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  1. Hi, Anyone who has Lure Jensen Alpena Diamonds for sale please contact me at 1 (519) 718-2345. Thanks Frank
  2. Hi, would that unit work on a kicker motor?? I live in Tillsonburg. Frank
  3. Hi, I’m interested in your Lure Jensen Alpena Diamond spoons. I live in Ontario Canada South-West of London. Frank 519-718-2345
  4. Hi, do you still have you Alpena lures for sale?? Thanks Frank
  5. Hi, do you have any Luhr Jensen Alpena Diamond spoons in your box?? thanks Frank
  6. Cannon Easi - troll manual downriggers complete with bases, releases, and cannonballs. 3 available $150 each Contact Frank 519-718-2345
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