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  1. Mine does the same thing, it makes the steering wheel very hard to turn. I talked to Raymarine tech support last year and tried to send it back for repair, but they wanted payment up front just to look at it, and there is no guarantee they could do anything to fix it. I pulled the drive unit off the boat and took it home and opened it up to see if there was anything obvious that was causing it to be so hard to turn. Unfortunately I did not find anything that looked out of place. I lubed everything inside and put it back on the boat this year but unfortunately it is still the same. Very annoying, but I also don't want to go without an autopilot. I would love to know if someone has a fix for this.
  2. Use the MAPS tab above, it has pretty good detail of that area. I fish out of Henderson for opening weekend of bass fishing every year. We stay at Henchen's marina in the harbor. I have never stayed on Association Island, but as a whole the are is very nice. The Henderson Harbor boat launch is a nice launch and its free with lots of parking. Sackets Harbor is a great place to go. The Bassmaster Elite series just fished out of the St Lawrence a couple weeks ago. If the weather is nice you can get to most of the places where the pros fished.
  3. I loved the live coverage, but wished the cell reception could have been a little better for the boats out in the lake. That final day looked like a hell of a bumpy day on the lake, I am sure it was a wet ride back to weigh in!!
  4. Association Shoal is a long narrow shoal just off Association island on the lake side, and is a great place to fish for smallies. That time of year the high banks are usually pretty good a well. If you are only up there for a couple of days you always run the risk of not being able to fish the lake side at all if you get bad wind both days. There are some areas on the bay side that hold fish but probably not as productive as the lake side.
  5. Make sure you have a decent rod holder for the diver rods too. That looks like a nice boat so I am sure it has a nice rod holder set-up. Divers pull hard so make sure the rod holder is built for it. I have been running a mag sized slide diver on one of my wire diver rods and like that one a lot as well.
  6. The arrows point into the wind like they would if you were looking at a wind indicator
  7. Mark Romanack has a good video for fishing browns with mag lips.
  8. If the battery voltage drops down too low then the charger does not recognize that there is a battery hooked up, and will not try to charge it. This happens on my boat a lot, but my charger is much older. I don't know if the newer Minn Kota's do the same thing. When this happens to me I would have to charge the battery first with my portable charger to get the voltage back up, and then let the on board charger take over.
  9. I terminate the wire to a Spro power swivel, with some heat shrink to help it through the guides. Then tie on mono to the swivel however much you want to run behind the slide diver. I think i use about 30'. Then the slide diver threads on the mono, make sure you thread it on facing the correct direction. Then another swivel, and a shorter section of mono, or leader. Then whatever swivel you are using.
  10. I bought a bunch last year directly from the MC Rockets website. With the exchange rate is helped take a little bit off the total price. Plus the guys that sells them was pretty cool and threw in one or two extra ones with a note saying they were his favorite color and to give them a try.
  11. Does anyone know if the public launch in Henderson Harbor is open?
  12. If you want a used card there are a few on BassBoat Central for sale.
  13. I use a Powerwinch RC23 for my 21' Striper. I have never had an issue with it. The remote control makes it super easy to load the boat. Well worth the money compared to hand cranking the boat on the trailer.
  14. I bought a couple direct from MC Rockets. After the $ exchange it worked out to be pretty close to what you can find in the few bait shops that carry them. Plus the owner included a free one with my order and a hand written note that saying that it was his best color so he suggested I give it a try. I have never run real meat so I cant give you a comparison. I also use herring oil or Kishels scent and let them soak in the bag. I have caught a few nice fish on them.
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