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  1. for sale : usa

    I don't believe they came with mounting screws, I have mounting bolts for them. Can't remember if they came with them or if I bought them separately. Depending on the length needed they might be too short for your application but bolts and screws are relatively cheap
  2. I'd give you 50 for the Suttons and the mooselocks
  3. Brand? How many strands?
  4. This is only a sonar unit correct, no maps?
  5. Fishing the area where the river comes in is usually where I have my best luck but it's tough to troll with all the Contour changes. If you have light wind finding likely structure and vertical jigging it can also be productive on that Lake. Lots of fish in the lake and most of them run large to very large but with so much structure it is a challenging place to fish
  6. I sold them before you got back to me
  7. for sale : usa

    Daks, lake placid area
  8. Bert's Tracks Selling a set of Bert's tracks. 1 12 inch, 1 17 inch in good used condition. 75 bucks for both shipped. Would rather not split up but if you insist shoot me an offer on the one you want, worst I can say is no
  9. No thanks. I'd rather hold on to them than take a $25 a piece hit on them when they are brand new, I'll go 140 which saves you about 40 bucks
  10. X2 on Champlain. The cormorants and lampreys definitely take their toll on the population but overall stocks are better than they have been in the last 20 years and recently there's been a lot more 10lb plus fish caught. As long as Vermont stops playing games with the Lamprey control on their side of the lake things should continue to improve. It's a shame they don't let us fisherman out there with some shotguns for Cormorant control. I get at least one or two every trip
  11. Lake Placid New York area
  12. Make an offer if interested