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  1. solgrande

    Cranberry lake

    if I can get out.Waiting for rain to pass!! Windy & rain ...yuk
  2. solgrande

    Cranberry lake

    No sir....thought I'd give it a try before Muskie opens.
  3. I'll be hitting cranberry in the morning and have an open seat if anyone is interested? I'm new to thT lake but not to pike fishing. Be casting and trolling.It will be an all day adventure or until my back says enough.You would also have to meet me up there. 1-315-576-1208 bob
  4. thats awesome BP....great reunion.And rick really does do nice work,congrats to you and your son.
  5. I posted a chaos shock & awe rod in classifieds if anyone is interested bob
  6. Selling a chaos tackle shock and awe rod 9' one PC exc condition. $130ea or both for $250 pickup/deliver Rochester area.Rod is in Williamson. 1-315-576-1208 bob
  7. Muskies ca gananoque outing results Had a great time over in gananoque this past wknd. I believe there were 10 from ny there.There were 61 entrants logging 10 fish with a 54" taking home the swan trophy.Saturday morning proved difficult as visibility was next to zero because of the fog.Fishing was tough aswell no giants caught.Dinner was phenomenal at the glenhouse and the prize table was very impressive.Great to see and talk with many I only see but once or twice a yr.Cant wait til next year.I'll be heading up to fish Georgian bay at the end of sept for the Barrie chapters outing.Thanks everyone over in canada for a great time and awesome event.
  8. solgrande

    Chautauqua 50" Musky

    Nice fish, congrats. Quite the jump from chaut to the big empty.Tough nut to crack.
  9. solgrande

    Musky Lure - Cape Vincent Area

    Grandma,believer and depthraider
  10. Sept16 Muskies ca gananoque outing The annual Muskies canada gananoque outing is approaching fast, it'll be held on sept 16 at the glenhouse resort.Great time to talk Muskies over dinner and a kickass raffle table!! I know we have a few members in our chapter that are also Muskie canada members so I'll see some of you there.Great event to be a part of and maybe over time we'll see a few more join us. So if you're deciding to go pls let Jim hutchings know so he can have proper seating for all.Good luck and cya there.
  11. solgrande

    SLR piggy

    Nice.... Hopefully we'll be able to put a few in the boat. I'm sure there will be a biggun or two caught.
  12. solgrande

    Canadian customs

    I called in this past wknd to report and she told me I did not have to call anymore.!! Did not give me an id number... So we went on our way!
  13. solgrande

    SLR piggy

    Aswell as save the river in Clayton
  14. solgrande

    SLR piggy

    Yank my line..... Even more reason we should be doing all that we can to support dr john Farrell and his efforts and research at TIBS(thousand island biological station)!!!!