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  1. I bought a bunch last year directly from the MC Rockets website. With the exchange rate is helped take a little bit off the total price. Plus the guys that sells them was pretty cool and threw in one or two extra ones with a note saying they were his favorite color and to give them a try.
  2. Does anyone know if the public launch in Henderson Harbor is open?
  3. If you want a used card there are a few on BassBoat Central for sale.
  4. I use a Powerwinch RC23 for my 21' Striper. I have never had an issue with it. The remote control makes it super easy to load the boat. Well worth the money compared to hand cranking the boat on the trailer.
  5. I bought a couple direct from MC Rockets. After the $ exchange it worked out to be pretty close to what you can find in the few bait shops that carry them. Plus the owner included a free one with my order and a hand written note that saying that it was his best color so he suggested I give it a try. I have never run real meat so I cant give you a comparison. I also use herring oil or Kishels scent and let them soak in the bag. I have caught a few nice fish on them.
  6. Any one have a Moor Sub Troll probe they would like to get rid of??
  7. You should definitely add another battery to have a back-up in case something drains the battery you are running on. Take a look at the BlueSea Add-A-Battery Kit. You can run your motor off one battery and electronics off another, and then have both available if you need to start the motor in an emergency.
  8. Is the swing-away tongue the 3" x 3" size? Also, does it include the hardware and centering punch?
  9. These are a couple that I use: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/marine/zone/gtlakes/bufmz.htm https://graphical.weather.gov/sectors/bufMarineWeek.php
  10. I did mine a few years ago, it not that difficult. Replacing the cable should not affect the auto stop at all. After you unscrew the side plate the old cable is connected with spade terminals. I cant remember if the new cable came with spade ends or if I had to buy them and crimp them on. I think you have to drill out the hole in the housing a little bigger for the new cable to fit in. There is a bushing that comes with the cable that will secure the cable into this hole. When I installed mine I remember that new cable was still too thick to fit into this bushing so I just used a utility knife to carefully cut a small notch in the cable jacket to fit it in. When you put to the side cover on you dont want to use normal silicone, there is some chemical in it that does not play nice with the electronics. I am pretty sure I just used the GE Silicon 2 that is sold at Home Depot because this does not contain that particular chemical.
  11. I have a bass boat that had some pretty bad oxidation going on. I tried a couple of the oxidation removers that are available at West Marine and they did not do much to help it. I looked around online and found stuff called Buff Magic and decided to give it a try. I bought a cheap variable speed polisher from Harbor Freight and followed the directions from a couple of videos that I watched. I was very pleased with how this stuff took most of the oxidation off, even after a single use. I wound up doing two passes over the whole boat and then a couple coats of the Buff Magic wax product. I have to say the boat looks pretty good now. I am definitely happy that I tried this stuff. http://shurhold.com/buff-magic/ I bought in on Amazon, it was a little cheaper.
  12. Since Moor stopped making the Subtroll this is the company that is now selling all Moor parts: http://www.esgdirect.com/trolling.html
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