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  1. 6 Spoons never fished 24 shipped
  2. Shipped to your door no Freight no tax
  3. On my 2016 9.8 electric start manual trim model anyways. On a related note, I love my itroll throttle controller. the charging has saved my butt a couple times while anchored up for extended periods of time with the fish finder on lights etcetera and the starting battery ran down too much to start the main I just fired up the kicker and let it run in neutral for 5 minutes and it's charges the battery up enough to start the main
  4. Yes and it's a higher amperage than many of their competitors which was another reason I went tohatsu. Only on certain models though. I don't think the rope starts have charging capability
  5. Tohatsu and Merc under 30 horsepower I believe are the exact same motor you're paying more for the decals and black color as the Tohatsu is slightly purple. I bought a 9.8 Tohatsu electric start tiller 25" brand new from online Outboards shipped to my door for right around 2 Grand. A comparable Merc was almost $1,000 more
  6. 3 mag, 4 28s. Never fished. 32 shipped
  7. Pretty much mint. Yes PayPal PM me if you want it I will send you my PayPal address
  8. 8 Spoons. 4 mags, 4-28s. Brand new condition. Will not separate . 35 shipped
  9. FishnChef

    Wanted Starcraft superfisherman 196

    Damn...I would have traded you my 2016 crestliner superhawk 1850 foot Crestliner plus cash for the Tyee you off-loaded. still kicking myself in the a** for not jumping on that
  10. 15 Spoons, never fished.$50 shipped