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  1. I've listed a fat az raptor( baker paint) and a baker 9" 1of1 softtail in reverse perch on Muskie flee sucka free.runs til 9pm baits are a pkg deal!
  2. Youth combo fundraiser-auction Incase anyone may be interested, I'll be auctioning off a few baits over on Muskie flee sucka free site starting tonite to benefit the youth combo giveaway.A few builders have generously donated baits to help fund this little project and I am greatefull for thier generosity.Baits include from.... Zach baker, Andrew Hulbert, chad wyss,Andy from fat az and Todd young of muddy creek guide svc along with Matt Gillespie.Matts bait will be run after the otisco tourney.Was thinking of a bait a nite(after work) maybe 2 who knows.They be a couple hrs long, don't want to draw it out.ill post a couple pics here later. Canadian bids accepted, I'll gladly ship to you!!! Thanks everyone bob
  3. Got the rods in today thanks to rick at chaos tackle.
  4. Yeah man, I'm ready!!!! got the rod( chairs tackle surgical strike) today to pair with a lexa 300H for youth combo.
  5. Caught Jim rummaging thru my box
  6. BE fishing bday bash-mi chapter 69 Today and tomorrow our chapt will have a table doing some pr work.9am-5pm.rt 104 in Ontario next to big windmill dean parkway sol
  7. Muskies canada Muskie odyssey next Saturday 4/29 Last show til next winter,St.cathrines, ont...just across the boarder from Niagara Falls. If you haven't been to this it's every other year and always a great time, great people and a chance to learn more about Muskies canada.I and several others from chapt 69 are current members and we have many from Muskies canada in our chapter here in ny.One of the very few times you can get a hosebait or wick onez among others is at this show!!Hope to see you there. Sol
  8. Muskies canada musky odyssey 4/29 Just incase there are any musky Guys here( I'm sure there is) or if you've ever thought of trying for them the odyssey in st cathrines would be a great start.Its a great event with tons of knowledgeable guys there.Stop and take in one of the guest presentations.Come check it out next Saturday April 29th.cya there
  9. Reel will be paired with a chaos tackle 7'10" med rod.
  10. Doesn't john Gauke guide on conesus???
  11. If no kids show I'll figure out something else.
  12. Following up on my promise of a combo giveaway, at the otisco lake tourney this new lexa 300h will be paired with a rod.As this is not a club giveaway but a personal one with the help of walleye Weiss from the flee market Whom helped me aquire two reels and donated some others.. I do have a simple rule or request as far as eligibility... Guys and gals... I will leave this to you, please ONLY enter a youth/teen who will be using this outfit!!This is not for adults or a Young'n too small to handle a casting rod. but to help a youth get started. I would probably say top age would be 16,Must also be entered in the tourney.Outfit will be spooled with #65 and leader attached.Im toying with the idea of giving it away in the morning for them to fish with!! Thats it. Chautauqua outfit to follow later. Thx
  13. Hey jay..... I'll take it for fri nite.
  14. To give some incentive for our youth and to help with getting started as well as for parents to spend some time with their kids on the water I will donate a rod/reel Combo to be given away at each of the tourneys at otisco and Chautauqua for those youth who are entered! More to follow as I need to get with zach about the details.!!! The outfit will be musky ready. Sol
  15. Events were sent in and put in the calender if you got one,also you will see again in Muskie mag chapter news.Being mentioned again in next issue.