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  1. A boat like that, you can't beat a Terrova on the bow. Lithium at least 100AH.
  2. Great fish! Was that out of Rochester? Or are you in the island now.
  3. Hey guys , thinking of fishing the river tonight. It the water looking good or it is muddy? Thanks, hate to get there and it be dirty.
  4. Thanks guys! Got mine yesterday as well, really impressed, fits great and outstanding quality! I got a large 5'8" 165 lbs. and fit is perfect.
  5. Yes! Can't beat it! I ordered 3 myself, just trying to help out the great people on LOU
  6. Act fast if interested !! I would like to see other people post fantastic deals like this when they find them as well, pay it forward to all the great people on here! Eskimo Rain Jacket (geteskimo.com)
  7. They are ALL made in China. All cells are made in China, if you find something that isn't, their most likely lying and charging you a fortune for nothing better. There are a ton of start-up companies and knock -offs out there. Do your research if you want to feel more confident in your choice of battery. I did, I feel good about my choice but only time will tell. Good luck to you. You tube is great for tear down reviews. Will Prowse is well respected on there.
  8. This is the one I bought $1,057.48 shipped. The big name companies like ABYSS, Dakota, Battle born or Iconic are way more expensive than this for less features and a lesser build. This is a Roy Pow product. I like the fact that it is 1 battery, 24V100AH. I have done a lot of research. Could I have gone cheaper, yes, but I don't plan on replacing this for a very long time, if ever. Haven't had a chance to get it in the boat yet. Waiting for spring!
  9. You no longer have to be concerned with fire hazards with today's BMS systems in the LiFeP0 4 batteries. I have a 24V EPOCH battery, this in my opinion is the best made one to date. Has heating for charging in low temps and bluetooth to monitor charging and discharging. When not in use or being charged, you can actually turn this battery off. Anyone looking to get into lithium should look at EPOCH.
  10. This must be how all those people that don't need to work for a living "work"! Too many POS out there trying to take advantage of hard-working people. Very sad.
  11. Read my post, this just happened to me, thank God I got suspicious. Almost got me too! Sorry brother, this world is pretty ****ty these days!
  12. This guy was tricky and almost got me! Just to clarify, it WAS NOT Hildy2020315 Faulty. I responded to the Battery charger for sale in classifieds. Posted I'll take it. Then I messaged him. Then I get a text on my phone asking for my shipping address and if I'll be using PayPal. I went back to the site to see if he read my message, he hadn't. I asked him to respond to my message, he didn't. I went back on the site and found his phone#. Low and behold, it was different than the one texting me. So I text him and we are good. that other guy almost got me! THE SCAMMER INFO IS 805-316-0519 email is [email protected] Let's call and email the crap out of this POS and let them know not to mess with LOU ! Happy Holidays guys! Gary
  13. Where did you get those masks ?
  14. What's this thing I read, deer have Covid ?
  15. This is what I seen over the lake.
  16. Another one from Springville NY
  17. Anybody happen to see something odd hovering over Lake Ontario on Wednesday night ? I did, It was hovering in the same area for over 2 hours , flashing red, green and white lights. Hard to tell how far away it was or how high, bigger that a plane..I think. Last time I look at it it moved quickly to the right and disappeared. Here's pics, my phone camera sucks! Also is a link to some FedEx pilots who seen the same thing over California on the same night. SCROLL DOWN and watch the video on the link https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fnypost.com%2F2021%2F10%2F27%2Fvideo-captures-pulsating-ufo-dropping-out-of-the-sky%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR23YHqOo1Q2e-NmqySrsCMmK776MtGehQJjZzFYwWlh2wxYRJYjE-LrxVw&h=AT10JL00Xrci50OblduNnR8KY2Y7HgkXwRWQf0gjNbgEn-nMkZhS63m1mE6CaPwhnwM3kSv_3sNX2YHhEDw0r6wWsiV4EsLYRBzLjdOyTEGGH6YZNo3AUUphaN6L2NWy6g&__tn__=R]-R&c[0]=AT0wiBoFgBG4m4akuEyIpUppYThXd87V2dimx8nnYZC-oMsdeGQnw6b0YU3lMhpOJjhY8r_K3Wd3oFeYXX9GiGgZDI1WLZKuctWF-qC_NOOvhAqgyLtQ0KlmHQLnY7vBW1zdRFIJyRtet2vywNVa
  18. What's the main forage base there ? I noticed you don't bleed them out, taste good, even the bigger ones ?
  19. Give Harbortowne Marine a call @ 423-884-6429 . I just got a Brand new dual axle 19'-21' for $2,500...2015 never used. Big thanks to sszoldra for delivering it for me from Tennesee. I know someone who could possibly bring one back for someone in 2-3 weeks if needed. They have some good deals and i would call and tell them what your looking for. Good luck!
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