspicious. Almost got me too! Sorry brother, this world is pretty ****ty these days!
  3. This guy was tricky and almost got me! Just to clarify, it WAS NOT Hildy2020315 Faulty. I responded to the Battery charger for sale in classifieds. Posted I'll take it. Then I messaged him. Then I get a text on my phone asking for my shipping address and if I'll be using PayPal. I went back to the site to see if he read my message, he hadn't. I asked him to respond to my message, he didn't. I went back on the site and found his phone#. Low and behold, it was different than the one texting me. So I text him and we are good. that other guy almost got me! THE SCAMMER INFO IS 805-316-0519 email is [email protected] Let's call and email the crap out of this POS and let them know not to mess with LOU ! Happy Holidays guys! Gary
  4. Where did you get those masks ?
  5. What's this thing I read, deer have Covid ?
  6. This is what I seen over the lake.
  7. Another one from Springville NY
  8. Anybody happen to see something odd hovering over Lake Ontario on Wednesday night ? I did, It was hovering in the same area for over 2 hours , flashing red, green and white lights. Hard to tell how far away it was or how high, bigger that a plane..I think. Last time I look at it it moved quickly to the right and disappeared. Here's pics, my phone camera sucks! Also is a link to some FedEx pilots who seen the same thing over California on the same night. SCROLL DOWN and watch the video on the link https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fnypost.com%2F2021%2F10%2F27%2Fvideo-captures-pulsating-ufo-dropping-out-of-the-sky%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR23YHqOo1Q2e-NmqySrsCMmK776MtGehQJjZzFYwWlh2wxYRJYjE-LrxVw&h=AT10JL00Xrci50OblduNnR8KY2Y7HgkXwRWQf0gjNbgEn-nMkZhS63m1mE6CaPwhnwM3kSv_3sNX2YHhEDw0r6wWsiV4EsLYRBzLjdOyTEGGH6YZNo3AUUphaN6L2NWy6g&__tn__=R]-R&c[0]=AT0wiBoFgBG4m4akuEyIpUppYThXd87V2dimx8nnYZC-oMsdeGQnw6b0YU3lMhpOJjhY8r_K3Wd3oFeYXX9GiGgZDI1WLZKuctWF-qC_NOOvhAqgyLtQ0KlmHQLnY7vBW1zdRFIJyRtet2vywNVa
  9. What's the main forage base there ? I noticed you don't bleed them out, taste good, even the bigger ones ?
  10. Give Harbortowne Marine a call @ 423-884-6429 . I just got a Brand new dual axle 19'-21' for $2,500...2015 never used. Big thanks to sszoldra for delivering it for me from Tennesee. I know someone who could possibly bring one back for someone in 2-3 weeks if needed. They have some good deals and i would call and tell them what your looking for. Good luck!
  11. My 2005 Eagle rusted out. Jumped up and down on it, did this !
  12. It's a 2015 Boatmate Trailer dual axle with surge brakes ,brand new, pd $2500. I think I did good, not sure. Now to get it home.
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