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  1. FishnChef

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    Beautiful tiger nice job
  2. FishnChef

    New Riggers

    Have you looked at Traxstech?
  3. FishnChef

    2019 NYS Winter Classic

    Thank you for the reply, above post changed accordingly
  4. FishnChef

    2019 NYS Winter Classic

    Looking forward to it!
  5. FishnChef

    Blue Rock Charters - New Charter

    Quinte=very large walleye. Never been my self but high on my list for sure. Welcome to the forum!
  6. FishnChef

    Pellet Smokers

    This is correct if you're not going to take it to 165 and you are smoking you should use a curing mixture also known as pink salt or TCM. This inhibits the growth of botulism that thrives in anaerobic environments such as a smoker and can be deadly for sure. If you are going to reach 165 within a couple hours that is a moot point as this kills the bacteria that produces toxins. There are a couple other food-borne illnesses that can come about other ways but are relatively minor compared to botulism and once botulinum toxin is created you can't kill it by cooking because it is a toxin produced by a bacteria you can kill the bacteria but the toxin is still there
  7. FishnChef

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Crunchy as hell up here in the daks too but the deer are moving, and not just the ones I bumped on the way in. Picked the wrong day for a still hunt
  8. FishnChef

    Adirondack rut report?

    Yeah the food equation is definitely tough this year but I'm in an area that consistently holds deer and I know there's lots of does around so it stands to reason bucks would be around too. I'm just puzzled by the fact that the bucks that I'm fairly certain are around are not making their usual scrubs scrapes and rubs on the logging trails where I find them year after year especially considering there's rut activity down south.
  9. FishnChef

    New FF/GPS looking for recommendations

    Helix 10 mega si is my pick. Got one mid summer, freaking love it
  10. FishnChef

    Adirondack rut report?

    Any fellow Big Woods Hunters on here? I hunt the high peaks region in the northeastern Adirondacks . Haven't been out much but I've done 3 full day still hunts and a couple morning and afternoon sits. Only hunted one day for muzzleloader and saw a doe that I decided to pass on regrettably. We still have a lot of leaves on the trees up here for some reason and not a very good acorn year and no beech so I'm wondering if that's the reason why though I am seeing deer sign I have yet to encounter a fresh rub or scrape. After reading legacy's thread it would stand to reason that the deer are in rut mode up here if they are down south but I've yet to see any hard evidence pointing in that direction. I've seen more bear than deer in the woods this year. Thoughts anyone? Thinking I might need to find some new spots
  11. I have the Garmin GPS map 64st that I use for hunting and Waypoint marking when I'm out fishing on other people's boats. Lol. I like the unit though I think it was $250 through Cabela's
  12. FishnChef

    First time.

    Champlain would be my recommendation