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  1. for sale : usa

    Or best reasonable offer
  2. K16 Kwikfish. Just under 6 inches long $50 Shipped
  3. Musky Lures New in package. 85 shipped
  4. Another vote for the helix, I have the Helix 9 di GPS, never had an issue with it and the auto chart is great
  5. Damn wish I had a place to keep it
  6. Check 60 to 80' straight out from the cut with riggers and clean spoons run within 3' of bottom at 2mph, that's what worked for me last year this time They are there but tight to the bottom and you pretty much got to smack em in the face. Expect a disappointing fight though
  7. Bert's Tracks One 12-inch, one 17- inch. $20 plus shipping for the 12, $30 plus shipping for the 17
  8. Bert's Rod Holders 45° Fixed 70 Shipped for the set. Pretty much new
  9. Crestline Suremount Downrigger Brackets Set of 2. Predrilled to accommodate tracks. $75 shipped
  10. I thought the same thing last year when I was reading 70° on top and 70° 110 down in the trench so I'm guessing your Fish Hawk is right. If the kings are there great but I definitely noticed last year pulling them out of that 70 degree water that the fight wasn't half of what it should have been
  11. Judging by the bridge in the background I would say about half way between the u.s. and Canada. Nice catch!
  12. I have a 19' Crestliner superhawk and when trolling I put the bow mount in even if I'm not going to use it as it seems to help mitigate the bow riding over the waves and more go through them. I'm guessing the drag of it helps prevent the bow from popping up so much. It definitely helps.That's for trolling. As for running, just go slow. I have no desire to pound myself or my 45000 boat through the waves lifetime hull warranty or not
  13. Most of my kings yesterday bit at 2.2 and under so maybe try going consistently slower. FF bite. meat and spoons combined for only 2 of our fish. 120fow 90 down at around 58-60 degrees. If we went over a pile of bait it was pretty much a guaranteed bite or 2. find bait as they are still hungry apparently. Also liked the size 1 watermelon dipsy ff setup out 300, that took half our fish
  14. How are the waves in the trench this morning out here off of Mexico getting my ass kicked thinking about pulling out and coming up. 19 foot aluminum boat