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  1. don't know what your budget is but I just picked up two brand new ones for 2450 which is the best price Ive shipping no tax
  2. no I'm actually in the Adirondacks but my brother is coming up to visit from Buffalo this weekend and if you decided you wanted them I could send them home with him or ship them. Theyre in mint condition, im not even certain they were ever used
  3. Ill get you a pic later but they basically have a mount similar to say a kicker motor with basically a c-clamp on steroids. Ill shoot you that pic later today. Should work or easily be made to work for your application
  4. Sure.they're your standard buff bright 45 degree rod holders bought in July.the spots in the pic are just few bugs from trailering.
  5. Cannon Planer Reels selling two Canon clamp-on planer reels in excellent condition with line. 200 for the set shipped
  6. Berts Rod Holders Fixed selling two like new Bert's buff bright fixed 45 degree rod holders for track mounting. 110 shipped
  7. Replied to you via email. Im in the adirondacks
  8. Replied to you via email. Im in the adirondacks