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  1. And an extra remote... not that I'm speaking from experience also I have heard the remotes don't float so be careful
  2. more than a little drive away, I'm in the Lake Placid area
  3. I'll pull the Moonshine out and go 40 shipped that's about it other than that I'll just keep them
  4. I'll do 25 shipping not included. The shipping will be right around 25 bucks
  5. FishnChef

    canadian rules around charity shoals

    yes it is my understanding that you no longer have to call into customs 2 fish Canadian Waters as long as you don't drop anchor or set foot on shore but you do need to have the appropriate Canadian fishing license. this is not to be taken as a statement of fact it is my understanding though
  6. FishnChef

    $2,000 limit graph

    Helix 10 mega si... did a lot of research most bang for your buck plus it has the autochart which allows you to make your own Maps using actual depth as you go. Check it out, did a lot of research and I found this unit offered the most bang for the buck
  7. FishnChef

    New to Forum- need some advise for downriggers

    Definitely get swivels
  8. 80 shipped. Bought them a couple years ago but never used them
  9. Helix mega. the images I get especially when fishing in under 100 feet of water on the mega Imaging are wild
  10. FishnChef

    2016 210 Fishmaster

    yeah that boat went for stuuuuupid cheap but that doesn't make this one worth any less. given the market for these boats and the fact that it's pretty much new and loaded up with high-value gear the price is certainly fair.
  11. That's prime time for Kings... any Pier will do as long as it's surrounded by water
  12. FishnChef

    Musky reel recommendations

    Thanks for the reply. I ended up going with the Daiwa lexa 400 hd high speed reel. might be a little larger than I need but seems to tick all the boxes hasn't gotten here yet, should be here Tuesday. looking to try some new areas on the st-lawrence this year as my combined 5 days in the Massena area and two days in Clayton produced zero fish so next time I'll probably launch out of Ogdensburg. I refuse to be discouraged
  13. Lol..i kept waiting for the pic to load..