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  1. FishnChef

    300' torpedo weighted steel

    yes it has the same sink rate as copper, will not kink, and so I was told and it seems to be true that once all the copper is out and your into backing it continues sinking so if you have the 300 steel out and then a hundred feet of braid your as deep as a 400 copper
  2. Will sell for 1850 firm not including the batteries
  3. As am i, especially the smaller ones
  4. Ideally I would like to trade it( not straight up as the 112 costs more) for a like-new terrova 80 with I pilot or I pilot link and updated gps system (separate heading sensor). It is a 2016 terrova 112 36 volt with the updated GPS and Bluetooth. Like new. I also have three pretty much brand new 29 series deep Cycles to go with it
  5. FishnChef

    2005 Crestliner Canadian

    You said text with questions but I don't see a phone number or a price fyi
  6. So I currently have a NOCO genius 2 Bank hooked up to my 24 volt trolling motor system but I am stepping up to 36 volt and would also like to add a charging to my starting battery. My question is 4 people out there who might know more than I can I just add another two bank 1 to the battery I am adding in the 36 volt system and 1 to the starting battery or should I get a single unit for Bank. Thanks
  7. FishnChef

    WTB. Lowrance Transducer

    I think I might have what you need, will let you know the the numbers off it later
  8. See reelcrazys post below. He has a 12 mega si for a great price
  9. Updated to reflect that I would be willing to separate the ipilot and the trolling motor
  10. FishnChef

    Lowrance Elite 5- $255

    Does this have chirp or just Downscan. Map chip?
  11. I can't really find them for sale with the I pilot link just I pilot and they are around 1300 bucks which is why I said if you're interested make me a reasonable offer. It looks like if you want that particular set up with the ipilot link you have to buy the motor and then the I pilot link module for a total of about $1600-1700 which is what I did