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  1. I wish I would have had the bottom painted before I started keeping it in a slip. I am in Braddocks bay and there is a considerable amount of growth, algae, and calcium build up throughout the year. Its a PITA to clean at the end of the year.
  2. The Greater Niagara Fishing Expo is coming un in February. There is usually a couple of booths there that sell some good used reels, and then a ton of new tackle there as well.
  3. New, never used jet ski ramp made by Ve-Ve inc. Includes 16' ramp, two additional 8' and one additional 4' ramp sections, electric winch and battery. Asking $3200.00 obo https://www.veveinc.com/shop/PWC-Ramp-DDA-PW17-16-Ft.-long.html
  4. Anyone know how much water is left in the channel getting out to the lake? I have not been out in a few weeks and I am wondering if I can even make it out of the channel any more?
  5. 9.9hp would be plenty big for that size boat. If you are adding a kicker and re-working your batteries, I would suggest finding a way to put the two batteries on the opposite side of the boat as the kicker to counter balance the weight of the new motor. I have two starting batteries on the port side with my kicker on the starboard side and my boat still leans to the starboard side quite a bit.
  6. Spro Power Swivels #8's are a nice size and rated for 50lbs
  7. Thanks for the report, I will be out there tomorrow morning with you.
  8. I use the #2's (55lbs) for spoons
  9. A lot of people fly in and out of the channel on plane. I myself don't have the stones, so I idle in and out. People still don't care and fly right by you in the channel.
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