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  1. Didnt realize they had multiple sizes..probably large. 150 shipped
  2. I don't have the Cannons anymore but I do have a set of brand new Bert's reels that I've decided to part with
  3. for sale : usa

    Id trade you 10 mag spoons. Can follow up with pics later
  4. I personally know this boat.Its in good shape and a great multi-species rig all set up and ready to rock and roll
  5. 24" tracks sold. 12", 17" and 45° holders still available
  6. Sold / Closed

    Sold, sorry
  7. Humminbird 698 DI/SI GPS not selling one but was at Gander Mountain today and saw they have them for $199 after rebate in case it interests anyone. small screens but a lot of bang for your buck
  8. how long? I need 3 inch
  9. awesome, thanks
  10. Tracstech Tracks Question Does anyone know what size flat head bolts/ screws are needed to mount the tracks? Are they the same size as needed for berts? Trying to get all the mounting hardware ill need together for when they arrive wednesday
  11. Yeah they say it has the same dive curve as 45# copper. Only fished it 2x so far so hard to speculate on its finer attributes. What i do kno w is its alot easier to deal with than copper. Search torpedo weighted steel on youtube, the owner has a couple videos up. You can always call them, theyre super helpful
  12. as far as I know that is the largest size although it should not matter because they claim, and far as I can tell have proven it that as long as that steel is out there it keeps sinking at around the same rate even once you're into the backing. the best way I can articulate it is that300 feet of weighted Steel plus 300 feet of wire or braid backing we'll get it down as far as a 600 setup is a 300 weighted Steel on a Sealine 60 with about 700 feet of wire backing which should get me as deep as I ever will need to go.