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  1. What's this thing I read, deer have Covid ?
  2. This is what I seen over the lake.
  3. Another one from Springville NY
  4. Anybody happen to see something odd hovering over Lake Ontario on Wednesday night ? I did, It was hovering in the same area for over 2 hours , flashing red, green and white lights. Hard to tell how far away it was or how high, bigger that a plane..I think. Last time I look at it it moved quickly to the right and disappeared. Here's pics, my phone camera sucks! Also is a link to some FedEx pilots who seen the same thing over California on the same night. SCROLL DOWN and watch the video on the link https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fnypost.com%2F2021%2F10%2F27%2Fvideo-captures-pulsating-ufo-dropping-out-of-the-sky%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR23YHqOo1Q2e-NmqySrsCMmK776MtGehQJjZzFYwWlh2wxYRJYjE-LrxVw&h=AT10JL00Xrci50OblduNnR8KY2Y7HgkXwRWQf0gjNbgEn-nMkZhS63m1mE6CaPwhnwM3kSv_3sNX2YHhEDw0r6wWsiV4EsLYRBzLjdOyTEGGH6YZNo3AUUphaN6L2NWy6g&__tn__=R]-R&c[0]=AT0wiBoFgBG4m4akuEyIpUppYThXd87V2dimx8nnYZC-oMsdeGQnw6b0YU3lMhpOJjhY8r_K3Wd3oFeYXX9GiGgZDI1WLZKuctWF-qC_NOOvhAqgyLtQ0KlmHQLnY7vBW1zdRFIJyRtet2vywNVa
  5. What's the main forage base there ? I noticed you don't bleed them out, taste good, even the bigger ones ?
  6. Give Harbortowne Marine a call @ 423-884-6429 . I just got a Brand new dual axle 19'-21' for $2,500...2015 never used. Big thanks to sszoldra for delivering it for me from Tennesee. I know someone who could possibly bring one back for someone in 2-3 weeks if needed. They have some good deals and i would call and tell them what your looking for. Good luck!
  7. My 2005 Eagle rusted out. Jumped up and down on it, did this !
  8. It's a 2015 Boatmate Trailer dual axle with surge brakes ,brand new, pd $2500. I think I did good, not sure. Now to get it home.
  9. Made for a 19'-21' boat , empty easy to haul.
  10. Need a Brand new boat trailer hauled up from Vonore ,Tennessee to me in Hilton, NY. Anyone coming this way that can haul it, I'll give you $500 to do so. I will also meet someone within reasonable distance(100-150) miles from me.
  11. Launched there Saturday, very nice. However there will be people not watching their front end a denting their truck this year!
  12. Joe !! I don't know how I missed this post, awesome fish man ! Congrats.
  13. That wasn't too good last fall, how;s the launch ?
  14. I heard they were working on it. Where can I launch on I bay ?
  15. Thinking of fishing Ibay tomorrow morning, How is the launch ?
  16. How's the launch? Going to be sporty out there, wind does not look good. May have to fish in the harbor.
  17. Launched my 20' Lund there on a double axle trailer yesterday. No problem, just ease her in slow, it's still very shallow and I'm sure I was probably close to the edge. I used the south ramp(closet to the bridge).
  18. Fished in 5-10 fow for 2 hours trolling sticks on planerboard/mast. 2 hits. Then moved out to 75' to try a grab a Laker real quick before heading in, took 5 mins to get bit, packed up and left. My son had to go out for dinner, at least I got in 1 last trip with him before he goes in the Army on Monday. Hoping maybe we can get out on Saturday.
  19. Has anyone been out of Sandy creek yesterday ? How is the launch ? How is the fishing, want to get my boy out today before the weather changes. He goes in the Army next week and this may be my last chance to get him out before he goes ! Any info appreciated, thanks .
  20. From what I'm hearing your not getting out into the Lake though, channel is too low.
  21. Thought I seen the dredger out there last Thursday.
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