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  1. Mint condition with all pieces I believe. Cant remember if it did come with a charger but uses the standard non-iphone phone charger. 90 shipped
  2. FishnChef

    Two fish finders

    Exactly what i did. Never too much redundancy plus enhanced capability
  3. FishnChef

    Two fish finders

    What is it that you hope to be able to do / accomplish having the two fish finders? See the same view from two different places, run one GPS one fish finder, see two different sonar views? How long is the boat. What existing Hardware is in place as far as transducer switch or anything of that nature?
  4. Sorry just saw this question. No but it works flawlessly but then again reel has hardly been used but my 500s and 600s have been used extensively on stock drags and have yet to let me down
  5. Ok thanks. Saw Quebec and thought maybe you were in my neck of the woods
  6. I could do 33 shipped without the moonshine
  7. 18 total, few new most used. For those not familiar with honeybees they are awesome brown trout spoons. 55 shipped.